A New World 14

I woke up in the morning, the light striking my eyes. I yawned loudly as I stretched, getting ready for what the day had in store for me. 

I got dressed, and waltzed outside. 

“Woooh!” I yelled like The Nature Boy as the fresh air brushed against my skin.

I rubbed my chest and my arms, smiling as I felt the developing muscles. 

I stretched and then proceeded to start my laps around the cabin. 

Midway through my morning exercise, I spotted Greg and Juliette talking. 

“Hey!” I yelled as I waved at them. 

“Oh, just the man I was looking for!” Greg answered back. 

He waved me over excitedly. 

What’s this about? 

Greg looked happy while Juliette had a complicated expression. 

I slowed down and jogged over to them. 

My eyes lasciviously travelled over Juliette’s body.

I’ve given up on not perving over Juliette. Yeah it’s kind of weird because she’s ‘technically’ my sister, but she’s cute af so it can’t be helped. I’ll just do my best to perv on the low.

I turned my attention back to Greg. As soon as I got in front of him he patted me on my shoulder. 

Greg’s ‘pat’ caused me to stumble a bit, but I quickly regained my balance. 

Ha! I’m finally getting use to your gorilla strength!  

I gave Greg a smug smile, causing him to raise an eyebrow. 

Greg’s lips morphed into a sadistic smile. “I’m glad you’re getting stronger.” 

“Wait.. No! I-“ 

Greg cut me off before I had the chance to finish speaking. “Since we’re talking about strength. I think it’s time for you to sparring.” 

“What?!” The picture of Greg towering over me with a sword in hand was vividly painted in my head. Something that I sometimes had nightmares about. “It hasn’t even been that long!” 

“What?! Did you think you’d be swinging that practice sword forever?!” Greg asked mockingly. 

“Well, no, but-“ 

“You’ll be fine!” Greg once again cut me off. “It’s a test! I need to see how far you’ve come!” 

Greg did a grandiose display of showcasing Juliette. “And who better to show you a few things but your sister?”

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Juliette avoided eye contact with me, it looked like she didn’t want to be here, but had to be. 

“Come on, it’ll be fun!” Greg yelled. 

Greg practically threw my practice sword at me. Leaving me no choice but to catch it with a grumble. 

I begrudgingly followed him to the middle of a field. 

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“I’m sorry.” Juliette weakly muttered. 

“Huh? What are you…” My words trailed off as I witnessed a drastic change in Juliette. 

Suddenly Juliette’s eyes changed from soft and calm, to sharp, focused and intense. She neatly pulled her hair into a ponytail. Her eyes stayed focused on me as she steadied her sword and got into a stance. She led her stance with her right foot and and her arm held her practice sword in front of her, while her left arm was behind her back. 

This… this is just sparring, right? Why am I so nervous?! 

“GO!” Greg screamed excitedly.

Juliette suddenly appeared in front of me and I swung my sword instinctively.  

“Huh?” The world turned black before I found myself looking up at the clear blue sky.

I looked around to see Juliette standing only a few feet away, still in her stance. 

I didn’t.. I didn’t do anything? 

“Ahahaha! You didn’t even last a second!” Greg’s annoying voice entered my ears. 

I could feel the veins bulging on my forehead, and my heart beat rapidly increasing.  

“Shut the hell up!” I jumped to my feet and quickly went on the offensive.

I ran towards Juliette with full speed, the wind rushing past my face as a guttural scream escaped my throat. 

Juliette seemed unbothered, and didn’t budge an inch. She stood firmly in place with an unwavering gaze. 

I raised my sword overhead and swung it downwards aimed at Juliette’s shoulder. 

She smoothly sidestepped my strike, causing me to almost fumble over. 

“Arggh!” I ended up on the ground once again, but in a lot more pain this time. 

Juliette had tripped my leg, causing me to do a front flip and land on my back. 

“Are you actually trying?” Greg asked. “I didn’t think you’d be this bad.” 

I’m not taking this L!!! 

I jumped to my feet once again, “Argh!” I screamed as the same thing happened again. 

“Argh!” Again. 

“Argh!” Again. 

“Argh!” Again. 

“Argh!” Again. 

“Argh!” Again. 

“Argh!” Again!  

I was lying on the ground covered in dirt, breathing heavily while my lungs screamed in agony.

