Chapter 46

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Chapter 46 : Sprim Row (1)

“I don’t know Agni…are you sure about this? Have you learned to control yourself yet?”

“No. Not fully but…something tells me this is where I need to go.”

*Yea… me. I’m telling you.* The voice chimed in.

*Shh.* Agni replied mentally.

“I’ve been thinking about it for a while now. I think the only way I’ll really be able to get a handle on the ability is if I do what Bracha suggested– just go along with it.”

“Mmm… that’s all well and good but… the moment I see you losing control I’m pulling you out…” Katrin couldn’t help but feel concerned, while she didn’t terribly mind the idea of Agni losing herself — the idea of allowing less “reputable” women to participate was the personal line Katrin refused to cross.

*I draw the line at escorts!* Katrin sealed her determination with a fist pump, leaving Agni to wonder exactly what was going on. The walk to Sprim Row from the Central Square wasn’t very long and within twenty minutes the pair made it to their destination.

“Agni, are you sure about this?” Katrin asked once more. She had to admit that her reason for asking was purely selfish. The thought of foreign hands groping Agni’s body caused Katrin to feel…..uncomfortable.

*Stop being a wimp and go.*

“Yes. Even the angry voice in my head agrees.”

*My name is Shula, remember it.*

“Sorry, I stand corrected. Her name is ‘SHOO-LAHHHH’.” Agni mimicked Shula’s proud declaration. She then noticed the familiar lure of carnal energy emanating from the gate to Sprim Row which quickly began to steal her attention.

“Is your chaperone not with you today, young ladies?” The voice of a mature woman rang out across the distance.Agni soon recognized it to belong to the dark haired vixen from last week. Tall, with long black hair and stunning magenta colored eyes. Today, instead of the see through fabric, she was wearing a fuschia colored kimono with orange and red flowers as well as royal purple trim along the edges. She even wore breast wraps and straw sandals known as zori to compliment the style. A beautiful red, purple and white ornate hair pin accentuated the outfit perfectly to match the sash around her waist. Her beauty was dazzling, so much so that both Katrin and Agni found themselves mesmerized by the older woman as she strolled over to them.

Seeing the awestruck state of both young ladies, the mature chuckled to herself.

*I still got it, I suppose.* With that in mind she extended her hand, revealing impeccably polished nails.

“I’m Zura. And you are?” The dark haired vixen known as Zura awaited a response which took several moments to come.



“Well, Agni…Katrin. I can tell you’re new to this marvelous world of Adventia. Would you like a tour of Sprim Row? I promise I’ll treat you right.”

*Yes.* The voice firmly stated.

*Stay out of this chibi.* Agni answered mentally before responding verbally.

“Mhm.” Agni grabbed Katrin’s hand and Zura in turn grabbed hers as she led them into the gates of Grenvale’s Entertainment District, Sprim Row.


“Your kimono is beautiful Zula.” Katrin said as she took in the tall, sleek figure of the dark haired Zula.

“Thank you, Katrin, wasn’t it?” Zula’s expression was soft and alluring, so much so that even Katrin felt like a schoolgirl upon making eye contact with her. For Agni Zula’s fragrance was mesmerizing. A soft gentle scent which tantalized her senses and made her want to draw closer with each moment.

She could feel herself already slipping into the familiar sensation of being overcome by her Succulust, only this time there was a slightly annoying voice echoing through her mind.

*If you want to gain control over this ability, you need to follow the blonde one’s advice.*

*Blonde one? You mean Bracha?* Agni inquired via her mental link with Shula.

*Yes. She’s right. You can’t fully gain control over your Succubus abilities until you learn to stop resisting your urges.*

*So…for example the urge to grope any woman I find attractive…* Agni countered.

*Yes…and no. Just because you have an urge , it doesn’t mean you need to act upon it. You just need to need to recognize it without labeling it as “dirty” in your brain.*

*But.. Groping random women is dirty Shula…* Agni protested. She and Katrin were still being led by the hand, further and further away from the Sprim Row gate. It was as if Zula immediately took control of the situation and even if there was resistance initially, Agni had absolutely 0 desire to fight the flow she was being swept into.

