B4 — 16. A Dream Come True

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1:  Rhea Everhart (Our Blonde Bombshell Future Supervillain!)

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2:  Mystery Person

3:  Rhea Everhart (Trouble?!)

Adaptive Time.  October 22nd, Thursday, 106 PH (Post Hoopa Event).  Day 135.

Events:  Rhea and the girls are on a Badge Hunt, trying to get all the Kanto Encrusted Badges before time runs out!  Our girl started her journey on the 9th of June, and the end of registration for the Winter Indigo Cup is December 5th (43 days away).

Waking up at her normal time of 6:00 a.m., Rhea quickly got ready with her Pokemon, anticipating the Drama Improv Contest that started at 4 p.m., after the day’s Battle Contests.

Amira was already up and grooming Serenity for her role, using the Hollywood makeup she’d ordered overnight to make Serenity even more drab, meticulously going over her white-and-black colors to make the Feebas appear more like the Fish Pokemon normally looked; at least in part to show a contrast that could be removed during the performance.

Rhea was impressed when she made it out of the shower with her Pokemon, Nova maintaining her Vaporeon form to get in character.  Sitting down on a chair next to Amira as she worked, Amber moved one behind her to hop onto it, using her comb and breathing on her damp locks to straighten her hair.

She looked over Serenity’s brownish coat with a smile; Rhea had to marvel at how amazing Amira was at everything she tried; her makeup skills were on another level, but she had had the best tutors in anything she showed interest in while growing up.  Serenity was starting to look like a normal Feebas with each detail the redhead painted.

Her black scales were now tan, gleaming alabaster speckles a drab brown, and her glossy white fins a tarnished blue.  Amira set her paintbrush aside, pulling out light-pink lipstick to go over Serenity’s white lips.  She’d even ordered special contacts to change her pink eyes to brown, which was the best she could find.

Nova pulled Rhea’s attention as she sat in front of her, her slick black skin glowing after the shower, her long tail wagging.  “Mhm!  You look absolutely amazing.  Now we just need to rent some outfits, and it is a good thing that Vaporeon are so popular because it means you have a ton of awesome choices.”


Rhea blinked, lips pulling to the side as she took out her phone in response to her inquiry.  “Umm.  I can text Elaine to see if your mom can come and watch.  Oh, Lori messaged me…  a recent one from Jason, too?”

A small smile lifted Amira’s full lips as her crimson eyes momentarily darted to her before returning to her work.  “Oh?  What does Lori have to say?  I texted her yesterday that we’d be taking part in a Contest.”

Not sure Lori was the reason for Amira’s sudden interest, Rhea leaned her neck back a little as Amber began trying different hairstyles with Lulu flipping through a princess magazine she’d swiped from the dojo lobby area, asking if the fire fox could match their styles.

“Uh, let’s see…  Holy!  Lori was up super early, considering her typical mornings.”

The redhead giggled, having Serenity float up so she could inspect her bottom half.  “From what I’ve heard, she’s volunteered to help out around the Farmstead with Miky.  She’s been documenting it on her social media account, and people are loving the overall country-girl theme she’s got going on.  She’s been in the top 10 trending daily with her videos and photos.  She’s been promoting our plushies through it, too.  You should check your account.”

“Huh.  Really?”  Rhea tried to ignore Amber’s styling actions, reading Lori’s message.  “I haven’t checked my accounts for a while since, you know, I’ve been isolated in the Sinjoh border for a while.”

5:39 a.m. Big B*** – Waking up before the crack of dawn and helping the Farmstead is kind of relaxing!  It’s not all fast-paced like the city, and Miky’s hilarious.  He’s been great.  You know he wears his Silver Encrusted Marsh Badge around his neck?  It’s so cute!  He wears the ribbon every day, too.  He’s so much happier being out of the Battle Scene, but he doesn’t regret it, which is nice.
5:42 a.m. Big B*** – Speaking of farmwork, have you seen my sweaty, country-girl collection on Pikabook?  I think I found a new meta!  It can get hot under Sunny Day with this shovel and pick, ya know?  Yeah, we don’t use those for actual work, but the viewers don’t know that!  You know I be thirst trapping for those views!  Modest, right?

Rhea shook her head with a laugh as she swiped through the attached pictures.  Lori’s definition of ‘modest’ was one for the urban dictionary because, while she might not be showing skin, her clothes were quite tight, and with her proportions, it certainly did give an excellent mental image of her body shape.

