Katrin’s Homework

Chapter 40 : Katrin’s Homework

The remainder of the bath went on without incident. At least Agni thought so–at first. After exiting the bath and toweling off she noticed Bracha and Katrin huddled together a few meters away. Bracha seemed to be whispering something into Katrin’s ear. After a few moments of listening intently, Katrin then nodded her head rather aggressively. This of course left Agni puzzled as they both turned and glanced at her, then without a word walked off — Bracha’s arm draped over Katrin’s shoulder.

The remainder of the evening was weird to say the least. They settled in to have some dinner at this point which was nothing out of the ordinary. What struck Agni as strange was Katrin’s attitude. At every possible opportunity she would snatch food from Agni’s grasp — at times even pulling food from Agni’s plate.

After the fifth time in succession Agni clenched her first and raised an objection.

“Tough.” This was Katrin’s singular reply as she ate the final dumpling, a defiant look burning in her gaze as she did so.

Agni’s jaw dropped, she gazed at her normally sweet friend both amazed and appalled that she would say something so…calloused.

Agni glanced at Bracha who sat across the table from them snickering as they finished up their meal. What’s more Katrin’s extra aggressive attitude would not relent. From bumping into Agni in the hallway without so much as an apology, to cutting in front of her right as she went to use the restroom, the sleights were real and upfront.

Finally, just a few minutes before bedtime Agni entered Katrin’s bedroom, her thoughts were muddled as she decided how to express herself.

“Katrin..did I do something to upset you?” Agni asked. Katrin sat at a small table in her room practicing her scribing skills as she often did before bedtime.


That was all the answer Agni got.

“Okay.. Well.. is there something you want to talk about or–”


“Okay…” Agni said, pausing for a moment, unsure what to do at this point. Katrin continued writing, completely ignoring the confused Succubus before finally Agni left the room, closing the door behind her.

“I don’t know what her problem is.” Agni said to herself as she settled into bed, she decided not to let the building frustration get the better of her.

*Maybe she’s on her period.* Agni thought. After all, she’d never experienced one personally but they apparently caused mood swings. It wasn’t long before Agni fell asleep, after all the day was long and tiring to an extent.



This was the sound of Agni’s sleeping body crashing to the floor. She awoke with a start, having fallen out of the bed only to discover she hadn’t rolled out –she was pushed!

Agni got to her feet, rubbing her left horn as it banged against the floor rather hard. For horns they were quite sensitive.

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“K-Katrin? What are you doing in my bed!?” Agni’s voice was a loud whisper as she thrust her hands down to her sides. Katrin was sprawled across the bed completely, so much so that Agni couldn’t climb into the bed if she wanted at this point. Though a vein was now throbbing in her forehead from having been so rudely awoken, Agni couldn’t help but notice Katrin’s form. She was dressed in little more than a robe, as was Agni. Her breasts were visible, partly because of the wild way she was positioned in the bed.

She looked so cute that Agni couldn’t help but ignore the anger rising in her. She sighed to herself and picked her pillow up from the floor before turning to go to Katrin’s room instead. No sooner had she fallen asleep once more–

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This time Agni’s face hit the hardwood floor with a weighty impact.

“You little bi–” Agni hopped up, obviously angry– yet she caught herself at the final moment. She took several heaving breaths before finally settling down. She then forced herself into the bed, lifting Katrin’s arm and draping it across her chest. Though Agni had not had many opportunities to sleep in a bed with a woman, this was not how she envisioned it to play out. In her past life she spent a great deal of her time single, working and scraping to get by month to month. She had no time for women, or so she thought.


*Did she just slap me in my mother f******–* Agni’s eyes bulged as she felt Katrin’s hand slap against her upper cheek. The impact was loud enough that her face was now tingling.


Agni squinted her eyes as she struggled to contain her anger. She rolled over and gazed at Katrin, if only looks could kill — Katrin might be losing HP right now. This thought comforted Agni for quite some time as she gazed upon Katrin’s features.

*She’s doing it on purpose. She has to be. She’s not asleep! She’s NOT!* Agni continually told herself until finally the fierce fire in her heart faded and she fell asleep once more.

Katrin on the other hand rolled over and stared at Agni’s face for quite some time before pushing aside a tuft of Agni’s hair and finally going to sleep herself.

The next morning Agni awoke to find herself alone in Katrin’s bed. What’s more Katrin wasn’t even in the room. She took her time getting up, after all she’d felt Katrin nudging her in the side practically all night long.

*This is probably the worst night of sleep I’ve ever gotten.* Agni groaned to herself as she finally got to her feet and headed to her own room. After getting dressed she visited the cafeteria area where the trio usually ate lunch only to find both Katrin and Bracha finishing up breakfast.

“So…you didn’t leave anything for me?” Agni asked as she looked around at the table. Normally there were three spots fixed, but today just two. Both simply shrugged then got up and moved to put away their dishes. As Bracha walked by she slapped Agni’s ass and commented.

“You snooze, you lose sugar cakes.”

This was enough to agitate Agni even further but the icing on the cake was when Katrin sauntered by, condescending expression in full effect with a toothpick dangling from between her lips.

Agni was immediately drawn into a subconscious battle. She didn’t like the look in Katrin’s eye one bit.

*So you terrorize me all night and then have the audacity to–* Agni’s mind went blank in that moment as a second stinging slap echoed through the cafeteria.

*Did she just smack the hell out of my ass?!?* Agni stood dumbfounded in silence as she struggled to comprehend the fact that Katrin caused her cakes to jiggle.

“WHAT IS WRONG WITH–” Agni whirled herself around to protest only to find herself alone in the cafeteria.

*I’m going to kill somebody.* She chuckled to herself nervously as she clenched her own shoulders.

*I’m going to jail. I’m going to jail. I’m going to jail.* This was Agni’s morning mantra and things did not get better. As they left the Trainer’s Chapel and headed towards the Southwestern Gate Bracha and Katrin huddled together, walking just ahead of Agni. No matter how she strained her hearing she couldn’t make heads or tails of the secrets being whispered between them. Occasionally they would look back at Agni and giggle before continuing on in this way.

Through battles in the Lull Forest —

“Good job.” SMACK

To battles inside the red shard world —

“Nice one Red!” SMACK, SMACK

By the end of the day Agni gripped her halberd viciously in an effort to keep from blowing her top. It was apparent to her that Bracha was behind whatever “this” was. For the life of her Agni couldn’t figure out why Katrin was going along with it! This gave Agni all sorts of conflicting emotions. Insecurity. Anger. Confusion. Anger. Mostly anger.

She’d also discovered that she had violent reactions to having her ass slapped out of the blue. Agni was so annoyed that she completely ignored breakfast and a shower, opting for a bucket of water to wash up and an early retirement to bed.

Teeth gritting, mind throbbing frustration — this was all Agni felt at the moment. She just wanted the day to be over with and it would have been, except– a few moments after shutting her eyes to comfortable sleep…

She woke up to Katrin straddling her…and taking off her robe?

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