Although Agni’s mind was being overwhelmed with stimulus of all types she clearly understood and registered everything that was going on around her. She could see every person, feel the energy in the air — it was as if she was becoming intoxicated by the carnal energy lingering about. She glanced to her right or left from time to time and noticed all sorts of things which would be considered ‘illegal’ in her past life. Shady dealings in alleyways just off the main path, glimpses into drug dens (or at least what she assumed to be drug dens based on scents emanating from within a few of the buildings). Agni also heard raucous cheering or arguments from nearby taverns which suggested gambling establishments. Of course she had no clear proof without seeing it for herself–but she imagined Sprim Row to be such a place and it seemed more apparent with each step.

At this thought Agni glanced back to check with Katrin.

“I-I’m fine.” Katrin said, confirming for Agni that this indeed was not Katrin’s scene. Then again, if Agni was honest with herself it wasn’t exactly her “scene” either. The only thing drawing Agni to this place was the intense carnal energy which seemed to grow even more powerful with each step Zula guided them on.

[Zula Rigart. Courtesan, Rank 3.] This was the info description which appeared as Agni gazed upon Zula’s back. Normally it would be weird to allow a complete stranger to pull you along like this but Agni didn’t mind. Her intuition suggested that Zula was not a threat, and ironically enough she felt an undeniable feeling of familiarity from her. This was also Agni’s first time coming into contact with a Rank 3 individual, this thought lingered in the back of her mind as Zula finally slowed her pace and turned to face her two companions.

“This is the heart of Sprim Row, The Silk Road. Here you can find just about anything your heart desires — for the right price.” Zula said as she motioned towards a nearby stall. Agni noticed that there were several creature organs hanging from a clothesline, all dried and presumably for sale. Immediately next to that stall were several dozen trinkets laid out for display. Zula watched as both Agni and Katrin made their way to the stalls, enthralled by the selection of what appeared to be trinkets.

“Accessories my dear? We have some of the most potent Cast Use accessories you can find in this region!” An older man with greying hair and a rugged beard greeted the two adventurers as they perused his wares.

“Single use?” Katrin asked as she picked up an accessory that resembled a necklace with a small, black orb attached.

*He’s going to try to dupe you. Be careful.* Shula warned.

Agni glanced up at that moment to notice the man hastily trying to conceal a look of elation at having found someone gullible.

“Cast Use accessories are consumables that generally hold powerful enchantments. They can only be used a certain number of times, but their abilities are coveted by adventurers from all corners of Adventia. And mine are some of the finest.” The man launched into his sales pitch, making sure to flourish his hands in an elaborate way while attempting to highlight only the best of his product’s uses.

“How can I tell what each accessory does?” Katrin asked as she inspected each of the accessories in line. Zula looked on from a meter or so away as if to keep an eye on the situation unfolding.

“Well lass, that will be– oh, say 5 Gols? It’s common knowledge after all.” The man replied. Katrin nodded her head and the transaction was completed in an instant.

“Adventurers like yourself would do well to look through the general skills list when you have time. There are hundreds of abilities and skills that are beneficial. For example, Accessory Appraisal. With that you can identify the qualities of an accessory easily, otherwise it’s impossible.”

*Hmph. Useful info at an affordable price. Imagine that…* Agni thought to herself as she could feel a face twitch slightly from annoyance.

*I’m going to wring that brat dry!* She thought as she recalled her exchances with Ren Kaito in Gadsten’s shop.

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“So.. is there a general skill that will allow me to appraise the value of items and objects?” Katrin then asked. The older man simply smirked, as if he was praising Katrin’s observational skills.

“Indeed. That would be another 25 Gols if you want me to explain it to you.” He said, extending his palm for another exchange.

“No thank you, that won’t be necessary.” Katrin remarked as she put down the accessory she was currently holding and smiled graciously. Zula also smiled pleasantly as she looked on, the older gent shot a glance to her and nodded his head before bowing to Katrin and Agni as they went on their way.

The ‘Silk Road’ was actually a cross section of two long main street style roads , lined with street stalls of all types. In the center where the trio now stood was the central square of the district and it was crawling with people of all types. Adventurers, normals and what Agni quickly learned were also NPCs.

“Katrin, what do you know about NPCs?” She asked upon noticing the Systema’s description of a nearby teenager.

“I have no clue honestly, I never knew such a thing existed.”

“I can tell you… if you’ll do me the honor of walking me to my Chapel…” Zula interjected, placing her arms around both Katrin and Agni as she pulled them closer to her. Agni couldn’t help but be drawn into the sensuality of Zula’s gaze, so of course the answer was “Sure.”.

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