The blue denim overall shorts and semi-sweaty white shirt with her flashing teeth and straw hat made for quite the picture beside stacks of hay.  She really was working with the other Pokemon, lifting up the bails and placing them on trucks to be delivered.  Lori really did know how to bait views, looking for something more on a very public figure like herself.

5:44 a.m. Big B*** – Do you think I should get an overall bikini with short-shorts?  Oh, maybe a denim jacket I can tie under my bust?  I think that might be cute.  I love the black-ribbon straw hat, though.  Arceus, you’d look good in some denim, too!  We should get matching sets for the next time we go to the beach.  Thoughts?  I know a certain guy would be sweatin’ more than usual, huh?  Don’t pretend you don’t have assets to show off, girl!

Rhea held up her hand questioningly as if the Unovan party girl could see her objection,  continuing to scroll down their deviant teammate’s random messages.  “What is Lori even saying?  She’s talking about how cute Miky is, then how hot she is, and now how hot all of us can be at the beach…  Now she’s talking about money?”

5:46 a.m. Big B*** – That being said, you got no idea the orders on YOUR plushy!  Have you seen the new one Amira designed when you were unconscious?  Girl’s got the market on fire!  Anyway, I’m sure this Contest is going to sell out with you two on the list.  Your going to be target number one, for sure!  Your battle against Sabrina is EVERYWHERE!

5:46 a.m. Big B*** – You’re*  I hate when I do that.  >.<

5:47 a.m. Big B*** – Gotta get back to work!  I need to find a good tractor to post up on for a photo with Miky.  Hehehe.  You think if I paywall it, people will get curious?  Free one with one strap off, light sweat, and the paid one totally modest with my tongue out?  Troll the thirst!  I might just try that!

5:47 a.m. Big B*** – Later, Honey Pot!  The boss caught me again!

“Ahh.  She was hiding and slacking off.  That makes sense.  Uh…  Amira, what is she talking about?  A plushy you designed for me?”

Rhea backed out to the shopping app that Amira was using to sell their products, spotting the item in question.  A smile brightened her lips, accompanied by goosebumps as the image came up, showing a cute blonde plushy of her, holding up a V-sign while encircled by fire.

“This… is so cute!  You designed this?”

“I only did the rough sketch that the company fleshed out,” Amira absently shrugged, touching up places on Serenity’s scales.  “I thought it would be a fun gift to give you to keep in your room at home.  They send us one of each of our products directly to our home addresses, so your father should be piling all the boxes in your room.”

“Awww.  You’re always so thoughtful and just brush it off,” Rhea chided, reaching over to nudge her thigh.  “Thank you.  I love it.”

Amira’s slight smile grew after blowing on a few places to dry the paint.  “From what your dad told me, you are quite the artist yourself.  And you still have one more message to get through.”

Rhea shivered as Nova licked her ankle, pink eyes staring up at her expectantly and making her chuckle.  “Right, right.  I’ll see if your mom is free.  Umm.  Yeah, I tried a lot of things instead of looking into Training since that was like… what everyone wanted to do around me, and I guess I was rebellious.  I liked to do art, but mostly I did outdoor stuff…  And send!  Muk.  I forgot to send where it was, uh…”

6:46 a.m. Honey Tree – Hey, Ms. Champion!  Nova is going to be doing a Drama Improv Rookie Contest today with Serenity, and we were wondering if Ambrosia would be free to watch.

6:46 a.m. Honey Tree – It’s in Saffron, btw.  Sabrina and Erika are judging it.

“There.  And Jason’s message, heh, has a photo attached.  Hmm…”

Rhea strategically tilted her phone to the side and away from Amira in case it was anything suspect since he’d been sending a few steamy bathing suit photos recently.  However, when the message and photo came up, her dubious smile fell, and after a few seconds of study, her phone dropped to the wooden floor, drawing everyone’s attention.

“Huh?  No way…”

The image projected up, allowing her Pokemon to see Jason in the dark, faintly lit backdrop, wearing a backpack and proudly displaying four Encrusted Silver Badges on the strap.  A Pikachu was on his left shoulder.  Only, the background was Saffron’s Fighting Dojo.  Lyra’s mischievous smirk and her teasing, mysterious rumors slapped her across the cheek.

He’s here?

6:29 a.m. Monkey Butt – I took the first flight I could, and Lyra got me here in time.  I tried to time it to your sleep schedule, and I succeeded!  I don’t know how long I’ll need to wait, but I’ll be out here through rain or snow!  I’m excited about the Contest Amira texted me.  Looks like I came back just in time.

