Chapter 4- First Mission Part 3

David decided against going downstairs immediately and decided to browse through internet on his laptop till breakfast was ready. A brief search showed him that the world he was on now was nothing similar to his previous world expect in setting. Everything developed in the same way as Earth but there were different leaders and celebrities.

Even the countries were named differently from Earth. It wasn’t too important though as David was just curious. He closed the laptop and went downstairs for breakfast after hearing his aunt’s shout. While eating David took subtle glances at his aunt and wondered,

‘Is it realistic for me to bed her in just 2-3 days?’

He decided that anything was possible if he put his mind to it, and asked his aunt what she was going to do for the day. Sarah told him that she wanted to take a swim for exercise and invited David to come as well, to which he accepted and headed upstairs to change into his swimwear.

David was stoked to see his aunt in swimwear but was disappointed when she just wore a t-shirt and shorts to the pool. The disappointment quickly turned to excitement after looking at his aunt as she took a dip in the pool.

His aunt probably thought that it would have been to inappropriate to wear revealing swimwear in front of her nephew but she was ignorant to the fact that her t-shirt she was wearing was plain white and the moment it became wet it offered a sight more hot and tempting then most swimwear ever could, David could even see her black bra underneath the shirt.

The shirt stuck onto her body and highlighted all her curves. David till date never understood why so many anime characters had nosebleeds when seeing something hot until this moment. He quickly shook his head and was going to enter the pool when an idea struck him,

“Um, Aunt Sarah uh… to be honest um… I don’t know how to swim. I was thinking maybe you could teach me?”

David acted like an embarrassed boy perfectly and amazed himself with his acting skills. He was getting really good at this with time. Sarah was surprised to hear this and started talking about his irresponsible parents and told him to get in the pool.

After getting in the pool despite knowing to swim, pretended to panic and grabbed onto his aunt and hung onto her, shamelessly taking advantage of the situation to feel her up. His aunt got alarmed and grabbed onto him and guided him to the edge of the pool and gently told him not to panic.

‘She is such a nice person.’

The thought flashed through David before he listened to aunt on how to stay up in the water. Even though he already knew how, he nodded and pretended to listen and when she told him try staying afloat, he asked Sarah to hold onto him because he was scared.

Sarah smiled and nodded but never would she expect the events to follow, David pretended to fumble and repeatedly grabbed towards his aunt in so called panic. He managed to get a handful of her chest in his hands and squeezed it and rubbed as hard as he could, David was in heaven as he abused the chance and groped his aunt all over, and only wished he could take further.

Poor Aunt Sarah tried to help him but she didn’t know what was truly going on, and assumed it was all do it his panic. Her concern for David made her overlook all his perverted antics.

While bouncing up and down inside the pool, David sighed in bliss as he rubbed her breasts, along with an occasional squeeze every now and then, while his aunt was trying to make him stop flapping around. Building up courage, David made his hands towards a daring target.

His Aunt Sarah’s nipples were hard and clearly visible through her wet t-shirt. Her bra must have shifted down due to his moves resulting in a nip slip. David bolstered by lust moved his hands and pinched her nipples.

What came next knocked him out cold. Quite literally in fact, as his aunt panicked and wound up hitting him on the face. Getting disoriented, David inhaled an unhealthy amount of water. His aunt didn’t notice and was adjusting her clothes.

‘I should have just worn a one-piece suit instead.’

It was only a couple seconds later she noticed David wasn’t to be found and realized in alarm that he below the surface. She hastily brought him up and dragged him out of the water. Sarah was shocked and started calling David’s name hoping he would wake up.

When that didn’t happen she rushed to take her phone laying nearby to call the ambulance when she gasped and smacked her head in realization. She should use CPR first in such emergencies. David amidst his aunt’s panic faintly opened one eye and looked at his aunt.

While it was through that he swallowed some water it was no wear near as serious he made it out to be, in fact at that time his brained worked at the speed of light and thought out this plan. It was amazing how his IQ seemed to increase by 200 when it came to perverted things.

David was silently hurrying his aunt to carry out CPR all this while, and soon when he felt his aunt kneel next to him his heart came to a standstill as he waited. Sarah first did the chest compressions and then without hesitation performed mouth to mouth resuscitation, which was a fancy of saying she kissed David.

