Chapter 48

Chapter 48 : Silken Petals (1)
The inside of the Silken Petal was even more luxurious than the outer appearance.

“I can’t believe you own this place Zula.” Katrin remarked as Zula led the pair through the receptionist area of her brothel.

“Yes. Though, it’s a given that any adventurer who reaches rank 3 or higher would need to do at least this much in order to survive.” Zula remarked as she led the pair to her own private quarters, a small office near the back of the building.

Along the way they took note of the myriad of rooms, each of which were open save for the ones in use. Agni half hoped to hear a muffled scream or moan, but no such luck — the walls were thick and sound proofed.

“The Silken Petal is my pride. One of the few good things to come from this adventurer’s life of mine.” Zula said as she took a seat on a sofa in the far corner of her office as she beckoned Agni and Katrin to do the same.

“So.. I can tell the allure of this place is growing on you, young Succubus.” Zula commented, no doubt having seen Agni’s response to the atmosphere. Her eyes had become a bold, pink color, now slowly mingling with a darker, red tint.

“Something like that..” Agni replied.

“There’s no need to be shy…or coy here, after all. Everyone has needs, desires and wants. Why…you could probably have a few of yours tended to while you’re here…” Zula said as she pushed her hair to the side.

“Like?” The offer sounded somewhat intriguing to Agni who was slowly opening up to the idea of indulging in something–though she wasn’t entirely sure what…

“The Silken Pearl offers almost anything your heart can desire. Kinks of all types, women and men that will tickle your fancy. Softcore, hardcore.. Romance, we even offer therapy sessions for people who just want to talk. You see, as a Courtesan, my job is to provide people a service that fulfills them. Not necessarily just the body, but also the mind–the heart, sometimes even the soul. So, with that in mind…” Zula said as she got up and moved over to the opposite side of the U-shaped couch.

“I suppose the real question that needs to be asked is — what do you desire?” Zula said as she sat down next to Katrin and put her arm around her shoulder.

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This same question had come up a few days prior with Bracha.

*What is it that I desire? What do I want? Why is that so hard to answer?* Agni thought to herself.

*Because you don’t know yourself.* Shula responded.

*That’s….probably true but. How do I remedy that?* Agni asked telepathically.

*Simple. You just try a bunch of things until you learn what you like. Experience, that’s what you need.*

*Is it really that simple?* Agni asked, to which Shula remained silent.

“I don’t know, honestly. What do you want Zula?” Agni replied.

“Hmm. That’s a tough one. When you’re in my line of work, you spend a great deal of time pleasing others. So much so that you can easily become disconnected to what your own heart truly desires.”

At this moment one of Zula’s attendants entered the room with several glasses of wine which she placed on the table before them. Zula nodded, acknowledging her service before the young man disappeared from the room.

“But, if I had to choose. A Succubus. There are a fair number of people who would pay thousands for just one hour of your time. After all, it’s not everyday you meet a sex demon in the flesh.” Zula remarked as she picked up a glass of wine and took a sip. Agni could smell the fragrant scent of acidity from the red wine and it caused her mouth to water ever so slightly.

“Me? People would pay for me? I find that hard to believe. My looks are average and.. I’m pretty sure I’m terrible in bed. I can’t remember the last time I had sex…” Agni confided nervously as she blushed at the thought.

“Ha ha ha. Ahh…” Zula erupted into a heartfelt belly laugh upon seeing Agni’s reaction to the idea of selling herself.

“You truly are innocent. But…you were made to indulge. It’s part of a demon’s charm. As I mentioned, I’ve been with a Succubus long ago–when I was still a rank 1 adventurer. It was more than just sex. She seemed to know every place to touch and when to do so, I’d never been so invested and soon I found myself erupting from even the sensation of her breath against my flesh.” Agni could tell that a wave of erotic energy overcame Zula’s body as she spoke, her Succubus Vision revealed as much– but even then it was so apparent that even Katrin had begun to feel envious.

*Envy. That’s true… the way she describes the sensation…. I can only imagine what it would be like to savor every moment. Each and every drop until–” Agni stopped herself, without thinking really.

*Sigh. You’re hopeless. How many times do I have to say it..* Shula said, her voice having taken on a tone of exasperation.

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*I know.. I know, I’m sorry.* Agni responded. Immediately after she did so, she wondered why she felt it was appropriate to apologize in the first place.

*It’s not like I did anything wrong..* She thought next.

*Exactly. You haven’t done anything wrong…it’s normal to indulge in fantasy. It’s even more normal to experiment with those thoughts. That is what being a succubus is all about savoring those moments and consuming them so that they feed your lust..*

Shula made a compelling case. Even now Agni’s body had grown quite hot, hotter still by the moment as she noticed Katrin beginning to heat up as well…

“Oh, and people would pay nearly as much for a Scribe my dear..” Zula said, casting a glance to Katrin who, until now was struggling to avert her gaze from Zula’s heaving bosom.

“I think I have the perfect thing for you two. It will be my treat.” Zula said with a broad smile as she stood up and walked towards her desk. She lifted an item which resembled a conch shell and spoke softly into it before returning to sit once more, this time next to Agni.

The warmth and softness of Zula’s body was enough to make Agni bite her lip in anticipation….

*Anticipation of what?* She thought to herself.

*You know. We both do.* Shula responded.

Just a few seconds later two people entered the office, one a tall blonde haired young man with tan skin and well chiseled muscles. The other was a young woman who resembled the man in every aspect save her feminine features. Both were wearing togas…and little else.

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