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Chapter 65: The Loser King

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The intent of Shi Hao was naturally to cheat the other person!

“I definitely want to be the king, but what do you want me to do?” Wei Wentong struggled. The veins of his muscles bulged out, but there was no effect. His vain struggle just made Shi Hao laugh. Do you think struggling has any use now? Just be obedient.

Shi Hao rolled his eyes and said with a bright smile: “It’s simple! You have already lost to me. But I don’t want to kill you. How to say, most of your subordinates were killed by my generals. You are just a lone commander. Moreover, the Advance Soul in your hands is also mine! I have also already become the first person to capture this dungeon. In addition, the second and the third person are also already determined (Shan Wanhong and Soaring Through the Highest Heaven). Unfortunately, this dungeon mission is still not over. But I plan to leave. So, the other people are for you to deal with. Do you understand my meaning? If you understand, then you can gloriously fight and report back to the Divine and Mighty Alliance after you retreated that in order to do your best to stem a raging tide, you fought crazily all along the way while retreating to the alliance army. If you don’t understand, then you can only become a thief under my sword.”

Shi Hao’s meaning was clear! First of all, he would take the top three places. As for the other war spoils, he didn’t care. Secondly, after Wei Wentong’s elite soldiers were removed, it didn’t matter whether Wei Wentong lived or died. Wouldn’t it be nice to let Wei Wentong go and make him kill all other players? Finally, if Wei Wentong was not let go to wipe out all other players, then Shi Hao worried about how to go and establish a village without anybody knowing. One shouldn’t forget that Fa Zheng had said to establish a village here. Fa Zheng not only gave tips to kill Wei Wentong, but he also gave tips on how to deal with the Fire Dragon King after a village was established here. So, that SS grade Village Building Order was in Shi Hao’s inventory, quietly waiting for its use. Heh heh.

 “This…” Wei Wentong also understood what Shi Hao meant. But he was still struggling, struggling in his head. He thought, should I agree to it or not? If I don’t, then I might die here. If I do, then it will be very hard to let Divine and Mighty Alliance know about it. Moreover, if Divine and Mighty Alliance learns of this, I would at least be expelled from the alliance. But what if this kid threatens me in the future? However, Wei Wentong was still afraid of death.

His eyes flickered and he said in a low voice: “I understand! This Advance Soul is for you, and I’ll personally take care of them. I want to be the King! Loser King.”

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“Very good! Let’s go.” Shi Hao took Wei Wentong’s Advance Soul, an S grade Advance Soul! He then smiled, waved his hand and left.

Shi Hao and Pei Yuanqing left from the same path with the troops, and returned to the high ground with excellent visibility.

Not long after, Shan Wanhong and Soaring Through the Highest Heaven received a notice from Shi Hao’s subordinate and rushed over. Upon a closer look, the troops of Shan Wanhong and Soaring Through the Highest Heaven were clutching their hands and pulling carts, all full of supplies. These supplies were the remaining things after Wei Wentong established this large military camp here. Those things were not much valuable for Shi Hao, so, he basically didn’t send his soldiers to loot them. But these things were very valuable for Soaring Through the Highest Heaven. His village lacked manpower, moreover, he also couldn’t purchase supplies at an affordable price from the village of Divine and Mighty Alliance like Shi Hao. He couldn’t despite raised the price, unless the price was extremely high! Then, what about Shan Wanhong? Couldn’t she just go to Twin Dragons Village to purchase supplies? Why was she joining the fun? Hehe, she was truly amusing. She didn’t join for anything else but for fun.

“Why did you call us over? Didn’t you say to guard the exit? Moreover, there are many things we have yet to take. How about I go and take them again.” Shan Wanhong said.

Shi Hao shrugged his shoulders, and as if looking at a little girl, he gently said: “Don’t go back. There will be a good show now, you mustn’t miss this chance to watch it.” Shi Hao and others looked at the distance.