I don’t think she even swung her sword once?! Is she really that good or am I really that bad?! Can I lower the difficulty?!  

Greg shook his head above me. “You lost to a woman?” 

F*** you, f****** asshole!!! You did this s*** on purpose!!!

My eyes started watering and my chest tightened. “F***..f***..” Tried as I might, the floodgates burst open and the hiccuping began. “F***…” 

Juliette rushed to my side with a concerned look on her face. “Are you okay!” 

I covered my face to hide the tears and mucus painting my face. 

“Awee you two were so cute!! Holding hands like that.” Andrea continued rambling on as she played with her spoon. “A little slow, but you’re getting there!” 

My face burned and my eyes watered. I unconsciously covered my face to hide. 

The particular event that Andrea was referring to was after I lost my sparring match to Juliette. It took a while for me to stop crying, and she was forced to help me to the bath house to get cleaned up. Unfortunately, Andrea caught Julitte leading me by the hand while I was still softly whimpering. 

God, please make the memories go away!!!!!

“I’m sorry.” Juliette whispered. 

“It’s fine, it’s my fault anyway.” I whispered back. “Sorry for overreacting..” 

I overreacted in sparring and took my loss horribly. That L will forever be burned in my head, a sign of what not to do in the future. 

“It’s fine! It’s fine!” Juliette said reassuringly. 

“Haha.. No it’s not, but thanks anyway.” I responded weakly. 

There was an awkward silence except for Andrea’s joyful laughter. 

“Hey, why didn’t anyone tell me she was so good?!” I yelled, looking around at the table. 

“I-I’m not! Really!” Juliette waved her hands dismissively. 

“What?! That was incredible!” I replied. “Right?!” 

To my question, Andrea and Greg softly nodded their heads. Causing Juliette to turn red in response. 

“She may not be good for very much, but she’s damn sure gifted when it comes to the sword!” Greg screamed as he punched the table. 

“You have a terrible habit of downing her.” I snapped back. 

“What? That was a compliment!” Greg said innocently. 

Big ogre bastard!

“You’re such a…” I sighed loudly before turning to face Juliette. “You’re awesome.”  

She squirmed in her chair and avoided eye contact with me. 

I suddenly recalled a conversation between Juliette and I. 

“I don’t… know how to talk to you.” Juliette meekly said. 

She was sitting on my bed facing the other way. 

“Well.. Just talk to me how you used to.” I responded. Surely Adela and her had a relationship to where they were at least on speaking terms.

“Well that’s the thing, we didn’t talk that much.” Juliette answered, shifting uncomfortably. 

“What?!” I exclaimed. But then I thought back to my relationship with my family and quickly understood how that was very possible. “I can see that…” 

“Do you.. remember?” Juliette turned to face me, a questioning gaze in her eyes. 

“No. Haha, sorry. I can just understand. Not everyone gets along, right?” I scratched my head nervously. 

“Oh.” Juliette quickly responded. 

“How come you two didn’t talk very much?” I asked. I can understand how siblings don’t always get along, but their situation might have been different from mine. 

Juliette threw me a confused look, and I quickly realized my error. 

“Oh, right! Haha, it seems like the old me was a different person since I don’t remember anything from back then.” I scratched my head nervously, hoping that she bought it. 

Juliette pondered my words for a minute, before opening and closing her mouth. “I.. don’t know.” 

Juliette held a complicated look, and I decided on my next course of action. 

“Okay!” I yelled as I slapped my knee and stood up. “I’m Adela, nice to meet you!” I extended my hand out to Nuliette. 

Juliette looked confused but took my hand anyway. “Nice to meet you?” 

“Great! I hope we get along from now on!” I responded as I shook her hand joyfully. 

I push the memory into the back of my head. I glanced at Juliette before scooting back a little. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to overdue it.” 

“It’s fine.” Juliette quickly responded. “It actually made me..happy.” 

Juliette’s last words trailed off as she turned bright red. Seeing her expression caused me to be embarrassed by extension. Thus, creating awkwardness and silence between us. 

“Awee!!!” Andrea gushed, her eyes lighting up gleefully.

“Enough.” I responded with extreme irritation. 

“Really???” Andrea’s eyes widened, a sinister going in her eyes. “I don’t think it is, especially considering what you did.” 

What is she… “No!” 

“Huh? What did you do?” Greg asked. 

