Chapter 62: Meat Shield Cannon Fodders

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Not long after! There was the final system announcement about the formal opening of the dungeon of Divine Flower Continent’s West Flower Region. “Congratulations to the players who have gathered near the dungeon. You can begin to attack the dungeon. This dungeon gives rewards to the first three places. The reward of the first place is especially generous. The rewards are all issued by the Divine and Mighty Alliance. We hope everyone will work hard and strive for the top. In addition, to encourage everyone to complete the dungeon as soon as possible, the very first one to complete the dungeon will get a special reward exclusively sponsored by the system. The other people who participated in the battle will also get appropriate rewards.” After this announcement was repeated three times, the military camp was filled with noise.

“Everyone, we should immediately gather the troops and set out. We must capture this dungeon within today. We must have confidence!” A self-righteous guy shouted. Obviously, this person regarded himself as the Savior. Shi Hao had not come out yet, so, he was very confident.

“Wait a minute! It will not be too late to decide this after Shake the Heaven comes.” He Xiang was much calmer. He knew that there was no benefit in being the leader in front of Shake the Heaven. He had paid special attention to the things done by Shake the Heaven. He believed that only Shake the Heaven could lead West Flower Region to be the first to complete the dungeon.

“What wait!” Unfortunately, a man whose entire body emitted domineering air rushed over and berated: “Shake the Heaven has run to sleep, and soldiers are strictly guarding his tent. We can’t even get in. Shake the Heaven is so mighty! But could it be that we are weak? When you all are waiting for Shake the Heaven to wake up, I’ll get the rewards. No matter if you all want to go or not, in any case, I’m going.”

Who was this person that was not giving Shake the Heaven any face? His character name was Ma Chao of Western Liang. He was also a village’s Village Chief. However, this person was also strange. Shi Hao was the Village Chief as a fighter and he was the Village Chief as a knight. The first choice of anyone who wanted to become the Village Chief was commander, then strategist. Shi Hao had chosen fighter because he originally had no plan to become a Village Chief (Shan Wanhong was an exception. She was the Village Chief as an archer. But she was purely a super rookie who did everything with a plan). But this Ma Chao of Western Liang was different. He chose the knight profession even though he planned to become the Village Chief. The reason was also simple. It was because, like his character name, he truly admired Ma Chao, and he wanted to become a war gold like Ma Chao in history.

“Nonsense!” Soaring Through the Highest Heaven didn’t like the words of Ma Chao of Western Liang. They argued with each other and the scene became chaotic. They almost exchanged blows. Suddenly, a little girl appeared, making everyone pause for a while.

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“What are you all doing?” Shan Wanhong was here! However, Shan Yixiong hadn’t come. Shan Yixiong was responsible for an important matter. After thinking about it clearly, he didn’t plan to use the B grade Village Building Order in his hand. Like Fa Zheng, he also understood that having two B grade villages was not an improvement in essence unless special resources were occupied. Moreover, that would just consume more resources. So, Shi Yixiong decided to sell this B grade Village Building Order. But its price was too much to pay with copper coins. Even the rich Qin Zheng had a hard time gathering 100,000 copper coins (copper coins couldn’t be exchanged directly from the system with RMB. One could only purchase them from other players. But the players who defeat monsters to just collect copper coins were very few). Therefore, Shi Yixiong went offline to find a buyer and made Shan Wanhong lead the troops to participate in this dungeon by himself. In Shan Yixiong’s view, Shi Hao would definitely take care of Shan Wanhong. There was nothing to fear!

“Yo! Little sister, you look so pretty. Deep Purples and Bright Reds? Aren’t you that little lover of Shake the Heaven? Interesting, Shake the Heaven is resting now. Are you going to look for him to sleep together?” Ma Chao of Western Liang said, radiant with delight. He felt that he had jabbed Ling Xiao’s vulnerable spot.

“This…” At this moment, it became very quiet. No one dared to speak. If they talked nonsense now, then who knows how Shake the Heaven would settle the accounts with them afterward. Only a super godly man like Ma Chao of Western Liang would dare to attack Shi Hao, this number one player. No! It seemed that there was one more person who dared. Wu Batian!

“Well said! Well said!” Wu Batian came, leading a large number of troops. These troops were naturally provided to him by Absolutely Godless. Zuo Tiancheng was also among them! His disguise was very good. As long as he remained silent, even Shi Hao and Pei Yuanqing wouldn’t be able to recognize him. However, Wu Batian hadn’t brought his subordinates. Wu Batian was not a fool. Since he was doing things for Absolutely Godless, why would he bring his own wealth too? What if he lost again?

Wu Batian sneered and said: “Village Chief Little Red, you can go to sleep together with your Brother Heaven. As for everyone else, listen to me, I’m Heroic Overlord Under Heaven! If you believe in me, follow me. I will lead you to conquer this West River Dragon Pond. You all can confirm it just by looking into my eyes, I don’t deceive people!”

“Huh?” Everyone on the scene was puzzled and hesitated. What was going on? Should they stay here and wait for Shake the Heaven, or follow this Heroic Overlord Under Heaven? In fact, they wouldn’t have hesitated if they had investigated Heroic Overlord Under Heaven. Weren’t there too many players who were cheated by Heroic Overlord under Heaven before? Hahaha. It was a pity that all those players who were cheated by him were mercenary players. They had no chance to join a village and help these people. Thereupon, soon after! A large group of people was bluffed by the elite troops under Wu Batian and they followed Wu Batian. As for Wu Batian, he just smiled. Got cannon fodders and meat shields! Very good! Very good! Very good!

On the other side, Shi Hao had also rested enough. It was time to enter the stage.

“Ah! It truly was a good afternoon nap…” Shi Hao stretched his body, and casually warmed up his body. But Pei Yuanqing looked serious. He was thinking about what kind of martial arts Shi Hao was practicing. His master had collected countless martial arts of this world, but he had never seen such moves.

Pei Yuanqing said: “My Lord, your movements are too strange. Are they useful?”

Shi Hao replied: “I don’t know whether they are useful or useless, but I only know these moves.”

“Oh!” Pei Yuanqing suddenly remembered the assassination attempt of last night. Shi Hao’s technique was too poor. In contrast, Feng Tianhao, the other Village Chief was much better. If Feng Tianhao had to face Zuo Tiancheng, then he could hold up to at least ten moves. In addition, if the speed advantage of his mount was also considered, then he would have a 20% chance of escaping from Zuo Tiancheng.

One had to say that, although Shi Hao was the leader of a force, his profession, after all, was a fighter, and the fighter was originally a profession to take the hits. If Shi Hao could improve his combat power, then whoever wanted to assassinate Shi Hao would get a big gift.

Pei Yuanqing said: “Let me teach you martial arts in the future.”

“Okay!” Shi Hao’s eyes shone! Pei Yuanqing’s martial skills were much better than Zuo Tiancheng. Zuo Tiancheng was just able to use his blade fast. In terms of the understanding of martial arts, Pei Yuanqing was definitely much talented. Naturally, Shi Hao wouldn’t reject this offer! But now, it was not the time to learn martial arts. He had to complete the dungeon mission first!

“Where are others? F***…” Shi Hao walked out of the tent and discovered that everyone was basically gone. Looking over, only Shan Wanhong and Soaring Through the Highest Heaven were left…

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Synopsis: The online game <> entered the whole world. It's a game about territorial construction and war to reconstruct alternate history. Although it's virtual, it'll change the world. Shi Hao, an ordinary freshman, decided to bravely enter <> in order to gain the approval of his beloved goddess's elder brother. He, however, accidentally got a super skill at the beginning because of a strange game-helmet.

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