Chapter 61: Error of One Blade

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“It’s getting late, Yuanqing! We’ll camp here and continue our journey tomorrow. According to our current speed, as long as there is no mishap, we will reach West River Dragon Pond by noon tomorrow. I wonder how many people will gather there.” Shi Hao looked around and said. There was a kind of pride in his eyes, a man’s pride. No matter how many people had gathered in West River Dragon Pond, all should look up to him.

Soon, Shi Hao’s troops rested and reorganized. Shi Hao stayed in a big tent with Pei Yuanqing, and there were over ten guards tightly guarding outside the big tent. These soldiers looked solemn and did the night duty in turns. It was truly hard to pass such tight security.

It was a pity! Perhaps, Zuo Tiancheng was not a human, rather a ghost, a ghost with a blade. He quietly knocked out the guards outside the big tent. But he wasn’t heavy-handed. He didn’t kill any of them. This was his way of being lenient to Twin Dragons Village. it was also the clever scheme of Fa Zheng. In essence, it was a sympathy between the two heroes.

“It’s over! In any case, the commands of Lord Absolutely Godless cannot be violated.” Zuo Tiancheng was just a step away from assassinating Shi Hao. But since he had already suffered a loss under Pei Yuanqing’s hands before, he naturally knew that he was not the opponent of the other party. However, he was very experienced. He was an assassin like Li Yidao. He didn’t directly enter the big tent. He just clearly discerned the location of Shi Hao, then quietly walked to the vicinity of Shi Hao’s position from outside the big tent. He planned to directly make a move from outside the tent. After observing the situation inside the big tent, he was confident that he would be able to attack Shi Hao two times before Pei Yuanqing could intervene, which should be able to kill Shi Hao. Therefore, Zuo Tiancheng made a move!

However, Zuo Tiancheng didn’t know that Shi Hao possessed a special SS grade skill, Soul of the Warrior. But one had to say that, if an ordinary fighter was hit two times by Zuo Tiancheng, then even if that ordinary fighter had equipped the same items as Shi Hao and used Defense Armor Skill, it would still be a certain death matter without a doubt. But Shi Hao had the Soul of the Warrior skill! Shi Hao’s defense and HP had reached 116.4 and 90 respectively after the bluff. Therefore, even if Zuo Tiancheng used Invincible Golden Blade, his attack would reach 159 points, which was not enough to kill Shi Hao in two moves. After two hits, Shi Hao would still have a bit of HP left. That was exactly the current state of Shi Hao!

“After you Zuo Tiancheng?” Shi Ha hid behind Pei Yuanqing. Like Zuo Tiancheng had expected, Pei Yuanqing only gave him two chances. In fact, that was also natural! If Pei Yuanqing gave him the third chance, then Pei Yuanqing wouldn’t be Pei Yuanqing. However, Shi Hao was still alive, which was beyond the expectation of Zuo Tiancheng.

“How is this possible!” Zuo Tiancheng quickly retreated. Pei Yuanqing, however, didn’t dare to chase him. He was afraid that Shi Hao would be harmed further. With the remaining amount of Shi Hao’s HP, he couldn’t be too careless. Pei Yuanqing’s personality had changed. He would no longer be overconfident and make careless mistakes. But other than Pei Yuanqing, no one could stop Zuo Tiancheng. Zuo Tiancheng quickly disappeared into the night.

“I failed!” Zuo Tiancheng found the group of players under Absolutely Godless and said: “However, I discovered a secret of Shake the Heaven. Shake the Heaven is not an ordinary fighter. He definitely has a special skill. He could seven survive my two attacks!”

“Commander Zuo! Are you really sure that Shake the Heaven took your two attacks and still survived?” A subordinate of Absolutely Godless said with suspicion: “Commander Zuo, we know how powerful your attack is. Even if his Twin Dragons Village has already developed level 2 items, this is still impossible. Wee you lenient (intentionally lowering the attack power)?”

These subordinates of Absolutely Godless were truly ruthless! Zuo Tiancheng had made up his mind to kill Shi Hao, moreover, had also discovered the special aspect of Shi Hao. However, he was actually suspected by them. He smiled bitterly and with a hint of heroic loneliness, he said: “I’m doing things for Lord Absolutely Godless, how can I not do my best! If you don’t believe me, then you can leave by yourself.”

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“Commander Zuo! Please forgive us.” How could Absolutely Godless’s subordinates leave? They immediately said: “Commander Zuo! I bigly didn’t doubt your intention. Merely, I wonder what’s the other harvest of Commander Zuo. How many soldiers of Twin Dragons Village were killed? The fewer the troops of Twin Dragons Village, the higher the chance of Heroic Overlord Under Heaven’s success.”

“No one died!” Zuo Tiancheng looked at the full moon in the sky and the night became darker and darker.

Early the next morning.

After Shi Hao took plenty of rest and drank a lot of HP potions, his HP was restored completely. Speaking of which, these HP potions were all treasures created by Twin Dragons Village’s level 2 hospital. Regardless of HP potions or MP potions, they were all continuous recovery potions. Once attacked during the process, they recovery would be interrupted. They were basically unusable during the battle.

“Let’s go! We are setting off.” The injured soldiers under Shi Hao had also already recovered using the potions. Shi Hao’s large troops marched forward according to the plan. Soon, as expected, Shi Hao arrived at West River Dragon Pond at noon.

The terrain of West River Dragon Pond was just like Fa Zheng’s description. The two crimson-colored fiery peaks formed a mountain pass, and in front of the mountain pass, there was a big military camp. Naturally, this military camp was not a village! It was merely a structure built by soldiers. But it durability was high, and it could withstand the attacks. If this place was a village, then the Fire Dragon King would have already come out to destroy this Wei Wentong’s military camp, and the Dragon Roars might have already sent Wei Wentong flying to the western heaven.

In addition, a large group of troops had gathered in front of the mountain pass, which was called Allied Army for now. All the figures of Allied Army had established a village. They could all be regarded as a power. Although their strength was far inferior to Twin Dragons Village, they seemed to be powerful in a group.

“Look! That group, they have such a mighty appearance. They should be the troops of Shake the Heaven! Only Shake the Heaven has such powerful mounts.” Soaring Through the Highest Heaven, a player who had seen Shake the Heaven and Blowing Wind Left A Scar before (chapter 19), said: “Come to think about it, they truly deserved to be the number one village! I can remember that when I saw them for the first time, I was shocked! Shake the Heaven is Shake the Heaven.”

“Quickly open the door! Welcome Shake the Heaven!” Most of the people of Allied Army shouted in succession.

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Shi Hao’s troops walked towards the Allied Army and went straight into their camp. This camp was established by the Allied Army that arrived here first, but its quality was not comparable to Wei Wentong’s huge camp. Looking around, there were weeds among seedlings inside the camp. Some people had brought ten soldiers and some had just brought two people, a total of three including the leader. Could it be that they thought they were experts like three brothers of Liu Bei? How could he casually run into the experts like Liu Bei’s three brothers here? These people had just come to scrape Shi Hao’s experience and rewards. Most of them neither had the ability nor determination to complete a dungeon. Therefore, Shi Hao didn’t want to talk with these people who just wanted to take cheap advantage of him.

“Everyone! Due to the long journey, I’m tired. Let me rest first.” Shi Hao went straight into an empty tent and settled down.

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