David opened his eyes in shock, as a soft and warm mouth gently sucked at his lips and before he could react she started doing chest compressions again, but when their lips met for a second time David couldn’t control himself and gave her a full-blown kiss.

Sarah tried to move her head away but David grabbed her head and kept the kiss going, and soon he felt a response, as a slippery tongue attacked his mouth. Their tongues wrestled together and their kiss deepened and swiftly intensified as David felt dizzy with pleasure and until Sarah broke away and gasped for breath.

The giddiness took him for a ride and before David could speak up, Sarah got up and ran into the house. David was worried and wondered if he messed up but then remembered the way her lips felt and smiled. He headed back inside and saw his aunt sitting on a chair with her head in her hands.

David dispelled the uneasiness building up within him and pulled up another chair and sat right next her and moved to hold her hands. Sarah tried to take her hand away but David didn’t let go and looked straight at her until she made eye contact.

After feebly trying to take her hand away, Sarah looked at her nephew’s eyes with guilt.

“It’s my fault David. Things got out of hand and I behaved inappropriately, this shouldn’t have…”

David broke her off and said,

“There was no accident Aunt Sarah, it was just a kiss between a man and woman, it’s not really that big of a deal.”

Even though it was a big deal and moreover it was David’s first kiss in two lives not to mention they were aunt and nephew. Sarah started to cry as she continued to say it was a mistake and it never should have happened before David shut her up with his lips.

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Sarah was shocked and tried to push him away but David hugged her close and soon just like last time both of them fell into a sea of bliss and enjoyed each other’s mouths as their tongues slipped in and out and saliva flowed freely between them, Sarah despite her previous statement kissed with as much passion as David.

Eventually the kiss was broken apart and David and his aunt stared into each other’s eyes. Sarah’s eyes were teary, and she said,

“This is wrong, we shouldn’t do this, I was trying to save you and it got a little out of hand. Let’s just forget this ever happened.”

David scoffed and replied,

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“A little out of hand? We both wanted it and we acted out our desires. What wrong with a man and woman kissing?”

Sarah got angry and reprimanded him,

“We aren’t just man and woman. You are my nephew, and we can’t be doing such things. It’s wrong.”

David just grinned at her and with astonishing agility closed the distance between them and whispered into her ears,

“Then why did it feel so right?”

Wrapping his arms around her, he kissed her fiercely again and didn’t let her go even when she didn’t kiss back. Originally it was just an excuse to feel her up and even when she did CPR, it was still fine but after getting that taste and feeling her desire as fleeting as it was David couldn’t and wouldn’t back down.

Not getting a reply he kissed her again and tangled his tongue with hers but what he got in reply was a tight slap to his face. Puzzled, David watched as his aunt went to her bedroom and locked the door.

He again wondered for the umpteenth time if he just gloriously f***** things up but David was felt braver knowing in the end it was just a game. A super realistic game which was probably an alternate dimension but being a part of the [Nightmare Realm] gave him confidence that otherwise wouldn’t have been present.

David went to his room and waited till lunch. Despite so many things happening, it was still just barely noon and after deciding that had his aunt more than time alone David went down and heated up yesterday’s leftovers since he didn’t know how to cook. Standing in front of his aunt’s bedroom, David knocked on the door,

“Aunt Sarah, its lunchtime, aren’t you hungry? I heated up yesterday’s dinner.”

Just when David thought he was being ignored and walked away. The door opened and his aunt walked out dressed in a skirt and tight top, which was her usual choice of attire and sat down at the table.

She set the table up and gestured to him too eat. David was puzzled at her behaviour but sat down anyways and they both ate in silence. David sent glances towards his aunt but she didn’t return any of them and after they were finished his aunt cleaned up the table and called out to David.

David still puzzled by her behaviour went anyways and sat in the couch. Sarah then gently spoke to David,

“David I’m sorry for being angry with you, sometimes I forget you grew up without a mother. If my sister were still here you would know some things shouldn’t happen.”

‘NANI? I don’t have a mother? God dammit [Dream] why can’t you give me better info? I thought I had two parents though? Could it be I have a step-mother?’

Lacking critical information, David just nodded to everything his aunt said but in his mind he quickly formulated some plans.

‘Aunt Sarah, don’t worry I will give you an experience like none other.’


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