Wakey Wakey

Chapter 20 : Wakey Wakey

Almost as soon as Agni made herself comfortable near the fire she drifted off into sleep. Her body was much more tired than she realized and she quickly fell into a deep, restful sleep — except….

“Agni. Agni..” Agni awoke to the sensation of being gently shaken. She opened her eyes and looked about, only to notice the fire burned out sometime during her nap.

“It’s Abeni, quick I need your help! She rushed off to fight a Grimlock!” It was Purscha’s voice and the sense of urgency was unmistakable.

“What? Why would she…ugh..” Agni said, quickly getting to her feet. She moved to wake up Katrin who was only a meter or two away but Purscha grabbed her by the arm and whispered, “There’s no time!” as she pulled Agni away.

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The two dashed through the woods for some time. Agni kept her eyes peeled for any signs of Grimlock, but she didn’t notice anything — which was good considering they were moving through the woods quite noisily at the moment.

“How much further?” Agni huffed as Purscha led her through the forest, it seemed so much easier for the woman in front of her. Agni noticed that a little light had begun to enter the sky, perhaps an hour or two before dawn which meant she had gotten very little sleep as is. Her body was still heavy and her speed was much lower than Purscha’s to begin with thus she fell behind as Purscha darted forth and burst out into a nearby clearing.

Agni prepared her weapon and followed suit, jumping out into the clearing ready to confront any foe in sight. To her surprise she didn’t see anyone or anything. Rather than a clearing she was now standing near the bank of a lake. The telltale signs of dusk break had begun to fill the morning sky in the distance.

Had it not been for Agni’s bewilderment she might have thought the view beautiful, the water shining against the still waters of the lake.

“He he he.” Agni turned to her left and noticed Purscha step out of the shadow of a nearby tree.

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“What? Where is she?” Agni grunted as she held her halberd at the ready.

“Sorry…” Purscha said, clasping her hands together in a prayer motion.

“What? I don’t–” Agni’s voice was cut off by the sensation of being tackled to the ground. The blow wasn’t painful, but it was enough to disorient her as Abeni pulled her to the ground and effortlessly pinned Agni down.

“What the hell?” Agni shouted indignantly, a twinge of anger in her voice as she gazed up at Abeni.

“Yes. That’s the look. The same look I had just the other day..” Abeni said as she pushed Agni’s hands to the ground.

“Get off.” Agni said, suddenly realizing the purpose of her being called alone to the clearing.

“Grab her hands.” Abeni said to Purscha who was now standing over Agni and gazing down. Abeni was already nude, her chiseled body casting shadows in the dimly light dusk.

“Abeni… I’m serious. I’m not in the mood..” Agni said, her cheek growing taut with annoyance. Purscha knelt down and held Agni by the hands, a mischievous smile spreading across her face as she licked her lips.

Agni felt a twinge of heat shoot down her spine. Something about the threat of being pushed over the edge, beyond her current limits caused her body to react though her mind pushed for a stubborn response.

She could feel the heat in her thighs as Abeni pulled her underwear off, completely ripping them in the process.

“Abeni. Purscha… let me go.” Agni said firmly one more time.

“If you want us to stop..then make us..” Purscha said as she leaned in and began to kiss Agni. Caught off guard by the soft, wetness of Purscha’s lips Agni found herself plunging headlong into arousal. This happened even more as Abeni parted her thighs, though a part of Agni wanted to fight it — Abeni was much stronger than she. It was a simple matter to part her legs and begin running the tips of her fingers up and down Agni’s lips.

Agni’s eyes widened as the playful groping turned into penetration. The sensation was one she had not felt before, she didn’t even dare to finger blast herself! The feeling of someone inside her body was something she had yet to grow accustomed to — and for that very reason the thought and sensation drove her wild.

Agni’s eyes began to pulse with pink energy, a tell tale sign that her lust was beginning to overtake her. All three knew that if Agni really wanted them to stop, all she would need to do was use Whisper. And it was for this reason that the two aggressors persisted. Abeni saw it as payback — mostly. Now that Purscha and Abeni knew about the Succubus class in detail they finally understood why they were so attracted to Agni regardless of their feelings about her.

Normally they would write her off as a weakling, not worth their time — after all Agni wasn’t exactly in the “big girls” league. She hadn’t proven herself or earned that position, and try as Abeni might she couldn’t quite resist the act of teasing or touching Agni every chance she got. However, due to Agni’s aggressive reactions, Abeni felt somewhat out of place. After all, how could the predator be preyed upon?

Abeni’s adventurer class was ‘Domineer’. The warrior class who survived on the battlefield by dominating anything and anyone standing in its way. And yet, with one glance from Agni’s lust filled eyes she had been forced to retreat instantly. And now….it was time to reclaim her dominance.

The heat coming from Agni’s body was like a signal for Abeni to press further, she thought to herself how she could really drive Agni wild as she continued to slide her fingers into Agni’s wet box. Meanwhile Purscha had completely ignored pinning Agni down. She was now knelt over Agni as the two deeply explored one another’s mouths. Agni’s chest plate was in the way but Purscha and Abeni had ample time to prepare for play — Agni was surprised she didn’t see it sooner but aside from her hooded cloak Purscha was completely nude.

Agni slid one hand between the Nekomata’s thighs and began to gently rub on her p**** lips, which were already soaked. With her other free hand she brought Purscha’s perky, B-cup tit to her mouth so that she could flick her tongue along the nipple. Watching the two go at it made Abeni even more excited. Her only regret at this point was that she couldn’t get that wet blanket Kitai to take part…

“I know…” Abeni said to herself with a chuckle as she removed her fingers and licked them clean before assuming the position.

“Time to steal your soul.”

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