Chapter 2 – First Mission: ???


Mission: Living with your aunt


Your family has decided to make you live with your aunt while you attend college to reduce living expenses. Her husband, your uncle works overseas and your aunt is a housewife. They have a daughter who works in a big city.

Mission objective:

Have sexual intercourse with your aunt.


1500 points

Bonus Rewards: [Hidden condition must be met]

Access to mission dimension

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Accept Mission?



The mission was quite simple enough. David would enter the mission with a background story in place and all he would have to do was f*** his “aunt”. The mission was easy and he didn’t have to kill mobs to gain points.

David realised that given the contents of the mission he could succeed just by forcing her against her will.

‘Nah, I’m horny but I’m not like pure evil.’

He would do it the hard but better way and that is seducing his aunt and f****** her silly. Clicking yes, the white room faded away and he found himself riding a cab. The change in perspective disoriented him and he felt dizzy and nauseous but eventually he snapped out of it and looked outside.

The car was driving in a normal suburban area with peaceful atmosphere and it soon stopped in front of a rather large house.

‘Looks like my ingame or inmission relatives are pretty well off.’

David got off the cab and payed the driver with cash from a wallet he didn’t know he had and looked at his driver’s license. Everything was realistic and if David’s guess was right, the [Dream] probably wasn’t just a simulation but an actual reality. It was something to ask the [Nightmare Realm] afterwards.

Walking up to the house, David prepared himself for what was coming. He was nervous and had second thoughts but with every step towards the door in front of him, his confidence grew. He died without any outstanding achievements but now in this new world, David would live without holding back.

Taking a deep breath, David rang the bell and waited.

The door opened and David sucked in cold air as he looked at the gorgeous woman before him. Brownish red hair, juicy full lips and a rocking hot body that screamed ‘I am a M***’. Big boobs, a slender waits and a plump ass, it took David all his will power to not ogle at her body which looked like it came from a hentai and look at her face.

While he was still in awe, the woman in question stepped forward and hugged David.

‘Her tits are way bigger then they look. They must be constricted by her top,’ thought David has he enjoyed the hug before she broke it and said,

“David, it’s been so long since I’ve seen you, five years I think. You’ve grown into a splendid young man. I’ve missed you so much. If it weren’t for your parents bringing you all around the globe because of their jobs, we could have at least seen each other during the holidays.”

David was jolted back to reality after hearing her words and replied,

“Aunt Sarah, I’ve missed you too and I wished we could have just stayed in one place so I could meet my beautiful and favourite aunt all the time.”

Saying this David then hugged his aunt back. He hugged her tight and sighed in relaxation feeling her boobs against his chest. His hug was far more intimate and longer than it should have been but Sarah didn’t seem to mind and hugged him back.

With his arms wrapped around her, David realised his aunt was a little shorter than him and couldn’t resist taking a sniff of her hair. It smelled like lavender and David wanted to do more and but stopped himself and unwrapped himself and smiled at her, fantasizing about what was to come.

‘Did he just smell my hair?’

Sarah questioned herself but quickly decided she was imagining things and brought him inside the house. She showed him the living room and dining room and kitchens before taking him upstairs to his new room.

David admired her tightly packed ass which was jiggling as they went up the stairs. He found himself bending to take a peek under her skirt but then decided it was too risky. Sarah showed him the common bathroom before opening the door to his room.  

The room was spacious with a bed, a study table and a wardrobe at the side.

Only allowed on

“Why don’t you put down your luggage first and join me for lunch David? You can unpack later, after all you have plenty of time.”

David did as she said and they both went downstairs. Following behind her David using his height advantage got a peak of her cleavage from above and grinned. He was feeling far more confident then he would if he was back on Earth.

There were no limitations here and he could get away with much more antics since he wasn’t bound by his usual morals and ethics. While he wouldn’t straight up rape a woman, he wouldn’t hold back being a pervert. David felt more motivated and confident than usual looking at his aunt. The thought that he could, no he would have such a lady fuelled David.

From the Dining table where he was sitting he could see the entirety of the kitchen and David couldn’t keep his eyes of his aunt as she cooked.

