Haze The Succubus

Chapter 19 : Haze The Succubus

“Ha ha ha ha! WHAT?” Abeni shouted as she gripped her stomach and burst out laughing.

Agni expected this sort of response, she was somewhat mentally prepared as well but it still made her ears burn with embarrassment. Katrin’s jaw dropped as she immediately whispered “O-oh my..”

Kitai’s cheeks grew extremely flush while Purscha simply sat gazing at Agni with a strange look on her face and a huge smile.

“I can’t help it. It’s not funny okay!” Agni finally shouted over Abeni’s laughter, still she couldn’t help but feel embarrassed somewhat.

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“I’m sorry. Ok.. Ahhh I wasn’t expecting that. I thought maybe your modifier was just..being weird or something. That’s crazy. So like… is that what last night was about?” Abeni said as she wiped a tear away from her left eye.

Agni groaned internally, Abeni was definitely trying to make her squirm at this point–she was sure of it. With no real answer Agni decided to do the only thing she could do, tap her fingertips together and throw out her best “plead the fifth” vibe.

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“OHHH! It WAS!” Abeni said again as she pointed at Agni’s now reddening face.

“I couldn’t help it okay. Something happened. I don’t know, I think one of my skills just activated and…I don’t know..” Agni offered up as an excuse, but rather it was the truth. She didn’t know why she took the actions she did, she simply felt compelled to do so.

“Abeni…stop. That’s enough,stop giving her a hard time.” Purscha said firmly.

“Ugh, fine..fine. Sorry.” Abeni said after a few moments. She still chuckled occasionally.

Agni found a new respect for Purscha who was now smiling intently at her.

“What kind of skills can you use?” Katrin said, piping up after her initial shock wore off.

“I only have one skill I can use.” Agni replied.

“So…what is it?” Katrin seemed very intent on hearing about the skills of a Succubus, in fact everyone did as all eyes were now on her.

Agni sighed, resigning herself to the fact that this would most likely be the topic of conversation for the next couple of hours unless she answered all of their questions quickly.

“It’s called Whisper. I haven’t even used it yet, actually since it requires getting very close to another person.”

“Really? So could you use it on me? You have my permission — as long as it doesn’t hurt.” Purscha added as she moved incredibly close to Agni.

“YES! Do it, please Agni!” Abeni said, excitement bubbling over from within. Agni gazed towards Katrin as well and seeing the strange look of determination in her eyes she realized she had no choice.

Agni looked Purscha in her golden colored eyes and drew close to her, close enough to feel her breath as she thought back to Wayla’s instructions for activating a skill:

“To activate any skill you have two options. The first is simply to recite the name of the skill in your mind, or proceed with intent to activate the skill. Your Systema will in turn activate the effects on your behalf. Keep in mind, you may need to fulfill certain requirements or the skill won’t activate.”

In this case, “certain requirements” were that Agni needed to be within whispering range. Other than that she had no idea what to do.

“Whisper.” She thought to herself with the intention of activating the ability. Agni could feel mana flowing towards her eyes and through the glossiness of Purscha’s gaze she could see a bright pink glow.

[To use ‘Whisper’ you must specify an action for your target to perform.]

“Hmm? I don’t feel anything.” Purscha said seconds later.

“It seems as if I need to give you some kind of directions. What do you want me to make her do?” Agni asked, turning to the others.

“Hmm…” For the first time Abeni seemed lost for words.

“Make her tongue touch your nose.” Katrin said.

After awaiting approval from everyone else Agni shrugged and tried again.

“Whisper :Touch your nose with your own tongue.” Agni thought as more mana flowed towards her eyes. This time as her eyes began to glow Purscha’s did as well along with the alert :
[Whisper Attempt Successful.]

As instructed Purscha immediately attempted to touch her own nose with her tongue. After several tries she finally managed, after which time the pink glow that had overcome her eyes faded away.

“Wow.. that was trippy..” Purscha said as she came to her senses.

“It was like I was staring through a foggy pink filter. I could almost see myself doing as you instructed. That’s amazing..” Purscha said.

Agni noticed a distinct change in Purscha’s body language, though she didn’t initially pick up on the meaning behind it.

“Do me next!” Katrin said suddenly, placing her hands on Agni’s leg and drawing her face EXTREMELY close.

“What should I compel you to do?” Agni then asked, of course, thinking of Katrin’s undeniable appeal.

The group of five continued going around in circles until Agni’s MP ran out. At each use costing 5 MP she could only use it six times total (Purscha went twice). Abeni was served a bit of just deserts as Agni directed her to pull down her pants and allow Kitai to spank her a few times.

Finally after discussing the capabilities of a Succubus class a bit more everyone decided to settle down to rest.

“I’m going to keep watch for the next few hours. Abeni…go to sleep. I’ll be waking you if I need to.” Purscha said as she pulled her hood over her head and returned to her post watching out for monsters. Despite all the noise the group made during the past couple of hours the Grimlock had not disturbed them at all. In fact, none could be seen in the immediate vicinity despite the fire. With this in mind both Katrin and Agni felt secure enough to finally fall asleep.

Just before they laid down Abeni suggested that they join her party for the remainder of the trip towards town.

“These Grimlock won’t bother you if you’re with us. We might even be able to hunt a few tomorrow for practice.” This was what Abeni said as she offered a party invite to both Katrin and Agni. Having bonded with her somewhat over the past couple of hours Katrin canceled her party and both joined Abeni’s. They all then retired to rest as it was now close to two in the morning.

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