“Amira, you Muking suck!”  Rhea shouted, launching to her feet; Amber just managed to finish her boho bubble braid, causing her wavy locks and skirt to bounce as she ran out of the room, her Pokemon tailing her.  “Jason’s back!”

* — * — *

The chill of the early morning of late fall caused a shiver to run down Jason’s frame as he rubbed his hands and moved them under his armpits; it wasn’t the cold that was making them clammy, though.

He looked around at the changing leaves of the trees around the dojo front in the faint sunlight that was starting to touch Saffron, a soft smile pushing up his balmed lips; they’d gotten dry the second he stepped off of the plane.  He was back in Kanto.  Rhea was inside the building in front of him.

Nervous jitters ran through his tight muscles as he waited, his heart thumping as he anxiously watched for her.  Maybe she slept in?  I was hoping she’d run out in her pajamas, hair messy and barefooted so I could carry her back inside.  I guess that’s probably out the window.  What do you guys think?  Did I make this too big of a deal?

The Rushing Pokemon on his right shoulder licked his ear.  “Lin-linoone.”

“Pika-pi,” Bolt soothed, the salt-and-pepper Pikachu rubbing his head; Christie had given the Buddy Bonding rat to him just before he’d confessed to Rhea, and he’d been invaluable to his team.  Plus, having a white-and-black-furred Pikachu was a great conversation starter.

“Bre-Breloom,” Maru agreed, his long tail rubbing his leg as the Mushroom Pokemon’s big black eyes followed the various martial artist Trainers leaving the dojo.  “Breloom?”

Yeah, maybe I jumped the gun, and she still hasn’t sorted out her feelings…  She didn’t send a ton of pictures, even though she liked all the ones I sent.  Looking grim, boys.

“Rab-Raboot.  Boot-boot.”

Oh, shut up, Sunny, Jason chuckled, glancing down at his rabbit, hands stuck in his fluff and trying to look cool.  Your tail and left ear are twitching.  You’re scared to death to see Alice, so I wouldn’t talk, my man!

“Raboot…  Rab?!”

A quake ran down Jason’s frame as the Raboot’s ears flew up, eyes going big and swiftly pulling up on his scarf to hide his mouth; they were on their way.

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“Okay.  Be cool, everyone.”  He cleared his throat and shook himself out, Bolt jumped down with his teammate, letting him loosen up.  Suddenly he felt cold chills running up his arms and down his spine; Sunny was freaking out a little from whatever he was hearing.  “Should I give the chocolates from Luminose City that I bought her right now?  Do you think she’ll be mad?”

Bolt and Maru gave him comforting pats, their sociable Linoone patting a very nervous Sunny, practically quaking.  Guilt flooded Jason’s chest as he went through every negative thought that had punched him in the gut while in Kalos.

What if she hates me now because I left her?  I should have tried to get the badges faster.  Should I have gone at all?  Does she really believe I chose to go to Kalos over her?  I went there to try and keep up with her…  Excuses.  Only excuses.  I know I would probably hate me if I…

“Rhea!  I, uh…”  he trailed off as the gorgeous blonde ran out of the open doors, looking like an absolute princess with her thick, curled locks bouncing behind her.

Her blinding smile numbed his tongue and throat, her shining blue eyes filled with delight, and before he could release the air in his lungs, the small beauty launched at him.

“Jason, are you Muking serious!?  I Muking hate you!”

“I missed you.”

Stricken, he could only get three words out before she Tackled him with such force that he stumbled back, the small blonde taking him to the ground, and he felt the weight tying him to the ground vanish as her soft lips met his.

He didn’t feel the ground hit his back or the chill anymore as Rhea laid on top of him, lips melting into his and igniting a fire within him.  His arms closed around her back, keeping her stable as she giggled and lifted her head a little to give him a teary-eyed, accusatory smile that looked like she wanted to cry and scream at him.

Her curly locks tickled his nose as they trapped him in a veil of glowing gold, her coral eyes drawing him in.  How could he have ever left this goddess alone or feeling lonely?

“How did you get four Encrusted Badges in Kalos before Amira and Lori when we were ahead of you?  Haha.  You got a lot more tan, too.  I’m jealous.  I’ve been—oh!”

The spell she cast over him popped with his soft laughter as her cute face turned bright pink, and she tried to pull away, stumbling over her words.

