Chapter 5- First Mission Part 4

A few days passed by since the pool incident and things cooled down between David and his aunt on the surface. In reality there was an unknown atmosphere between the two of them which David assumed was sexual tension.

Considering that too much within a short time would agitate his aunt and cause the situation to worsen, David gave it a break, well a slight break. He didn’t stop being touchy feely with her and hugged her whenever he got the chance but he didn’t do any overboard perverted moves.

David soon approached his aunt and carefully asked her whether she would teach him how to swim again, he was prepared to back out at his aunt’s slightest displeasure but to his surprise she accepted and told him to change clothes and come to the pool.

In his swimming shorts, David stepped out and basked under the sun. It was fine day to go swimming and after seeing his aunt was not here, he went and sat near the edge of the pool. While waiting for his aunt, David was deep in thought. The only way to get under his aunt’s skirt was if his aunt was lustful enough, and there were little to no ways of getting her horny enough to complete the “mission”.

The swimming lessons was a good excuse for him to get close and personal with his aunt. There wasn’t much of a plan but David was going to wing it, believing in his unique intelligence to achieve the impossible.

While lounging by the pool, David heard footsteps behind and looked back, only for his jaw to drop. David’s nearly popped out as he saw Sarah walking towards him wearing a sexy red bikini that was probably enchanted because it was impossible for normal strings to hold back those massive melons.

Gulping his saliva, David couldn’t speak up and just stared at the wonder before him, Sarah blushed at his gaze but quickly beckoned him to the pool.

Sarah knew her outfit from last time was a bad choice given the wet conditions so she switched to regular swimwear. It was quite old and the last time she used this bikini was in her college days, so it was quite tighter then she expected but it was at least appropriate.

Unfortunately or rather fortunately, her proportions made it instil rather provocative thoughts in men.  David thanked his lucky stars for the sight before him, and followed her into the water. His aunt didn’t waste time and started instructing him but unlike last time she, to his disappointment, maintained a set distance from David.

Sarah didn’t want to be a bad role model and encourage bad behaviour, so this time she made sure to only instruct him by voice. The hands on demonstrations were too ‘hands on’.

David was struggling to find a way to approach his aunt, when enlightenment struck him,

‘Why must I chase her? Why can’t she be the one chasing me?’

Rather than David creating situations where he acts on his aunt, why couldn’t David make his aunt come to him? How would he go about doing that right now?

Like last time when his aunt did CPR, David had another idea. An idea so stupid it depended on his aunt’s affection towards her nephew to be executed to perfection.

David told his aunt he wanted to try cannonball into the pool, despite his aunt telling him otherwise he did it anyways, right when the splash clouded his aunt’s vison he deftly removed his shorts. When the water settled, Sarah could see David frantically trying to stay afloat. Out of concern, she approached him but she was shocked to find her nephew naked in the pool.

“Ah Aunt Sarah, my shorts disappeared can you help me find them?”

Seeing as her nephew was doing his best just to stay afloat, she helped him but once she brought the shorts to David, he grabbed onto her shoulders to steady himself and asked her to put it on for him, after all he couldn’t do stay above the surface and put on his shorts at the same time.

Sarah should have seen the strangeness of his request, after all he could just go out of the pool, but her concern and worry for David clouded her judgement and she helped him out. There was one problem though, a big problem.

David’s soldier was standing up bravely and even though it was beneath the surface it could be seen clearly. The swimming shorts were designed with the average male proportions in mind but David was anything but, so the only way to make him wear it was for her to push his dick down into the shorts.

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That involved her touching it, as David was using his hands to stay afloat. Seeing his aunt hesitating David rushed her, and Sarah decided since they were aunt and nephew, as a parent figure it wasn’t such a big deal to touch it and helped him but no matter how much she tried, David’s little brother wouldn’t go inside his shorts.

While Sarah was struggling, David’s dick became bigger and harder as waves of pleasure washed through him as he felt his aunt’s soft hands grasping at his c***. No matter how much she tried, Sarah would never get him to wear his shorts so before she gave up, David guided his aunt to the stairs by the pool.

“Aunt Sarah, it’s never going to go in if it’s still this big and it hurts a lot too, can u make it go away?”

Sarah took a deep breath and found a certain part of her body getting wet and it wasn’t it because of the pool. Not giving her time to think, David grabbed her hands and wrapped it around his c***.

“I’ve seen girls in high school make it go away this way.”

[Pheremones(basic)] was being pushed to the limits and combined with the fact that he was her darling nephew was the sole reason he wasn’t getting punched in the face. Well his giant dick had to be given credit to seeing the lust in his aunt’s eyes.

“I shouldn’t be doing this but seeing how it’s painful, this one time…”

Her words trailed away as her smooth hands moved up and down his giant shaft. Sarah turned away in embarrassment not able to look at her nephew in the eyes as David was in bliss. David controlled himself and prevented his hands from going anywhere near her body, after all it was a delicate situation and the slightest disturbance might affect his aunt.

“Aunt faster please…”

Sarah blushed but acquiesced and peeked at David’s face, blushing even further at his perverted and satisfied expression. Hoping to finish this quickly, she hastened her pace. David moaned in bliss and vowed to eat her up today. There was no way he was going to let it end with just a handjob.

Soon Sarah noticed his dick twitching and tensing, knowing what was coming she just waited. Not receiving any words from his aunt David let out a loud moan as he cummed all over her face and chest.

‘How is there so much?’

