Chapter 47

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Chapter 47 : Sprim Row (2)
“NPCs are about what you’d expect. They are natural born residents of Adventia and legends say some NPCs are responsible for summoning us here, though I’ve never seen any evidence of that. If ‘normals’ are adventurers who have had their abilities restricted or stripped, then NPCs are a step down even from that. They don’t seem to influence the world at large and, for the most part, act as background characters” Zula explained.

“As for your other question, Value Assessment is the name of the general skill.” Zula said as the trio walked along. They left the Silk Road and continued along the straight shot from the Sprim Row gate and further still into the deep of the district. With each step taken Agni couldn’t help but grow more anxious, it was as if her senses were relishing the energy swirling about.

“I’ve met a Succubus before.” Zula said suddenly, as if she noticed Agni’s current state.

“I knew from the first day I saw you that you wanted to visit this place. Why didn’t you come sooner?” Zula asked as she continued the conversation. Her tone was that of someone who was moderately curious.

To this, Agni didn’t really have a reply, other than she would feel “improper” by doing so. She couldn’t even place where this notion had been drilled into her psyche, but it was one that dictated her every action as a succubus, particularly due to the fact that her strength seemed so deeply rooted in sexuality.

*It’s because you’re boring. Ba ha ha!* Shula chuckled obnoxiously, in fact the laugh was so petty and loud that Agni couldn’t help but roll her eyes.

“I don’t know, honestly.” Agni replied as she looped her arm within Katrin’s and kept walking.

*Are you sure I can gain control of my Succulust by coming here? I feel myself losing control by the second. It’s getting very….difficult to keep my cool.* Agni asked as she directed her thoughts to Shula.

*Control isn’t the point. How can you control the rain or the wind? Would you control the ocean? You’re thinking about this the wrong way, which is why you suck at this.*

At this response Agni could only remain silent. It was true that she was having great difficulty learning to properly use her Succubus powers. It was also true that she made a subconscious habit of repressing her desires at every turn. Not all of them, for example she ate, slept and occasionally masterbated (quite furiously) — but when it came to act thought as it related to being lewd with another person, there was a huge invisible wall.

This wall stood in direct contrast to the veritable “flood” of lust and desire which assaulted her regularly. Standing in the shower she would think back to an erotic moment, or while in the midst of battle she would find the thrill of danger so exciting that she’d simply become wet. It was true enough that Agni never once thought about allowing those sensations to run their course.

*Can it really be that simple Angry Shula?* Agni asked.

*It’s just Shula. And yes, it’s that simple…*

*Shula… what are you? Are you a familiar like Katrin says?*

*Yes. And No. You’ll understand soon, and you’re very close. Let’s just say I need you to get a hold of this Succulust stuff just as badly as you want to. So do your best.*

Friendly Shula was actually nice to speak to. The second Agni had this thought Shula tainted it with a reply.

*I’m always nice, Succubitch.*

“And…she ruined it.” Agni whispered to herself.

“Hmm?” Zula asked, having heard Agni’s words to herself.

“Nothing. So, what do you do here in Sprim Row?” Agni asked, mostly as a means to change the topic.

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Zula glanced over at Agni and smiled broadly before responding, “What do you think?”
After seeing a light blush appear across Agni’s face Zula chuckled before replying, “I was just joking dear. But your thoughts probably aren’t far off the mark. My adventurer class is ‘Courtesan’. As you might expect, I started out as a Prostitute. You can imagine my surprise when I was pulled into a new world, only to discover that my use was to please others instead of myself. Not only that, I needed to use my body to do it.”

Katrin noticed a hint of sadness and regret within Zula’s eyes as she continued to speak.

“It definitely did a number on my self esteem. I’ll be honest. Ha ha. You see, I’m one of the very few adventurer classes that can get by without venturing into the field.”

“Wait, you said you started out as a–” Katrin began, but found herself stuck on a certain word, out of respect.

Zula smiled at this, because she’d just met Katrin and already she was being shown respect that she generally wasn’t given.

“A prostitute.” Zula added, allowing Katrin to continue her question.
“Mhm. But your adventurer class is Courtesan. How does that work?”

“Oh, that. Well, you’re Rank 0 so you may not know, but each rank you obtain will upgrade your adventurer class. It’s sort of difficult to explain but, basically if you imagine yourself expanding in every sense of the word — physically, mentally, even in terms of your potential and ability ; that is the true meaning of a rank up. In my case, the name of my class changed as well. One day I was a prostitute and years later, I became a Courtesan.”

“Of course, there are tons of benefits that come along with that.” Zula said as she slowed down, coming to a standstill in front of a large building with elaborate designs out front. At some point the trio entered a fenced courtyard with vibrant green grass, which was a stark contrast from the drab and brown buildings which dotted the landscape of Sprim Row.

Golden Lotus’ embroidered against the backdrop of red silk curtains which blocked the view inside the two story building before them — it was the first thing Agni and Katrin noticed. Additionally, for Agni her senses were now flowing in overdrive. Her eyes flickered with pink lust energy as she stood before the source of overwhelming erotic energy. And it was strongest coming from this building, particularly the second floor.

“For example, being the owner of my own Chapel here in Grenvale.” Zula said as she introduced her two companions to her base of operations, the Silken Petal.

“This is yours?” Katrin asked, her eyes lighting up as she gazed upon the beauty of the building and the surrounding yard. A flower garden on either side of the pathway leading up to the door, both of which were full of all sorts of plants. Trees which bloomed with pink buds, some of which were adorned with small fruits. And near the entrance of the building were two statues of beautiful women, both picturesque of ladies clad in little else than satin strips. As the trio neared the large wooden double doors of the establishment a young lady stepped out and bowed deeply to greet them.

“Welcome to The Silken Petal.” She said.

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The woman was dressed in the same transparent material as Zula during their first meeting, but this hers white instead.

“Oh– Lady Zula. I was wondering when you’d arrive.” The young lady said, her head still bowed as she glanced towards the trio walking towards her.

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