Red Bottom

Chapter 12 : Red Bottom
“Your clothes. Remove them, and come here.” Wayla repeated. She’d already taken off her own armor and was proceeding to come out of her body suit.

“Um, this is–”

“Don’t delay. This may be the last chance for you to complete that quest. You can’t go any further if you fail here.” Wayla said as she took a seat in the largest of the wooden chairs and motioned for Agni to come closer.

For some reason Agni couldn’t shake the feeling that she was in trouble, there was somewhat of an authoritative atmosphere in play which she couldn’t quite put her finger on. It was decision time. Give up magic or endure this, whatever *this* was.

She took a deep breath and began to take off her clothing once more, finally she stood before Wayla in the nude awaiting further instruction.

“You know, I’ve been doing this job for well over two hundred years.”

“Two hundred what now?” Agni whispered.

“Indeed. One of the benefits of an adventurer is immortality. In addition you age much, much slower physically. A demonic class like yourself probably won’t age at all. You’ll forever have the body of a young adult. Isn’t that great?” Wayla took off her gloves as she spoke and then motioned “come hither” as her eyes locked with Agni’s.

Agni took a few steps closer, yet still remained a respectable distance away.

“Oh come now. You’re a succubus. You’re giving your class a bad name.” Wayla said, her impatience wearing thin. She finally grabbed Agni by the wrist and pulled her closer, the two now inches away from each other.

“Did you know? Demonic type adventure classes are rare, but your class– I’ve only ever met one other Succubus type in all my years. She had a similar predicament as you, only she was much less reserved. She had no reservations when it came to taking what she needed. She used her charms to touch and taste anyone who wandered a little bit too close…”

Agni’s palms had now begun to sweat as she listened to Wayla’s words. The familiar feeling of sexual tension had begun to fill the air.

“In the end, it took a bit more to push her over the edge–so to speak.” Wayla added, this time she pulled on Agni’s arm unexpectedly. The next thing Agni knew she was laid over Wayla’s knees, her butt in the air with Wayla looking down at her.

“Unfortunately we only have time for something like this…” Wayla said as she used one hand to keep Agni from wiggling and the other to gently rub her ass cheeks. Before Agni could even react she felt the sting, her flesh jiggling as the sensation of a firm smack took over.

“Uhn!” Agni was so surprised by the sound of pleasure coming out of her own mouth that she grasped her hands over her lips subconsciously.

“Yes. That’s what I like to hear. You see…”
“This world is not like…”
“The ones before… where everyone is so prudish…”
Wayla continued her story between her spanking slaps.

“Here, because the world is so raw and dangerous, we enjoy all sorts of pleasures without inhibition…”

Wayla had stopped spanking Agni (for the moment), instead she was gently rubbing Agni’s red cheeks in a soft circular motion. It was quite soothing.

Agni had never, ever done anything like this. In fact, if this had been suggested she’d have emphatically refused. Still….. She didn’t dislike it.

Especially when Wayla slid her fingertips between Agni’s legs and began to gently rub her moist p**** lips.

“Ah, that feels so good..” Agni thought to herself, though her body was still seized from the suddenness of the situation.

“That’s why you shouldn’t feel ashamed as long as it’s between two consenting adults. Like last night…”


This blow was enough to bring the threat of tears to Agni’s eyes, but for all the pain there was also pleasure as Wayla continued to work Agni’s p**** lips until her body was dripping wet.

In the end, Agni endured Wayla’s “treatment” until a new prompt flashed before her eyes.

[Quest Complete, The Potential System.][Level has risen to 1. All stats increased. +1 Level Point gained.][Adventurer’s Pact is now official.]

When all was said and done they both got dressed and Wayla escorted Agni back to the Tabernacle statue.

“Remember. Just be yourself. Everyone else in this world will. The good, the bad, the pure and the corrupt. They all leave their mark. Don’t inhibit yourself.” Wayla said, showing a very rare smile as she patted Agni on the shoulder and then addressed the remaining Adventurers.

“Of the four who needed to level up. Please stand before me.” Wayla commanded, and the adventurers did as she asked. Wayla took her time, gazing upon the faces of all four women before she finally decided to speak. Wayla held up her left hand, palm pointing towards the small group of women.

“Systema : Inspect!” She said. The magical mark on her hand began to glow and several digital tooltips appeared above each of the women.

“Let’s see. You , you and you. You all pass. You however, I’m sorry love.” Wayla said as she pointed to an Orcish girl on the far right of the lineup.

“Please. Wait, I only need 25 more!” She pleaded, but her plea fell on deaf ears.

“Guardian : Strip Rank!” Wayla shouted, undaunted by the Orc girl’s pleas. A yellow light washed over the woman and her skin slowly turned from green to a peach color. Her other orcish features slowly faded away as well until she was little more than a normal human again.

“Guardian : Forced Teleport : Gardenia !” Wayla then said as she cast a second spell. A white magic circle appeared beneath the woman’s feet and rose upwards, sending her away in a blip of light.

“And as you can see, this is the fate that awaits those who do not uphold your duty as adventurers.” Wayla said as she turned to the remaining women.

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