Soon! Wei Wentong rushed out from the military camp on his horse. Wei Wentong is out! Wu Batian was confused. Wu Batian thought, what’s going on here? What about Zuo Tiancheng? Was he killed? Impossible! Zuo Tiancheng is an A grade historical NPC, moreover, he is a character with a style of professional assassin. His skills are definitely incomparable to ordinary characters. Then, what’s this…

“I’m the Divine and Mighty Alliance’s General, Wei Wentong. All of you can drop dead.” Wei Wentong seemed to have replied to Wu Batian’s questions. Damn it! Wu Batian almost knelt down. But he hastily kicked his horse and ran away. He still had heard the name Wei Wentong. On the ranking of heroes in Sui and Tang Dynasties, Wei Wentong ranked above Zuo Tiancheng! He must run now. If he didn’t run away now, then he wouldn’t have a chance to run later.

“Run! Run! Quickly run!” The others also kicked their horses and ran away in succession. Only one person didn’t do so! Ma Chao of Western Liang didn’t run. With such a domineering name, could he run away? He had already regarded himself as the real historical figure, Ma Chao of Western Liang. Unfortunately, he was not the historical NPC Ma Chao.

Ma Chao of Western Liang raised his spear, stepped forward and yelled: “I’m Ma Chao of Western Liang. Eat my spear.”

At this moment, Wei Wentong had already entered the melee. He didn’t hear Ma Chao of Western Liang’s words, but he had already seen that this fellow was rushing over. Just in time! He could activate Wei Fire Dragon skill. He triggered his skill and swung his blade. Then, flames burst out everywhere. As a result, Ma Chao of Western Liang became a brilliant sacrifice in the flame, and a voice could be heard vaguely: “I’m Western Liang’s War God, Ma Chao!” In the midst of this vague sound, the allied army was torn into pieces. Wei Wentong sent all other players back to the West Flower Region’s Novice Village, including Wu Batian who was the very first one to run away. None one succeeded in escaping. Because Shi Hao had secretly used Cloud Mist Beast’s slow debluff on them, their speed had fallen, and they were unable to escape Wei Wentong’s demonic hands.

“Very good! Very good! Very good!” Shi Hao was very satisfied, watching Wei Wentong leaving after defeating the allied army. Shi Hao’s eyes were filled with joy. Although he had some regrets, he had not seen Zuo Tiancheng reappear and he also didn’t know where he went, Zuo Tiancheng shouldn’t try to assassinate him again. And this was enough.

Speaking about it, in fact, Zuo Tiancheng had already left West River Dragon Pond. After experience the moment of life and death, he began to re-examine his own path. He had escaped into a mountain forest, ready to devote himself to think about what his life should be like.

At this moment, the system’s announcement resounded as scheduled. “Congratulation to Shake the Heaven, the player of Divine Flower Continent’s West Flower Region, for becoming the first player to complete the dungeon mission. He is rewarded with a special diamond-grade lottery ticket. In addition, the second and third most contributing players are also rewarded with a special gold-grade lottery ticket. As for the remaining players who took the part in this war, they are rewarded with a special bronze-grade lottery ticket. As for the rewards from Divine and Mighty Alliance, Divine and Mighty Alliance will issue by themselves.” It repeated three times.

Shi Hao was curious! Unexpectedly, this time, the system directly announced his name. Now, it seemed that the entire world knew that he was the first one to complete this mission. However, it didn’t matter. With the name of Shake the Heaven, it was normal for him to be the first to complete the mission. He didn’t need to worry too much.

Shi Hao immediately opened his inventory and looked at that lottery ticket. It was indeed a diamond-grade lottery ticket. However, this diamond-grade lottery ticket was not the kind of diamond-grade lottery ticket that was given to the players who had a diamond-grade game helmet when <<Kingdom>>’s server was just launched. This lottery ticket had a special mark! ‘Dedicated to drawing special costumes’ was written on it.

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So, a question appears, what was special costumes?

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Title: World of Expertsd | Tags: Cultivation, Second Chance
Synopsis: The online game <> entered the whole world. It's a game about territorial construction and war to reconstruct alternate history. Although it's virtual, it'll change the world. Shi Hao, an ordinary freshman, decided to bravely enter <> in order to gain the approval of his beloved goddess's elder brother. He, however, accidentally got a super skill at the beginning because of a strange game-helmet.

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