Chapter 63: Ancient Burst Blade

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“So that’s how things are…” Soaring Through the Highest Heaven explained to Shi Hao in detail about the current situation. And Shi Hao just shrugged his shoulders and looked at Soaring Through the Highest Heaven with new eyes. He hadn’t expected Soaring Through the Highest Heaven to be his die-hard fan and stood stubbornly on his side without any hesitation. Now, he also didn’t care about those people. Since those fellows had already left, he also didn’t need to worry about them stealing contributions. Merely, it was a pity. He knew that they would be used as meat shields and cannon fodders by Heroic Overlord Under Heaven. They would work hard in vain for the benefits of Heroic Overlord Under Heaven. Moreover, he was also curious! How was Heroic Overlord Under Heaven able to run out? Shouldn’t he be in the prison of Hibiscus County? He truly had remarkable abilities.

After all, Shi Hao didn’t know about the collusion between Absolutely Godless and Heroic Overlord Under Heaven. But in any case, he could see it clearly! Heroic Overlord Under Heaven will definitely look for trouble with him!

“Let’s go and take a look at the good show first!” At this time, Shi Hao recalled Fa Zheng’s plan, and immediately set out with Shan Wanhong and Soaring Through the Highest Heaven. Soon, their group arrived at a high ground in front of the mountain pass. This place’s field of vision was very good. They could see everything happening on the battlefield.

“Look!” At this moment, Wu Batian commanded practically all allied troops to charge towards the mountain pass frantically. The mountain pass was a strategic location with difficult access. Rushing up like this when facing against the huge military camp of Wei Wentong in such a location, wasn’t that just giving a gift to the other party? Naturally, Wu Batian’s own elite troops didn’t rush up. Yes, those people who rushed up first were just meat shields and cannon fodders. However, one should know that although the arrows equipped by the archers would infinitely replenish automatically, the replenishment had a CD! Otherwise, wouldn’t the archers be too abnormal? The CD for arrow replenishment was five minutes, and each time, 500 arrows would be relished automatically. This meant that after 500 rounds of shooting arrows, there would be a period of CD! Wu Batian was planning to take advantage of this gap to lead his elite troops forward.

However, didn’t those players who were acting as meat shields and cannon fodders also know this? They also knew this clearly. But since Wu Batian was the chief commander, they relied on Wu Batian to lead them to the final victory. As long as they won, they would get rewards from the system, Moreover, they were players, and they couldn’t bear to send NPCs to death because players could resurrect after death. There was nothing to fear!

“Charge! Charge for victory.” These meat shields and cannon fodders became braver and braver. Wu Batian was very satisfied with this. Shi Hao was also very satisfied, and he smiled with satisfaction. Wu Batian’s thinking was too simple. If Fa Zheng was present here, then he would have laughed until his stomach hurts.

Shi Hao had learned from Fa Zheng that the large military camps of the Divine and Mighty Alliance were equipped with a lot of defense weapons! Those things were all made from Lumber Workshop. Not to mention anything else, even Twin Dragons Village also had a Lumber Workshop now. And he had seen things made in Lumber Workshop. Those things were used to defend the city. Shi Hao looked at Wu Batian’s domineering ways with a smile.

“It’s the time! It’s your turn to enter the stage.” Wu Batian had calculated the time. It should be CD for the arrows.

“Brave heroes, charge!” Absolutely Godless’s subordinates charged forward bravely. Zuo Tiancheng also followed closely. In Wu Batian’s plan, as long as Zui Tiancheng could reach the key guardian of that large military camp, this dungeon would be captured! Unfortunately, Wu Batian didn’t know that the key guardian of that military camp was an S grade historical NPC, Wei Wentong. At this moment, Wei Wentong and Zuo Tiancheng were both knights and their levels were also the same. Although Wei Wentong’s grade was higher, Zuo Tiancheng was not an ordinary A grade historical NPC. If they two fought, then it would be very hard to say who would win. Eh? Perhaps, some meticulous person might ask, why wouldn’t Zuo Tiancheng win? He had an epic grade item, Golden Back Blade. Alas! Wei Wentong also had an epic grade item, Ancient Burst Blade.

