Free Your Inner Succ

Chapter 39 : Free Your Inner Succ

“So, Agni. How are you enjoying the ‘female experience’.” Bracha asked, out of the blue.

“The Female experience? I guess if you mean being a woman. It’s..not bad. I don’t think it’s that much different than being a man–”


The noise was so sudden that Agni wasn’t exactly sure what to make of Bracha’s swift dismissal.

“If that’s what you think…you aren’t doing it right! Oh, my dear pupil..” Bracha said as she moved to a position directly in front of Agni in the bath.

“To be a woman is magnificent. It’s like…well. It’s like being fed on a spiritual level. It’s like, soaking in the very finest things and savoring them. It’s quite like being a Succubus, yes?” Though Bracha said as much in so many words, Agni still found it difficult to understand exactly what she meant. After all, Agni didn’t really understand how to “be” a succubus either.

“Katrin my dear, am I right?” Bracha then asked as she cast a glance in Katrin’s direction. Katrin had been allowing the sublime temperature of the water to soak in. She’d become so relaxed that she could do little else but nod at this point.

“See? Well. I think what will help you best is time and experience. You’ll come to understand soon enough, but…” Bracha’s voice trailed off for a moment as she drifted closer towards Agni in the bath.

“What type of trainer would I be if I didn’t endeavor to help you understand while I have you here, yes?” Bracha drew closer with each moment, Agni could now feel Bracha’s hands brushing against her thighs beneath the water. The look on Bracha’s face was one of mischief, Agni recognized it well as it was often the face Abeni would make.

“You’re so repressed. So reserved. You’re missing out on the best part of this world, you have to learn to loosen up and try new things. Everything, until you find something you love. No matter the experience, the trick to living a full life is to savor each drop, every morsel of a moment that finds its way to your doorstep.” Bracha had now made her way extremely close to Agni, straddling Agni’s hips with her own. She could feel their breasts gently pressing against each other against the water.

“Tell me… why is that so?” Bracha then said suddenly, her eyes locking with Agni’s. Agni on the other hand had been hypnotized by the sight of Bracha’s breasts, particularly her nipples which were pretty and pink.

“It’s just…difficult. I honestly don’t know why I’m so hesitant. As a my past life I’ve seen more tits in the past ten days than I ever saw in ten years. By any man’s account this would be a dream come true. And yet…” Agni’s voice trailed off as she struggled to give voice to current troubles.

“Let me guess. You were told no, that it’s not right to look? Not right to touch? And..that’s true. But only for men. It’s a woman’s duty to feel and caress. Here, I can tell by your eyes you want to. Touch them.” Bracha said as she lifted her breasts out of the water and pressed them against her chest. Agni couldn’t help but savor the sight of Bracha’s hands and the supple bulge of flesh between each gripping handful.

“You want to, I can tell. You want to touch them. You want to squeeze and rub them. Perhaps, pinch my nipples like so?” Bracha displayed her nipple pinching prowess, tweaking her own tips and pulling them several centimeters so that they sprang back into place with a firm jiggle.

Agni’s eyes were now pulsing with lust energy as she gazed at the spectacle before her. Bracha continued on for several moments, pulling out all kinds of “attacks”. Agni was well versed in such techniques. Cuteness, Sexiness, these could be easily displayed by striking certain poses, alluring angles or actions. The first that came to mind was the ‘ahegao’ face as a prime example.

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Agni’s eyes were under assault, and to her chagrin it was working. Bracha had Agni wrapped around her finger as a floodgate of emotions began to thump about in her chest. These sensations rushed into her head, distributed throughout the entirety of her body resulting in a plethora of feelings. The two that she could readily identify were lust and elation.

Despite this, Agni subconsciously resisted the feeling. “Bad” or “Impure”, these thoughts had been drilled into her through years of life–both subconscious or otherwise. She came from a world where looks were valued , vanity was the currency — selfies and nude shares. Social media likes which translated into popularity–as a man Agni had never been blessed to experience that side of life.

Now that she was in the body of a curvaceous, attractive demoness she would have to endeavor to remove learned behaviors she’d become accustomed to. Rejection, being noticed and ignored — and in turn growing to expect such treatment as the “norm”. These were things of the past.

Even now as Bracha teased her own breasts, jiggling and playing with them exclusively for Agni she had to fight to “accept” the attention being shown to her. Attention that was freely given.

“Hmm. It seems this isn’t enough to help you snap out of your rut. Oh well…I have other ways..” Bracha said, floating back several centimeters as she grabbed Katrin by the arm and gently pulled her close in one smooth motion. Now with Katrin sitting in Bracha’s lap more or less, she was free to do as she pleased. Katrin’s bewildered expression quickly turned into one of mild ecstasy as Bracha began to breath against her neck.

“As a woman, you must savor and voraciously consume the things in life which elevate your mood. It’s less about the end result, more about the here..the now..”

Bracha’s hands gripped Katrin firmly as they roamed, starting at her abdomen and rising to clench Katrin’s round breasts. Bracha continued her “lecture” as she began to massage Katrin’s breasts, all the while kissing and sucking on her neck. As Bracha explained, Katrin quickly succumbed to the feeling, the sensation–the moment. Even if Katrin could refuse, her body wanted the next moment so badly that her mouth dared not utter the words.

Bracha’s gaze did not falter as she continued to tease Katrin. Her stare suggested something along the lines of, “I know this bothers you. Why aren’t you acting on it?” And she would be right. Agni could feel the fierce pull of a sensation welling up inside her chest. Territorial tendency perhaps? One word clearly rushed into her mind as she saw Katrin being “taken care of” by Bracha.


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With her Succulust in overdrive Agni reached out and easily snatched Katrin from Bracha’s arms, pinning the latter against her chest. For a moment Agni surprised herself, the two were now in a close embrace and she could feel both the softness and heat from Katrin’s body.

“That’s it. That’s what I want to see! Free your inner Succubus my dear.” Bracha said, flashing a beautiful smile. Despite her earlier provocation, this time Bracha seemed legitimately proud, as if she’d help Agni overcome a small hurdle on her step to being a proper Succubus.

If she’d still been a man at this point, Agni realized that she probably wouldn’t have understood the full gravitas of the exchange. But now she couldn’t help but smile as Bracha drifted away to her corner of the bath.

“Agni…” Katrin said, looking up at the Succubus.

“Y-Your tail. It’s.. it’s inside.”

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[The next couple of chapters have proven to be triggering to readers. Particularly those who are sensitive to being verbally abused or dealing with feelings of alienation . You've been forewarned. ]
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