“Nothing!” Of course she was saving it! I thought it was strange she hadn’t brought it up all week! I should have never gotten so comfortable! 

Andrea cruelly smiled, silently mouthing the words ‘they don’t match.’ “He peeped on me in the bath. I guess he couldn’t help himself, his curiosity must have gotten the better of him.” 

As soon as those words left Andrea’s mouth, the entire room grew silent. 

Juliette had a blank expression on her face and wasn’t moving. 

Well…she’s gone! Back to square one!

Greg hung his head and stood up silently. 

I have-

Greg suddenly flipped the table over and had me hanging by my collar in under a couple of seconds. “I have given you my daughter, and now you want your mother as well?! When will you be satisfied?!” 

Greg’s face twisted into anger as his spit flew everywhere. 

God, his breath stinks! How does Andrea put up with it?! 

I glanced over to Andrea, she was calmly sitting in her chair. She was resting her chin on her fist with a s*** eating grin. 

You. Bitch.

“AGggh!” Greg’s eyes widened as an ear piercing screech erupted from his throat. 

Greg released me as he toppled to the ground.

Juliette walked away her Greg’s figure, and helped me to my feet. “Are you okay?” 

“Uh..yeah?” I looked over to see Greg lying on the floor groaning and holding his crotch. 

Did she.. kick him? 

I looked back to Juliette and she had an expression that I had never seen before. I can’t describe it, but the look in her eyes was… intense. 

“Julie…” Greg groaned. 

“Let’s go!” Juliette snatched my hand and started pulling me away. 

“Y-yeah okay.” I said as I observed the carnage around me. 

Greg looked like a beaten dog as he squirmed on the floor. 

I looked over to Andrea and she had a wide eyed expression. 

Is this a bad thing? 

I thought things would be awkward after everything that had happened, but Juliette didn’t seem to be affected by it. I didn’t know what to do so I just followed her lead. 

Juliette was lying on my bed with her feet cross legged and dangling in the air. She was reading a book while I was sitting on the bed watching her.

Man, I still can’t believe that I have a girl in my bed!!!! Let’s go!!!! 

I silently celebrated in my head over and over, basking in the glorious feeling. 

I looked back over to see Juliette still intently focusing on the book in her hands. An unintentional smile spread across my lips as a warm feeling swelled in my chest. 

I’m glad we’re finally cool. After what happened at dinner I think we could be considered friends? My first female friend! Finally! Actually, she might be the only friend that I’ve ever had. Derrick would have never done that for me. I didn’t think he even liked me, I was probably just a form of entertainment for him. 

I shook my head a few times to get rid of those thoughts. 

Even though I do my best to not think about my old life, I sometimes mess up and remember something from it. 

Pushing those thoughts away, I refocused on Juliette’s figure. 

Since we started talking, I’ve learned Juliette is a huge bookworm. Whenever she comes into my room, she’ll plop out on my bed and read one of her books. 

You know… I wish we could hang out in her room sometimes. 

A memory of me asking to hang out in her room floated through my mind. The look in her eyes told me everything I needed to know and I didn’t bring it up again. 

I wonder why she’s so secretive about her room? Is it really dirty? 

I sighed before accepting the reality that I’ll never know what her room looks like. 

“What are you reading?” I asked. 

Juliette always has the most interesting books. I think she’s actually hoarding a lot of them. 

“A book about Bellum.. They aren’t even that big, but they managed to take over half of the world. How is that possible?” Juliette responded absentmindedly, her attention being purely focused on the book in her hands. 


“Really?” I asked as I scoffed closer to get a better look at the book. “Who are they?” 

“A human supremacist kingdom next to the great divide.” Juliette answered.  “They’re the strongest human kingdom according to a lot of books.” 

“Can I see?” I asked since Juliette was mostly blocking that book. 

“Oh. Yeah.” Juliette answered as she slid the book my way.

“It’s about their founder. There doesn’t seem to be a whole bunch known about him, but whenever he is mentioned they talk about him as if he was some type of god or something.” Juliette said with a confused look on her face. 

I got a little closer and started reading along. “Before the dark age, the kind of bellum had already taken over several demon and human territories. Establishing a symbol that struck fear into the hearts of anyone who laid eyes on it..” My words trailed off looking at the symbol. “…Is that a swastika?!” 

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