While Sarah was bewildered by the copious amounts of semen covering her, unknowingly a few driblets landed in her mouth.


Sarah was instantly ashamed of her thoughts but at the same time wondered how long it had been since she felt a man’s touch. With her husband overseas all the time and never having time for her, Sarah had urges that were never fulfilled till now, David noticed his aunt’s lustful expression and still very much horny due to [Increased Virility] acted quickly,

“Aunt Sarah why did you stop?”

Sarah heard this and was astonished to see David’s little brother was still hard and throbbing, Sarah gulped and instinctively her hand started moving again. David smiled and enjoyed it for a while before asking,

“Um, Aunt Sarah can you use your mouth?”

 Seeing her hesitate David said,

“Just this one time please, I’ve never done this before…”

Sarah scoffed at that and replied,

“Oh please, I’m sure your girlfriends have done it before”

David told her he’s never been in a relationship to his aunt’s surprise but Sarah still faltered. Seeing the huge c*** though evoked a hunger within her and Sarah reluctantly but expectantly took David’s c*** in her mouth.

Even though he lacked experience as a virgin, [Increased Virility] made up for it, otherwise he would have lost the battle immediately feeling her lips enclose his member. David shuddered in ecstasy as he felt her tongue lick and tickle him in a multitude of ways.

David looked down at his aunt bobbing her head up and down only to nearly explode at the sight of her looking back at him from below, the very sight turning him on immensely.

Sarah was ashamed and quickened her pace hoping to make him c** quickly and get this over with, she told herself that she was helping him and that excuse stopped guilt and shame from overtaking Sarah.

Hands started going for Sarah’s tits as David was feeling brave, taking a handful of her melons in each hand. Hearing no reprimand from his aunt, David kneaded and massaged her breasts to his content.

David soon tensed up and wanted to warn his aunt but instead his perverted mind overtook him and he blasted his hot load all into her mouth. Sarah started coughing being unprepared for the large amounts of semen David ejaculated.

Unable to cough out everything she ended up swallowing the rest of the semen. Sarah glared at David only to receive a sheepish smile from him, and he ended up apologizing to her over and over again.

Sarah got up and went inside the house to clean up and David did the same but he decided that if he cleaned up with his aunt it would be even better, so he went to the bathroom. He could hear water running and after checking whether the door was unlocked entered without fear.

Inside he got a heavenly view of his aunt in the showers. Her naked body was fully exposed to him and he noted that his aunt trimmed a particular place. Before Sarah could utter a word, David had already removed his shorts and stood in front of his aunt with a boner.

Sarah who was going to shout at him, was astounded at David’s c*** which became hard again after cumming two times in a row.

“Aunt Sarah you ran away without even taking care of the problem. I thought you said you would help me.”

Sarah took a step back and nervously pulled her hair behind her hears as she said,

“David honey, I think you should take care of it on your own, what we did was already breaking so many rules and we should stop. In fact I think it would better and healthier for you if you stayed at a dorm or hostel….”

David didn’t allow her to say another word as he closed the distance and sealed her lips with a kiss. Using what he learned from the last time, David expertly inserted his tongue into her mouth as his hands wrapped around her waist. Sarah tried to push him away but David didn’t give her a break and his hands started groping her butt.

His dick was hitting her stomach as his hands were kneading her naked wet butt and his tongue was performing miracles. Despite Sarah’s words, she showed little resistance as her urges overcame her rationality and she responded to David.

With no patience remaining, David lifted his aunt and carried her to his bedroom next door. Kissing her all the way, Sarah didn’t realize the change in location till he dropped on her bed. Panicking Sarah urged David to stop, repeating on how wrong this all was despite how much she enjoyed his touch.

David’s only reply was to guide his aunt’s hand and wrap it around his c***. Without him needing to do anything, Sarah’s hand moved up and down and then he pushed her head towards his dick and Sarah gulped it down. Enjoying it for a while, David decided it was high time he got the real deal.

Giving his aunt Sarah a small breather, David’s breathing got heavy as he looked at her panting after basically inhaling his c***. A little nervous and greatly excited, he pushed her down as he spread apart her legs.

“David wait we sho….”

Sarah thought about her always absent husband and family and how wrong it would be to let this continue but David with no warning, entered her and started thrusting his hips. Feeling the warm and wet tightness envelop David went out of control and pounded her relentlessly.

“David, slow down, be gentle.”

Sarah moaned as his big dick went in and out, forgetting about her family and previous inhibitions. David was satisfying her in ways that no normal man with the power of [Increased Virility] backing him up, even with no experience backing him up he made up for it with vigour and enthusiasm.

Feeling himself reach the climax soon, David warned Sarah but she told him it was safe to c** inside, feeling his aunt’s p**** quiver and clench his c*** as she orgasmed, David cummed with her and ejaculated large amounts of seed.

Even he was surprised at the amount of semen,

‘What am I, a hentai protagonist? Guess I am.’

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Feeling refreshed David got ready for another round much too Sarah’s surprise. She yelped as David flipped her over and continued the marathon. He was planning on trying the different positions he had seen during his years of ‘research’.

Sarah though was shocked,

‘He already did it 3 times at least, how can he still keep going?’

She certainly had no complaints though and they kept for a few more rounds till they were both exhausted and lay in each other’s arms. David found himself fall asleep in his aunt’s bosom.

‘So comfy.’

As his eyes closed a notification flashed which he chose to ignore.


Mission Completed!

Returning to Base…






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