“How dare you storm into my Chapel, you impudent stripling. Did you think opposing me would be easy?” The rotund man’s monocled face formed into a sneer as he gazed down at Agni with furious indignation. The cigar hanging at the edge of his lips smoldered bright red as he inhaled the smoke from his stogie.

He lifted his foot, bringing down the hard heel of his shoe against the side of her face. The thud against Agni’s face resounded around the room causing even his own henchmen to cringe. The succubus rolled over onto her back, gazing upwards at the ceiling as she tried to move — anything, her arms, legs or even her tail would do. She shot a glance over towards a woman in the corner of the room who seemed to be looking on in horror. This woman clasped her hands together, her mouth agape as she watched the spectacle unfold.

“Rank Zero piece of garbage!” He said as he began to lay into Agni, kicking her in the face and stomping her with each word he spoke.


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After exhausting himself with several vicious stomps, he pushed back his fine leather cloak and began to roll up his sleeves. This revealed a strange mark which resembled more of a brand than a tattoo, a skull with a python slithering from within one orbital socket. The man was well dressed from head to toe, his pants firmly pressed and pleated, his shoes spotless save for traces of Agni’s blood on his heels and a shirt which resembled more of a fifties mobster garment, complete with the vestment. His grey, turned up mustache twitched as a vein threatened to burst in his temple.

He gazed down at her, sweat beads rolling down his balding scalp before he sighed deeply as if he had reached a conclusion. Then within an instant he reached at the walking cane in his possession and pulled out a concealed blade. He lifted it high above his head before bringing it down with a resounding stab, burying it several centimeters deep into the hardwood floor–and piercing Agni’s chest all in the same strike.

——————-3 Months Prior, aka The Present————————-

After taking a break to eat their ‘Hard Loaf’ breakfast Katrin and Agni continued on their way to Grenvale. They finally arrived just after midday. Because Agni insisted on carrying Katrin the entire way, the two were now drenched in sweat from the heat beating down on them. Also, strangely enough, Agni didn’t feel tired in the least.

“An adventurer’s body is great!” Agni mused to herself , a wide smile painted across her expression. This was partly because her Succulust had begun to kick in, giving her extra strength. At the moment she felt like she could walk forever. Also the sensation of Katrin’s nipples pressed against her back was the epitome of a morning blessing.

The two exited the long walk from the forest and were greeted with the sight of Grenvale from afar. The city had large walls which easily extended a hundred meters or more into the sky. It was surrounded by a large moat and from the looks of things there were two bridges which allowed one to enter the city.

“Agni….” Katrin said as she clenched Agni more tightly. Immediately Agni realized why Katrin was worried as there were tons of people lined up along the bridge and even more who were standing around in small groups. And the pair were stark naked.

“Don’t worry.” Agni said, resolving herself to take on the shame in Katrin’s place. She was already carrying her this far, after all what would it matter to endure a bit more on her behalf? If there was one thing Agni had learned during their first “shady” experience in Adventia, it was that Katrin was something of a “delicate flower”. In many ways she was trying her best to change from her old ways and this was something Agni could identify with. After all, having lived one lifetime in a man’s body she was now faced with life as a woman, and a demonic no less.

“Easy.” Agni whispered to herself as she marched towards the bridge, lifting her head confidently as she moved. The word was an affirmation that marching into a completely unknown town, naked as a jaybird would be a piece of cake.

And…she was right. As soon as she stepped foot near the large stone bridge leading towards the town the guards chuckled briefly and asked to see her Systema mark. Upon showing it they nodded, adding “Welcome to Adventia. All Rank 0 adventurers may enter the city without the need for paying a travel fee. I recommend you head to the Trainer’s Chapel, you can find it not far beyond these gates.”

Agni couldn’t help but notice the man’s face of glee as he ogled her tits. Honestly she didn’t mind — at least not as much as she thought she would. She then continued on her way, once again not drawing as much attention as she believed two naked women would. Occasionally groups of adventurers would turn to make eye contact. Some would chuckle to themselves while others would look empathetic–almost sorry at their current plight.

One thing Agni noticed was the fact that there were now many male adventurers around, she could tell as much due to her Systema upgrade. As Katrin previously explained, leveling up also upgraded the Systema to a degree. Now all Agni needed to do was focus on a person and a small box detailing information about them would appear before her. Name, Class and Rank — it was all apparent with a glance, at least as long as she could clearly make out the target’s face.

As she continued along the length of the bridge, some hundred meters or so, Agni realized that just about everyone along the way were adventurers. From the looks of things many seemed to be in a state of preparation, surely to prep for upcoming adventures. Katrin pressed her face down against Agni’s back, largely out of embarrassment but also perhaps she realized she would be harder to identify as well.

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*I’ve got some news for you honey. With tits that big anyone would see you from a mile away..* Agni mused to herself as she continued along.

Upon reaching the other end of the bridge she thought that she might have to wait, but the guards near the gate waved to Agni and ushered her on through, adding that she should quickly make her way to the “Trainer’s Chapel” once again. She could do little else but nod given the situation, still she found it somewhat strange as to why no one questioned the fact that the two were in the nude.

As the guards suggested (several times now) Agni made her way directly towards a large wooden building just past the gate. There were three stories to the building but other than that it didn’t seem all that special.

“Chapel? It doesn’t really look like a church…” Agni whispered to herself.

“Agni, y-you can let me down now.” Katrin whispered.

“Oh? Are you sure? So many people are still around…” Agni replied.

“Mhm.” Katrin let her hair down as she stood on her own two feet, this covered her nipples somewhat (her areola still made an appearance peeking out from the sides). As for her lady parts, she used her hands for cover.

Agni led the way, pushing open the large wooden door before her. Outside the sound of hustle and bustle could be heard, but inside the building it was significantly more quiet. A young woman behind the desk looked up from behind her glasses, apparently she was reading as the two entered.

“Oh. And here I was thinking all of the remaining newbies came earlier this morning.” The blonde haired, bespectacled woman said. There was a strange tone of delight in her voice and truthfully Agni could sense an eagerness already welling up behind the woman’s gaze. It made her somewhat…apprehensive.

“Well.” The blonde said as she stepped from behind the desk at the far wall of the room.

“I’m Bracha, and welcome to the Trainer’s Chapel.”

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