Chapter 45

Chapter 45 : Get Out Of My Head

“Katrin! Katrin!” Agni gripped her friend’s arm tightly as she pulled her close. The pair had just left Gadsten’s.

“What’s wrong Agni?” It was obvious to Katrin by Agni’s expression that something was amiss.
*Did she shoplift?* Katrin’s mind wandered as she prepared herself to dash just in case. The two left the store as the owners of 2 sets of brand new adventurer’s gear. Katrin was proud of Agni, after all 30% off a sale was a HUGE discount.

“I think…I’m cursed. I keep hearing a voice that tells me to do morally questionable things.” Agni’s face had taken on a serious look, but due to Katrin’s own wild thoughts she couldn’t help but chuckle. By comparison hearing voices didn’t seem like that big of a deal.

“Mmm. Did you make small talk with the voices?”

“First off, it’s just one voice. I’m not crazy or anything. Ha ha.” Agni laughed nervously. “And no, I didn’t. But she just won’t shut up. At all!”


“Oh my God, Katrin she’s so petty and childish too. She keeps calling me names, but they aren’t even good insults. I can’t even get motivated enough to be upset at this point.”

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*WHAT? I heard that!*

“Mmm. Did you try asking her name? I have an idea of what it could possibly be but…” Katrin replied.

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“What do you mean? Is this normal?” Agni asked, latching her arm within Katrin’s as they walked. Today it was Agni’s turn to glean some comfort from the warmth of Katrin’s body.

“Not exactly normal but, we do live in a world with magic and monsters so what is ‘normal’ really? If the problem is what I think, a familiar wouldn’t be that out of the ordinary. I read that some classes do have them.” Katrin continued.

“Are you a familiar angry little girl?” Agni said aloud. She did this purposely to antagonize her and also hear Katrin laugh.

*I’m not a little girl, marshmallow queen. Hmmph.*

“But you ARE a familiar then?” Agni next asked.

“Angry little familiar. You probably have t-rex arms don’t you?”

“Agni..people are staring..” Katrin said as she tilted her head downwards and put some pep in her step. Still, she couldn’t help but laugh to herself.

“Grr. She won’t answer me now. Katrin, what’s a familiar?” Agni asked after finally giving up her own taunts.

“It’s sort of like a magical companion. Different familiars have different functions.”


“And, in order to use them you have to fulfill certain conditions but, I couldn’t say what those conditions are. It’s different for each kind of familiar– or so I’ve read.”


“And? That’s all I have right now Agni.” Katrin couldn’t help but laugh in delight at this side of Agni’s personality. For once Agni was the one clinging to Katrin, and it felt nice.

“So, what else would you like to do? We’ve got the whole day ahead of us.” Katrin then asked.

“Mmm. No clue. Bracha didn’t give us any specifics and I’m NOT paying another soul for advice today. Maybe we should just take a day off and worry about it tomorrow.” Agni offered. It was true that they’d been training nonstop ever since they left the Lull Forest and reached the city of Grenvale.

*Sprim Row.* The voice said.

“That’s not a bad idea but, we only have seven days left, Agni. Then we really are on our own. While money isn’t really that difficult to get, there’s still a lot we don’t know yet–” Katrin expounded on her thoughts as to why they should use every moment available to them.

*She’s right. But go to Sprim Row FIRST!*

Agni tried her best to ignore the small voice ringing clearly through her head.

*Marshmallow Bitch, I know you hear me!*


*Today really is the day for people to test me. Do they want me to lose my s***?* Agni thought to herself as she was forced to listen to a repetitive chorus of childishly worded insults laced with profanity.

“Katrin, hey. I have an idea, let’s go to Sprim Row.” Agni said, finally relenting, else she feared she might be driven mad.

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