[Name: Ancient Burst Blade (epic)] [Level: 2] [Attack: 60] [Attached Skill: Critical-hit damage increase by 120%]

This was the most favorite weapon of Wei Wentong! Wei Wentong’s skill, Wei Fire Dragon, was a critical-hit skill, coupled it with Ancient Burst Blade’s skill effect, Wei Wentong’s third attack could trigger the critical-hit damage of 260%, which was amazing! Could Zuo Tiancheng win? Objectively speaking, Zuo Tiancheng still had a 40% chance of winning. Because Wei Wentong’s defense was inferior to Shi Hao, Zuo Tiancheng just needed one attack to kill Wei Wentong. As long as Wei Wentong gave Zuo Tiancheng one chance, Zuo Tiancheng would be able to kill Wei Wentong.

However, it was still too soon to discuss who would win and who would lose in the battle between Zuo Tiancheng and Wei Wentong. One shouldn’t forget that Zuo Tiancheng might not even be able to see Wei Wentong!

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“Too bad! Big casualties…” Under the cover of Absolutely Godless’s subordinates, Zuo Tiancheng charged. But the result was truly as Shi Hao had expected. They were just courting death. Countless boulders and woods came rolling down from Wei Wentong’s large military camp. These things had high attack. Suddenly, there were big casualties. All subordinates of Absolutely Godless went to report to West Flower Region’s Novice Village again.

Fortunately, Zuo Tiancheng was an expert. He quickly dodged, waiting for a chance to rush into the military camp. He alone attracted the attention of Wei Wentong. Upon a careful look, a domineering man was riding a warhorse, proudly holding a broadsword. His momentum was just like Lord Guan. He was Wei! Wen! Tong!

Wei Wentong asked: “Who are you? You are pretty skilled. Are you willing to change allegiance and serve my Divine and Mighty Alliance?” Wei Wentong had a small calculation in his heart. As long as he won this fellow over to Divine and Mighty Alliance, he would make a great contribution.

Zuo Tiancheng berated: “I’m Golden Blade Rear Commander, Zuo Tiancheng! Don’t speak nonsense, and wait for me to take you little life.” Zuo Tiancheng was a loyal knight. He would never betray his lord. Although this was somewhat stupid, it was also his soul. He directly rushed towards Wei Wentong. He was unstoppable all the way, killing dozens of soldiers.

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“Ignorant thing.” Wei Wentong snorted coldly and rushed forward by kicking his warhorse. Wei Wentong swung his broadsword like a mad dragon. And Zuo Tiancheng was like an invincible golden blade. His blade skills were sharp and skillful, moreover, extremely fast. It was like a silver snake dancing around the mountain without any trace. Within two moves, Wei Wentong and Zuo Tiancheng were locked in battle. But they couldn’t deal any real damage to each other.

However, the terrifying third move came. With this third move, Wei Wentong could activate his own skill, Wei Fire Dragon! In an instant, Wei Wentong’s Ancient Burst Blade burst into scorching flames, which was so dazzling that it was hard to look directly at it.

“Not good!” Zuo Tiancheng was shocked! However, he had no retreat. Wei Wentong rode a warhorse, so, his speed was absolutely above Zuo Tiancheng. He couldn’t run! Dodge? Wei Wentong’s attack was very domineering, it was very difficult to dodge it. Even if he narrowly dodged it, it would leave an opening, giving Wei Wentong an opportunity to take (a critical-hit would substantially increase the difficulty of dodging and blocking. So, Zuo Tiancheng was in such a situation). In this situation, what should Zuo Tiancheng do? Will the brave Zuo Tiancheng die under Wei Wentong’s hands…

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Title: World of Expertsd | Tags: Cultivation, Second Chance
Synopsis: The online game <> entered the whole world. It's a game about territorial construction and war to reconstruct alternate history. Although it's virtual, it'll change the world. Shi Hao, an ordinary freshman, decided to bravely enter <> in order to gain the approval of his beloved goddess's elder brother. He, however, accidentally got a super skill at the beginning because of a strange game-helmet.

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