The sight of the threesome sent a complicated mix of emotions through Katrin. She first struggled to process the scene, her mouth agape as she dropped one of her scrolls. She quickly pressed herself against a nearby tree and continued to peek into the clearing six meters away. Her chest felt somewhat heavy as her heart pounded, adrenaline flooding her body. She’d never seen such a thing in person, let alone experienced it. As she peeked around the edge of her hiding spot her mind was now racing as a strange feeling came over her.

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Katrin clenched her fist, bringing it up to her chest as she watched Abeni lapping up Agni’s honey pot greedily. Purscha’s zeal — the way she freely caressed and tasted Agni’s body was making her…

“Is this…am I jealous?” Katrin posed the question to herself in disbelief. She quickly dismissed the thought, even as she felt the anger rising within her at the thought of others touching Agni so carelessly.

“And she’s allowing it!” Katrin thought to herself. Her eyes flashed angrily for a moment as she watched, but she couldn’t help the fact that her eyes were now wandering. Purscha’s open cloak displayed her slim, petite build. Her perky tits jiggled ever so slightly as she worked over Agni, her legs spread so that Agni could play between her thighs as well.

Katrin had seen the glow of Agni’s eyes before but never directed at her. This realization bought about a host of unrealized thoughts.

“Mine. She’s mine. Stop.”

A voice coming from the center of her chest demanded, yet she couldn’t do or say anything. It wasn’t really her place, that was the logic she used to keep herself from reacting badly. Thus she snuck away after watching for a few moments more, returning to the campsite. Katrin was lost in thought, so much so that she didn’t even notice Kitai watching her return. She laid down and using her hand as a pillow tried to go back to sleep but her thoughts were working in overdrive.

Katrin felt the familiar pangs of agonizing exclusion slowly threatening to swallow her up as tears came to her eyes. This is why she didn’t notice Kitai getting up from her spot and laying down next to her, wrapping her arm around Katrin’s waist.

“Huh?” Katrin whispered softly as a large tear rolled down her cheek.

“It’s okay.” Kitai said, pulling Katrin closer.

“What do you mean?” Katrin said, trying to play off her emotions. In response to this Kitai grabbed her shoulder and gently tugged, prompting Katrin to roll over and face her. Their eyes locked and Kitai’s gaze was one that made Katrin feel somewhat ashamed. Empathy, understanding.

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“Did you know?” Katrin asked as she sniffled slightly.

“Yes.” Kitai answered, her hand reaching out to wipe Katrin’s cheek. Then after several more moments she placed her hand on Katrin’s face gently and leaned in to give her a kiss. Katrin was caught completely unaware and thus her body went rigid as Kitai’s soft lips pressed against hers. The kiss was deeper than Katrin expected, passionate even as Kitai’s tongue began to explore the taste of Katrin’s lips.

“I’m not her. And I’m sure she didn’t mean to inspire these feelings but…for the moment…” Kitai said hopefully as she trailed her hand slowly down Katrin’s face. Her fingertips were so soft and gentle that Katrin could feel her heartbeat growing more fierce, her body slowly becoming warm.

“I–” Katrin began, but Kitai placed a fingertip over her lips, pursing her mouth shut as she leaned in for another kiss. The kiss this time showed no sign of ceasing as Kitai’s hands became more eager, caressing Katrin’s massive melons through her shirt. Slowly, surely Katrin was pulled into an unfamiliar world of lust where her feelings were being turned on their ear. Rather than the sadness of being excluded, she was now reveling in the sensation of someone devoting all of their attention on her–and her body.

“Hmph.” Whispered Purscha as she watched the two from behind a nearby tree. She noticed Katrin watching almost instantly, as well as watching her leave.

“Some people just don’t get it… just have to do what you feel..” Purscha said as she smiled to herself and returned to the lakeside clearing.

Agni had lost count of how many times she’d been made to c**. All she knew is that her leveling prompts continued to roll in.

[You’ve reached level 2.][You’ve reached level 3.][You’ve reached level 4.][You’ve reached level 5.]

She’d never experienced a feeling this joyous as a man. It was as if her entire body, every fiber and cell worked towards a joyous purpose — one that lifted her soul from her body. She shaked, moaned, screamed, clenched Abeni’s head as her sensations of lust rose and fell with each orgasm.

Even Abeni began to wonder exactly when Agni would get enough, but there was no conceivable answer in sight. At some point Purscha pushed Abeni out of the way, determined to get her fill of Agni’s honey pot as well. Unlike Abeni, whose tongue was strong and rough, Purscha gently lapped at Agni’s body. This contrasting sensation created a slow build with explosive results.

Agni was so loud that Abeni straddled her to ride her face to muffle her. She underestimated Agni’s lust factor. Her Succulust was now raging wildly, out of control thus her strength had grown substantially. Agni clenched her arms around Abeni’s hips and returned the favor by licking the juicy wet essence from her dripping lips. Agni then took to sucking on her lips long and hard, right over the clitoral hood. The result was that Abeni was now finding it difficult to contain her whimpers of excitement.

The eroticism continued for the next forty minutes or so. Eventually Agni reached her limit, completely drained of her energy from cumming so many times. The trio of women lay nude in the dim dusk light, Agni falling asleep again from the ordeal.

Back in the campsite clearing Kitai’s “comforting” of Katrin had also reached an orgasmic conclusion. The two slept in each other’s arms, both for warmth and comfort. Once more, into peaceful sleep Agni drifted. All in all she’d only managed to get about seven hours of sleep in the last 30-35 hours, thus she felt much overdue for rest.

Unfortunately…restful sleep was not to be had.

“Agni. Agni. Agni!” Katrin’s voice awoke Agni with a start, largely due to the urgency in Katrin’s tone.

“Wake up. Agni, wake up, it’s an emergency. They took our stuff!”

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