“I-uh, I’m sorry!  I just kind of—of went for it—I wasn’t thinking!”

Jason’s right arm strengthened against her tense back, and his left hand slid through her hair, gently pressing on the back of her head.  It was the way she looked, her smile, her zeal once she saw something in front of her that she wanted, her everything; Butterfree in his belly set free, reminding him of how hard he’d fallen for his best friend.

“I said I’d be back for you, didn’t I?  You’re perfect.”

* — * — *


Rhea suddenly felt the fire roar from her face, down her chest and thighs to the tip of her toes as she lay on top of her best friend, feeling his strong chest rise against hers, their hot foreheads touching; his stunned face, framed by her hair, made the air lock in her lungs.  She hadn’t thought at all!

Yet, as she tried to pull away, his arm wouldn’t let her, and his words applied pressure against her thumping heart.  Jason’s fingers tickled the back of her neck like electricity, his amber eyes drowning her in warmth and blue hair taking her back to all the memories they’d shared as he flipped her over.

For the first time, she felt small and trapped in a web underneath him.  His hot breath was like oranges as he recovered, the air pressing against her hot cheeks, and his gentle, strong hands supported her head as he stared into her watery eyes.  She couldn’t look away.

“I missed you, my little, blue-eyed Joltik; you’re so beautiful.”

She shivered as his electrified lips met hers—all strength left her body—yet it wasn’t rough, and the long kiss made her relax, not that her heart complied; she could taste the citrusy tingle against her tongue as he finally pulled back, leaving her chest heaving and feeling like a led anvil was pressed against it.

Rhea lost all track of her surroundings, deaf with the exception of his voice and blind to everything but Jason’s slightly flushed face.  She couldn’t breathe, unsure where she was anymore.  Everything turned into smoke before slowly coming back into focus when Jason shifted to brush her hair out of her face and prompt her up.

Finding her breath again, Rhea sucked in air, puffing it out and wondering if they were floating because it certainly felt like it.  “Wow, uh… that was as intense as I remembered.  Umm… yeah.  Are you okay?”  she mumbled, fumbling with her skirt to hide anything embarrassing before internally screaming at herself.

Are you okay?!  What kind of stupid question is that?  Are you okay after kissing me, or I kiss you?  I’m so stupid!  Stupid!  Stupid!  How is he so gentle and strong at the same time?  I couldn’t move!

Jason forced a laugh and sat in front of her, their Pokemon surrounding them.  “No.  I think you’ve charmed me and snared me good in your web.  You have no idea how hard it is not to go in for another—in fact, just a little bit more…”


Rhea tensed as he swooped in for another peck on her burning lips, feeling far too dry now to be kissing anyone, yet he sampled the taste he’d taken from her lips upon retreating all the same, making her heart thump a little harder.

“Mmm.  I was hoping to taste midnight slobber and bad morning breath, but I guess minty toothpaste and Figy Berry chapstick… spicy!”

“Stupid!”  Rhea blurted, reflexively punching his steel-like chest with a glare.  “I would have used Mago had I—never mind…”  she blushed, looking away and brushing her messy bangs to the side; Amber wouldn’t be happy after all her work.

“No, please, continue!”  Jason chimed, rubbing his shoulders as goosebumps ran down them.  “I’ll say your lips are sweet enough to counter the heat, though.  No, maybe it even enhances the flavor!”

“Jason,” she pled, feeling as if she’d spontaneously combust, “what are you doing here?!  Where is Empress?”  she asked, trying to redirect him from her flushed face since he wouldn’t look away; she couldn’t see the Snorunt anywhere.  “Who… are your new Pokemon?  I see the egg my mom gave you was a Pikachu—nice!”

His chest shook with silent laughter, making her die inside as he slowly got to his feet and held out a hand to help her up.  “We can talk inside.  I think we’re drawing some attention.”

“Eh?!”  Rhea’s hair whipped left and right as she scanned the front training area, where martial artists snickered and whispered to one another; she’d been so focused on Jason that she hadn’t seen anyone when exiting the dojo.  “Ack-ack!  Yeah, let’s go inside,” she coughed, throat suddenly feeling raw.

“Lop!  Lop!”

She drew strength from Alice as she saw her hyperactive bunny jumping around with a quite embarrassed Raboot.  Hang in there, Sunny!  I feel your pain!  Jason is too good.  I swear he’s doing this on purpose!  Can I ever fluster him?  Arceus!

