Chapter 3- First Mission Part 2

After browsing through various channels on the TV, David decided that he needed to investigate the [Dream] and its workings better, the media gave him a greater understanding of this world and David decided that the chances of him being in some sort of supernatural simulation was low.

If he were to take the popular multiverse theory into consideration then perhaps this world was but one of infinite dimensions. As to how the [Nightmare Realm] was connected to all this was to be determined was something to ask the Realm itself.

David heard a car in the driveway and decided to go help his aunt bring the groceries inside the house. Walking to the back of the car he saw his aunt and moved to carry the bags but both of them ended up reaching for the same bag and their hands touched.

‘So soft.’

David’s heartrate went through the roof, but it was just a casual contact and his aunt let him pick up most of the bags and he went to his bedroom after helping her, and sat down in shame.

‘How could I be excited by something so simple? I’m a walking virgin stereotype.’

He was internally screaming at himself, if this was going to continue then there was no way he would ever complete the mission. Slapping himself on the face, David hyped himself up and decided to carry out the next part of his non-existent plan.

“I’m a protagonist, I’m a protagonist, I’m a protagonist…..”

Muttering these words like it was a secret mantra, David headed downstairs with newfound bravery. Sarah was sorting out the groceries and didn’t notice him yet, so he took a seat near the kitchen counter and spoke up,

“Aunt Sarah, I want to apologize for happened in the afternoon. I didn’t think anybody would be there since there’s a bathroom downstairs too… I’m sorry.”

Trying his best to make an apologetic face and give off a feel of being full of guilt was taxing since he had no experience in acting but David liked to think he pulled it off. His aunt smiled kindly at him and told him not to take it to heart and that it was an innocent mistake.

‘It was anything but innocent though.’

Sarah meanwhile recollected the scene from before and blushed at the thought of her nephew’s naked body.

‘They grow so quickly.’

She thought about one particular area on her nephew where the growth was intense but swiftly dispersed her thoughts and finished arranging ingredients in the fridge.

“Ah, shall we have dinner a little earlier today? I’m sure you want to get a good night’s sleep after all that travelling.”

David agreed and even offered to help her with the cooking. His aunt tried to refuse him, claiming the guest should relax but David refuted saying since he was going to live here for the time being he would take part of the responsibilities.

Sarah was still disagreeing with him but let him do as he please and had a smile on her face. David sneaked a peek at her face and smiled too, and then started peeling vegetables.

His aunt was doing most of the work though, it looks like she was making her own noodles. Quickly peeling the vegetables, David found a perfect opportunity to get close and personal with his aunt. Sarah was having difficulty kneading the dough but did her best not to show the strain on her face.

“Aunt, you could have just bought the noodles from the store, there is no need to put in so much effort.”

David deftly moved behind her, while Sarah was explaining how she had to do at least this much for her nephew. Reaching his arms around her, he placed his hands on hers and said,

“Let me help you, it will be easier if we both do it together.”

Sarah was surprised at the sudden close contact but didn’t think of it as being anything along the lines of intimate. David was still her darling little nephew after all even if that wasn’t going to be the case in the days to come.

David’s heart was beating hard but he didn’t falter and pretended not to know how to knead dough and just held his aunt’s hands. Sarah showed him the ropes and they both did it together, Sarah not noticing their hips were basically attached at this point.

His aunt’s butt rubbing on his crotch was such a heavenly feeling and David found himself becoming hard. He was wearing sweatpants too so she would definitely notice it too,  alarmed he tried move back a little but at the same time his aunt finished with the dough and raised her arms above and stretched.

She was pushing her ass onto his crotch. David soaked in pleasure at the touch and decided to just enjoy the feeling. His aunt didn’t notice it immediately and continued stretching and inadvertently rubbing herself on David. After a few seconds she became puzzled and laughed asking,

“Sweetie, why do you have such a big phone? Just put it on the counter. You can take it later.”

David’s nervousness just subsided when without warning his aunt’s hand grabbed his hard dick. He gave an audible gasp and felt waves of pleasure wash through his body. Sarah didn’t recognize his hard on for what it was and was puzzled at why his phone became bigger?

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She grasped his c*** even harder before yelping and letting go of it,

“David, I didn’t… I’m…… I thought… Sorry sorry.”

Giving his aunt some space, David pushed his hard down and acted as if he was trying to hide it but never once moved his crotch out of her sight. He then placed on hand over it for appearance’s sake knowing full well it was too huge to hide and started apologizing too his aunt.

Sarah for a period of time couldn’t shift her eyes from a “delicacy” she hadn’t had for a long time but eventually brushed him off and tried changing the subject. Her gaze was fixed onto his head and didn’t shift anywhere else but David spotted the slightly different emotions in her eyes.

The whole point of the peeking and showing her is hard on was to make her see him as a man. Sarah had to know that David wasn’t just her nephew but a grown man with a package that could satisfy her in ways her husband never could, she had to know there was another option right in her house.

David’s dick instead of settling down became harder as he got excited that his aunt could see his “glory”. His aunt meanwhile started talking about noodles and diverted the tension a little.

“My hands hurt a little from the kneading. Thanks for the help David, it would have been so tiring otherwise, I really should starting working out again. I think I’ve gotten fatter and lazier.”

David hearing this couldn’t control himself and blurted out,

“You have an amazing body Aunt Sarah.”

Sarah got embarrassed at his abrupt shout and waved her hands in front of her,

“Oh please, you don’t know the half of it…”

David not wasting a second replied,

“What do you mean I don’t know…?”

Both their voices trailed off as they recounted how they showed of their nude selves to each other earlier in the day. An awkward silence ensued while both of them blushed and Sarah eventually moved on to complete the dishes and David ran away to the living room in embarrassment and watched TV until the table was set.

Dinner was good and both of them conversed without any of the awkwardness from the earlier events, but it was clear to David that something had subtly changed between them and they were much closer and could speak freely with each other.

Sarah explained how it was a little difficult with her husband overseas all the time and that it was nice to have a man in the house to help with things. David slyly smiled hearing her say the golden words, that all desperate married woman say,

“You can rely on me all the time Aunt Sarah. Don’t hesitate to ask me anything.”

Sarah smiled and replied,

“The same to you young man, this is my house so you can always come to me, okay?”

Dinner ended in smiles and David decided to rest early and went to bed.

Waking up quite early, David stretched out the grogginess and moved to take a bath. Like before he undressed and wrapped himself with a towel before heading to the bathroom. He opened the bathroom door and found himself in a familiar situation.

His aunt was in her underwear and was checking herself out in the mirror. Out of reflex, he dropped his towel from his waist but deciding it would be overboard if he flashed her again, David just held the towel with one hand shoddily attempting to cover his growing member.

Unlike last time his aunt didn’t panic, but explained with a steady tone that she forgot to tell him yesterday that her own bathroom was having problems with the hot water, which was why she showered upstairs.

While speaking, Sarah took subtle glances at his fully erect member which just barely covered by a towel. Sarah wished that the towel would stop tormenting her and just fall down, surprising even herself with those perverted thoughts.

As if the towel heard her wishes, she got a momentary glimpse of his uncovered dick. David was flushed and face was burning up a little, this was not in his “plan” and the abruptness of it shook him up a little. He found himself trying to explain, but Sarah waved it off as if it was nothing and walked out of the bathroom.

While leaving she said,

“Umm, you might wanna take care of that.”

David blushed furiously and his little brother stood up even further but he pushed the evil thoughts out of his mind and took a bath. While he was tempted to just rub one off, he refused as he solemnly declared in his heart,

‘No more masturbating, not now when I am so close to the real thing.’

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