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Chapter 126: Elopement

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Qi Huan pushed Ming Huo away, looked directly into his eyes, and suddenly said, “Do you still remember, when I told you, what kind of man I like?”

Ming Huo nodded, Qi Huan liked gentle men, those with a neat and tender smile, he was just that kind of man back then.

A bright smile suddenly appeared on Qi Huan’s face, “Then you should remember what I said, there are other kinds of men, I will definitely not like it.” One was an enchanting but merciful man like Ming Huo, The second was an evil man like Mo Ye.

To be Ming Huo’s lover was probably a very blessed thing, but the happy time would be very short, so short that people might think it was just a dream. And a man like Mo Ye, if he fell in love with you, it was something that would make people happy even in their sleep, but the woman who could make him feel love may not appear in his lifetime.

Qi Huan considered herself an ordinary woman, and she never thought that she would become that happy woman, some things just happened.

Even if she hadn’t forgotten “Ming Huo”, she had no place for a third person in her heart, and she also didn’t want to have a third person.

Mo Ye kept saying that Qi Huan was heartless, he was right about that. Once she had determined her thoughts, she would never change. Even if Ming Huo was the same person as him, it was already too late, the story between them was long over.

“As long as you want, I can change for you.” Ming Huo had never stood so low before, but he would do it for Qi Huan. He could do anything Mo Ye could do, but it was a pity that he was too late.

Qi Huan shook her head, “No need.”

She shut her eyes, and the Thunder God Tower in her dantian suddenly shot out thousands of rays of thunder. The dream was shattered by the thunder, and Ming Huo’s face was broken into countless pieces. Those eyes that contained countless emotions looked passed through Qi Huan’s heart, leaving behind faint traces.

Qi Huan opened her eyes suddenly. The room was still dark, she only slept for a few hours, her eyelids were heavy but she didn’t feel sleepy anymore.

On this kind of night, she missed Mo Ye more.

Even if his words always made her angry, she still wanted to see him now.

“If you can show up at this time, I will elope with you.” Qi Huan grinned slightly and muttered to herself as she slowly closed her eyes. Knowing that he would never appear at all, she still had a faint expectation in her heart. She had now been infected with a poison called Mo Ye, and it had penetrated into her bones.

“Since you’re so sincere, then okay, I’ll agree.” A low, smiling voice sounded in Qi Huan’s ears. The familiar breathing, familiar lips, it was him, this was him. Only Mo Ye would be so confident.

It was really Mo Ye’s voice. Qi Huan’s heart calmed down instead, she still kept her eyes closed, letting Mo Ye’s flexible tongue poke into her mouth, picking up her sweetness.

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At the beginning, Qi Huan wrapped her hands around his neck, lazily responding to his kiss. Mo Ye licked every part of her mouth, his hot breath and smell completely wrapped her.

In the dark and silent room, one could only hear their heavy breathing and the sound of their hearts beating like a drum.

Although Mo Ye’s lips were busy, his hands did not stop moving as well. His big hand went under her tulle that was covering her chest, he stroked her chest violently, drawing an arc, and slowly sliding down her body. The indescribable feeling made Qi Huan curl up.

Mo Ye rubbed her round and soft buttocks and pressed her towards him, and then unceremoniously squeezed into between her legs. With her legs suddenly separated, an overly hot and hard thing came between them, made Qi Huan’s chaotic brain regain a little of her sanity, red alert, red alert, something’s wrong!

“I, I think…” After Mo Ye finally removed his lips from hers, Qi Huan hurriedly took a deep breath, and then found her weak and pitiful voice.

“Hmm?” With a lazy hum from Mo Ye, Qi Huan’s already soft body seemed to turn into a pool of water.

“I…er…we…we can’t, can’t.” Mo Ye’s kiss slowly slipped down her lips to her body, and the fabric covering Qi Huan’s chest had all been torn apart. Although her black tulle embroidered with white peony was still hanging in place, she could obviously feel a big hand under her clothes that did not belong to her. The kiss that fell on her neck and his warmth from his big hand that kept creating sparks on her body made her mind go blank, and whatever she wanted to say immediately disappeared.

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“Of course we can.” Mo Ye smiled, his hoarse voice was filled with sexiness that she had never heard before.

“But…er…but…” The hand that was originally resting on her hips slipped under her long skirt and moved slowly along her smooth thighs. Qi Huan couldn’t help trembling slightly at that kind of delicate touch.

“Just think about me.” Mo Ye’s voice was a little seductive, but the more so he was, the more Qi Huan struggled to get out of this tender situation they were in now.

“Hmm…” Qi Huan’s answers were all only a single syllable. She completely forgot what she wanted to say, she could only think of Mo Ye in her mind.