Trying to calm down, she took his hands, and he easily lifted her up, making her stomach do somersaults again.  She looked up at him, remembering that the boy was actually a tad taller than Lori, and far more muscular and broad.  Once again, her cheeks were flaming as her mind took her back to the moment when he’d overshadowed her against the grass.

Brain thoroughly cooked, she absently took his hand, and he guided her back inside like a child.  What am I supposed to do?  Can I even do this Contest if Jason is watching?  I don’t want to lose if he’s watching!  I don’t want to cry…  I don’t want him to think I’m weak.  He’s been training non-stop to catch up to us… and he’s Pre-Gold-tier like me…  Does this mean we need to battle now?

Swallowing the lump that formed in her throat, she stared at the big hand holding hers; goosebumps ran up her arms as she sensed the heat they radiated, and they were quite a bit rougher than she remembered.

What’s he been doing in Kalos?  Why didn’t I follow his path through it more closely?  Did I just… not want to think that he was away?  Does he hate I didn’t send him more photos?  Stupid!  He kissed you, idiot!  He said he missed me…

A strained smile lifted her lips as they entered the heated portion of the dojo.  “I missed you, too, and… I have something else to say.”


She slipped her fingers out of his grip and clasped them against her turbulent belly, but she bravely looked into his waiting amber irises when he turned to give her his attention.  Nova and the rest of their Pokemon were on their tail, quieting down to listen.

“What’s up?”  A half-smirk twisted his mouth, quizzical eyes scanning her firm posture.  “Let me guess—”

“No, you will not!”  Rhea flatly denied, feeling a bit breathless as she stared into his eyes and said what was on her heart.  “I was mad that you left me for Kalos… and I’m still a little hurt that you’d drop that on me and just bounce off to a boy’s adventure, but… but I do think that I love you, too.  I don’t know when, but after you kissed me, I’ve been thinking about all the stuff we did growing up, and yeah…  You’re my best friend… more than my best friend.”

Jason’s throat constricted, hands folding under his armpits as he gulped and looked away.  “Just… throw me off a cliff with that one.  Wow.  You’re the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen, and you like me…  I don’t know why someone as gorgeous and amazing as you would like me, but…  Yeah, that throws me for a loop.”

Rhea’s bottom lip tucked under, trying not to cry.  “I’m…  No, Amira is way more beautiful than me…  Lori’s so much hotter, too.  I’m just… cute.  Jason?!”

He stepped forward, eyebrows furrowing as his finger curled to cup her chin and turn her head left and right with a studious stare, causing her heart to flutter with sudden pressure that collapsed against her chest.

“Hmm…  Okay, I can see you as a cute Morpeko with that big puppy-dog stare.  You’re as sweet as honey, glow like the sun, and are as stunning as a certain Jolteon… but you’re forgetting about Fuchsia City.”

His finger lowering, Rhea felt like there was gravel in her throat.  “W-What about Fuchsia?”

Jason took his phone out of his pocket and showed her the lock screen; it was her, next to the falling blossoms of one of the many trees in the city, showing a toothy smile while dressed in her pajamas.  He swiped it, showing her in front of the same tree on an earlier day, dressed up in her kimono.

“Not only are you the most beautiful woman on the planet on the outside… but radiant on the inside.   Who is this pretty girl who snuck out in the middle of the night to talk to me?”

Unable to hold back her tears, Rhea sniffed and choked before mumbling, “Me…”

“You,” Jason whispered, bending down to deliver a sweet kiss, despite her wet, puffy cheeks.  “You’re my Sunshine, and you know how I love sunny days.  So, no… Amira can’t compare to you.  At least, not in my eyes.  Not even close, Ms. Joltik.  So spin me in your web because I’m not leaving.”

Rhea felt a warmth she’d never felt before as she reached up to wrap her arms around his neck and bring him into another kiss.  It was different.  She felt different.  And when she pulled away, she laughed through her tears.

“That… that means a lot.  Well, ahem!  Good… because this Joltik isn’t letting you go.  So don’t go disappointing her.”

He pressed his forehead against hers.  “Never.  Now, I think you’ve got a Contest I need to help my girlfriend with.  Is that something boyfriends can help with?”

“Yes.  Yes, they can,” she giggled, tingles cascading through her body, “but you better win our battle tomorrow… because you’re currently in debt and need to crawl your way out of it.  You have to beat me once, hah, because it won’t happen again.  So… just remember that, Champ—stupid nickname… I’ll find a better one,” she promised, breathing hard and glaring at him.  “Just… remember that!