‘Why does he keep staring? He must be hungry after his trip.’

David didn’t know but his [Pheromone] ability was already working its magic and affecting his aunt. While most woman wouldn’t mind a man staring at them, they would still see the man in a negative light subconsciously. The [Pheromones] while still at the basic level made woman perceive David in a more favourable and positive way.

His aunt finished cooking and set up the table. David enjoyed the good food and conversed with his aunt as she asked him about his family and experiences. The [Dream] inserted all relevant information in David’s brain directly so he responded with ease.

After lunch David excused himself and went up to his room to unpack. While doing so he planned how to conquer his aunt Sarah. No husband and no daughter meant he had more freedom than usual and there were two months till his semester started so he had to complete the mission before then because David sure as hell didn’t want to study again.

From his knowledge of the [Dream] he would stay in the [Dream] until he completed the mission objective, so theoretically he would be stuck here for the rest of his life if he doesn’t f*** his aunt. There was no way he was going to let that happen though, he would take 3 weeks tops to get under her skirt.

Her husband was never there and so David was sure his aunt was sexually frustrated and now all he had to do was urge her in the right direction and she would fall to temptation. A young handsome well-endowed stud like him with a hot m*** like her was just a porn scene waiting to happen.

David just needed to push things in the right direction. The first mission was the easiest mission available and it would only get tougher from here on out. So he would take the current mission as a tutorial for his future ventures.

After unpacking he went out of his room and heard the showers on in the bathroom. His aunt must be taking a bath right now, this was a perfect opportunity. David on Earth wouldn’t dare but the David right now would most definitely take a peek.

In fact it would be better if she knew he was taking a peek. Normally a woman would kick your ass for that but since David was her nephew she would let him off with a warning at best.

‘I wonder if the door is locked first, please be unlocked.’

David slowly crept up and gently turned the knob and pushed open the door slightly. The door was unlocked to his delight. He slowly pushed open the door enough for him to get a look inside and spotted his aunt facing away from taking a shower.

His heart raced at the sight of her naked body with water dripping down her hair. The sight was so intense that in a flash he took a step back and brought a hand to his face feeling it to be hot. For all that he hyped himself David had never done things like this before and he was nervous.

David took a deep breath and hoped his aunt didn’t notice anything and took another peek. David grinned to himself,

‘I knew her tits were bigger then they seemed.’

She still hadn’t noticed his presence so David decided to go ahead with his plan. He would pretend to have “accidently” enter the bathroom. Steeling himself David was going to enter the bathroom until an idea struck him.

Going back to his room without a sound, David undressed and wrapped a towel around his body and then entered the bathroom.

Aunt Sarah looked at him in shock and froze and David too acted “shocked” and dropped his towel due to the “surprise” he felt. Both man and woman stared at each other’s naked bodies for a few seconds and just as Sarah was going to react, David spoke,

“Aunt Sarah, I didn’t know you were in here. I’m so sorry.”

He then quickly picked up his towel and bolted from the bathroom back to his room. David didn’t need to put much effort into acting flustered and shocked at all, since they were all emotions he actually felt when entering the bathroom and flashing his body.

In his bedroom David took some time to relax and slow down his heartrate. He waited but his aunt never came back to scold him. David was puzzled but he didn’t mind it and entered the bathroom after checking to ensure his aunt wasn’t there and took a hot shower.

After finishing up with the shower and dressing himself, David headed downstairs and saw his aunt preparing to go out. While he was wondering whether she would scold him now his aunt spoke up,

“David I’m going to buy groceries for tonight’s dinner, you can watch TV or relax in the backyard. We have a swimming pool too, feel free to use it after all this is going to be your home for the next 2 years.”

His aunt smiled at him before leaving and David was surprised she didn’t say anything.

‘Guess she thought it was accident.’

Well it wasn’t an accident and bringing it up would it make it embarrassing but more importantly make her more open towards him, well at least he thought that would be the case. David decided to relax and watch TV while thinking of more ways to seduce his aunt.


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