Soul Snatching 101

Chapter 21 : Soul Snatching 101

Agni was so busy being undressed by Purscha that she paid little attention to Abeni’s actions. All that she knew was that the sensation of stimulation ended for a short few moments. The second Agni’s chest plate was removed, she felt a firm tugging on her hips which caused her body to slide across the grass towards Abeni.

The sensation of being handled both agitated and excited her. It was simply something she was not used to from her past life. She was once again being controlled, with Abeni at the helm. Agni caught a glimpse of Purscha’s face, an expression of determined focus mixed with lust was sending a different kind of energy Agni’s way.

It happened so quickly, as arms wrapped from beneath Agni’s thighs — Abeni’s hands resting on her lower abdomen as the warm, wet sensation of a tongue graced her body. Abeni’s tongue started so far down that Agni could almost feel it brush against her asshole. This made Agni quiver as a sense of paralysis overtook her body for the briefest of moments. She could hear Abeni chuckle as her tongue slowly slid upwards, the tip of it parting Agni’s lips ever so slightly. Agni’s mind and body were now working in overdrive. She’d never felt such a soft, stimulating sensation as this. The amount of sexual energy in her body was driving her to new heights effortlessly.

Abeni lingers for a few moments near the top of Agni’s lips before sliding her tongue deeper and flicking the tip against Agni’s clit a few times, teasing her in the process. The tiniest of nudges from this action threatened to make Agni moan.

“Oh f***..” Agni whispered, suddenly realizing the position she was in. What’s more Purscha’s eager hands caressed Agni’s exposed breasts. The two were definitely doing a number on Agni.


Back at the campsite Katrin awoke to the sound of words on the wind. It was then that she noticed most of the party was gone. She slowly raised up, glancing around as she wiped the sleep from her eyes. Kitai was the only remaining party member and she was fast asleep, nestled close to her broadsword.

“Agni?” Katrin whispered as she looked around.

“Agni!?” Katrin said suddenly, fearing the worst.

“Relax. She’s fine.” Kitai said suddenly, having been woken by Katrin’s obvious distress.

“What do you mean? Where is she? Where’s everyone else?” Katrin asked as she crawled over towards Kitai.

“Near the lake. It’s on the map…” Kitai said as she pointed towards the general direction of the others.

“What are they doing?” Katrin next asked, her mind slowly drifting towards the worst.

“It’s better to see for yourself.” Kitai said before laying back down to rest.

Katrin thought things over for a moment. As a Scribe she didn’t really have a reliable means of surviving most combat situations. Kitai didn’t seem worried, thus she believed the situation to be something else entirely–but what?

[You’ve reached level 4.]
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The alert surprised Katrin as she didn’t expect it. She then quickly got to her feet, her mind racing as she realized the implications of the alert.

“Oh no… they must be off fighting somewhere!” Katrin had half a mind to wake Kitai, but she clenched her fists and hardened her resolve. She was an adventurer, she couldn’t rely on others all the time.

“All I need to do is cross the forest. I- I can do it..” Katrin whispered to herself as she pulled out a scroll for each of her free hands — in anticipation of the enemy. It was nearing sunrise and visibility was fairly good.

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“I can do it. I can do it..” She repeated to herself as she took off running in the direction Kitai pointed out.

Katrin’s run through the forest filled her with dread, but she also felt determined to break free from those emotions. She’d found herself with a new lease at life and she wanted to make the most of it. Unlike most of the adventurer’s Katrin’s new life resembled her old to a shocking degree. Quiet, reserved, bookish, shy at times. She’d always been that way into her late forties. Soon, before she knew it she was alone. Her life consisted of working, goal based living, “get the paycheck” , “Accomplish the task to earn the reward”. These were the thoughts that consumed her days until ultimately her health failed her and she found herself in the world of Adventia. These were things she never mentioned to the others, because most didn’t seem to remember much of anything before they arrived.

When Katrin learned that she would have a new opportunity in life, she was excited. She entertained thoughts of swinging blades or channeling awesome magical spells — going on adventurers and maybe even being the leader of a band of mercenaries. Her thoughts were in overdrive until the Systema applied to her the Scribe class.

“Glorified librarian…” These were the first words Katrin inwardly thought upon receiving her class. Still, having gained an immense opportunity she threw herself into the craft. If she failed at life this time, it wouldn’t be due to old habits. And for this purpose, she pushed on through the dim dark of the forest, scrolls at the ready in case she needed to bare her fangs.

But what she found caught her completely off guard. Katrin’s footsteps slowed the moment she heard voices on the wind. Airy moans, whispers, the sound of commotion — bodies intertwined. As she came upon the clearing Katrin’s heart skipped a beat and began to thump harder against her chest. Her eyes widened as she gazed upon the sight of Abeni and Purscha feasting upon Agni’s body ; Abeni hungrily slurping at her p**** lips , Purscha caressing her abdomen as she licked and sucked on Agni’s round tits.

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