People say that it was easy for a woman to seduce a man, but she was the opposite, she was seduced by a man.

And he was very successful. If it weren’t for Mo Ye who still had a bit of sanity, she would have been eaten and wiped out without any residue.

However, she suddenly realized this man was very anxious. It wasn’t that she would run away immediately, besides, he wasn’t even letting her wear any clothes now, how could she run away like that?

“Don’t you think it’s better to let me put on some clothes first?” She adjusted herself in Mo Ye’s arms into a comfortable position, leaned on his shoulder and asked. Although she was wearing his clothes, the fact that it was a big shirt made her feel very insecure. Actually, the main threat was still Mo Ye.

This man was so sly that even when he was holding her hands when they were running away, his fingers would be actively teasing her, which made Qi Huan very frightened along the way. She was really worried that he would get too excited.

“This is good.” Mo Ye smiled. He didn’t even need to walk, he just floated forward.

When it was more than two hours before dawn, they had already left the Thunder God Temple for a long time.

In fear of Thunder God and the others chasing them, Little Yin and Little Fox were left behind to cover for Qi Huan. If it weren’t for Little Yin, Qi Huan didn’t even know that Little Fox that she had raised for so long, knew transformation magic. She had always believed that Little Fox was purely a house pet. After all, it was only a palm-sized fox! Although there was no wildlife protection law in the deity world, she still felt a little guilty for enslaving such a small fella.

Therefore, as a nine-tailed celestial fox, Little Fox had never had much room to show off his skills. Well, the situation was also helpless because Little Fox couldn’t even fight against Little Yin. Therefore, as the owner of Little Fox, Qi Huan had always felt that Little Fox was more like a house pet that would eat and sleep all day. However, this time Little Fox finally had the chance to show off his transformation abilities. Qi Huan didn’t even need to ask, Little Fox naturally agreed to help her.

As a result, Little Fox transformed into Qi Huan, even Mo Ye didn’t recognize it at first glance. So Thunder God and the others should not be able to notice anything wrong. Little Fox only hoped that he wouldn’t be harassed by Ming Huo now that he had disguised as Qi Huan.

After leaving the territorial area of the Thunder God Temple, Mo Ye still didn’t tell Qi Huan where they were heading, and Qi Huan also didn’t ask. Anyway, in her opinion, as long as he was with her, she didn’t really care where they were going.

“This way is very inconvenient.” Qi Huan put her legs together, although she wasn’t cold, she was a little embarrassed because she was only wearing Mo Ye’s clothes, she was completely naked beneath his clothes.

“Really? I think it’s very convenient.” Mo Ye smiled cheekily. It was rare to see Qi Huan so obedient, so of course he couldn’t just let her go. Moreover, this way was indeed very convenient for him.

In the deity world, in fact, most places were off the beaten track, inhabited and isolated. Qi Huan lay in Mo Ye’s arms and slept for a short time. The sky was shining when she opened her eyes. She found herself lying neatly on the ground, surrounded by tall grass of a height of half a human. There was no one around, only the endless grass.

Qi Huan stood up and looked around, but didn’t see Mo Ye anywhere.

Mo Ye was gone. Qi Huan felt empty in her heart. The feeling of loss instantly obliterated her. She was sitting pitifully with her hands around her knees, her eyes a little hollow. Although she knew that he would not leave her alone, she still felt empty and disappointed not being able to see him when she woke up.

“Hey you, why are you sitting there in a daze?” Not long after, Mo Ye’s voice sounded in Qi Huan’s ears. Qi Huan turned her head abruptly, and found that he was carrying a big bird in his hand, uh, it seemed like a wind sparrow, although this kind of beast’s cultivation was generally around the first and second heavens, it was extremely fast, and it could fly really high. Qi Huan had long wanted to taste them, but unfortunately she was afraid of heights and dared not fly to catch the sparrows. Little Fox couldn’t fly, so she had never had a chance to realize her wish.

“You went to catch this thing?” Qi Huan’s mood suddenly rose up after knowing that Mo Ye did not leave quietly, her eyes also began to shine brightly.

“Didn’t you say you always wanted to try this?” Mo Ye chuckled. She had always said she wanted to try it when they were in the mortal world.

Even if she had become an immortal, she still couldn’t give up her appetite. Tsk, tsk, this kind of attitude was really unqualified to be an immortal.

When the two were chatting in the mortal world, Qi Huan did mention once this kind of beast to Mo Ye. She was even drooling when she said she must taste this sparrow’s meat when she successfully soared and became a deity. She didn’t expect Mo Ye to really remember it in his heart.

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