Drawing away, he held out his hand for her to take.  “Understood, Ms. Joltik.  I know you’ve got quite the appetite these days, but I’ve brought all the food I can.  Now, what can I do besides ruin your pretty hair?  Am I about to get tongue-lashed by a certain redhead with mob connections?”

Rhea snickered, squeezing his hand and walking the rest of the way to the room Amira and her were using.  “Not the one you might think.”

Amira only gave her one, very small and short Impish look when she entered the room with Jason before returning to her task.  Amber’s mouth dropped open in horror upon seeing her messy hair and puffy face.

“Hello, Jason.  Good of you to join us.  I assume you’re the only one that returned since you couldn’t keep away from your Sunshine.”

Rhea’s fingers tightened around Jason’s.  Was she somehow listening, or was that just a guess?!

“Haha.  Lucian has something to do before coming back with Len.  Kalos’ rules are different than Kanto’s.  Technically, I’m already Gold-tier and don’t have to compete in the Kalos Silver Cup.”

“That is true,” Amira hummed, allowing Amber and Holly to fashion her hair into flower-laced braids, “but it does stunt your potential brand deals and financial recognition.  I guess… someone was more important than that.”

Her mischievous ruby eyes made Rhea’s cheeks color again, and Jason just rolled with it, though.

“Absolutely!  So, what can I help with?  I’d like to pay for Rhea’s rented outfits you were talking about, so are we going store shopping to grace me with a blonde bombshell’s fashion show?”

“Stop it!”  Rhea laughed, rolling her eyes as her stomach squirmed with delight.  “You really need to stop!”


“No, really!”

“I said I would, didn’t I?”  he laughed in a totally believable way.  

“Finally,” Amira sighed, rising to her feet to check her hair in a hand mirror, “someone who can make Rhea feel as beautiful as she looks.  Bravo.”

“Amira!  I’m a total mess right now—do you see me or your reflection—because there is only one beautiful lady in this room?!  Oh, human, human!”  she corrected at Amber’s glare.

“Oh, Rhea,” Jason said, shaking his head as if he had a long hill to climb.  “What are we going to do with her, Amira?”

Amira snapped her mirror shut and turned to scrutinize her, looking like a total babe.  “We stick her in front of a mirror and give her clothes until she says she’s beautiful.  By the way, it says a lot that you got two Encrusted Badges in two days after learning that Rhea was unconscious from breaking Terri’s curse.”


It connected in Rhea’s head that he’d sent her those pictures when she was knocked out and that he’d rushed two Gym Leaders to get to her faster.

Jason shrugged with a chuckle, guiding her stunned butt to a chair for Amira to dab at her cheeks with a towel that Nova soaked.  “I had motivation.”

Amira’s Impish gleam returned.  “I’m sure you had fifty-seven.”

Rhea choked, coughing and laughing as the redhead referenced the number of times he’d looked at her butt on the Kunoichi video.

“Fifty-seven?  I’m… not following.”

Getting a hold of herself, Rhea waved him off, having a hard time breathing through her laughter.  “Inside joke—inside joke!”

“Am I wrong?”  she asked, tilting her head to give her skirt a smug stare.  “Maybe you could learn something from Jason.”


Jason’s entertained and confused smile made Rhea’s face turn crimson again, wanting to die, but he was too sweet for this underhanded conversation.  “Okay, why don’t I tell you the romantic story about Empress, and how she decided to go with another team, which is where my buddy Maru comes in after I begged your mom for a Shroomish that she bred.”

Settling down, Rhea sat back and let Amira fuss over her as her new boyfriend took her through his adventures.  It continued when they hit the Contest rental shops, bringing her into the mind of her best friend.

As time went on, Rhea’s heart only grew fuller with every mention of a dream her boyfriend had had of her or moments when he’d wanted to fly home.  She had no idea he was struggling so much; it looked like he was having fun, but he’d been longing to be by her side.

Ambrosia returned the text herself since, apparently, Elaine was passed out in bed still; Nova was expectedly thrilled to have her mom in attendance.

Rhea sat in front of a mirror inside the dressing room, Amira and Jason outside as she studied herself in the mirror, a genuine smile on her face.  She turned left and right, examining the gown Amira and Jason had both agreed would suit her, showing off her curves.

Maybe I have more than I thought…  Lori’s right; it really does fit my size, and… Jason thinks I’m beautiful.  I am beautiful.

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