Chapter 14 : Party?
Every step Katrin took caused her plump E-Cup breasts to bounce uncontrollably, a fact that Agni simply couldn’t ignore. She felt mesmerized by their bounce and sway. Katrin’s face had a huge smile as she ran, waving the whole time.

Finally, the distance having been bridged she stopped less than a meter before Agni and smiled. Katrin’s eyes were a beautiful emerald green color, something Agni never really noticed before due to Katrin’s other…assets. Agni also noticed that Katrin’s style of dress was much different than before. She was wearing something that resembled a set of clothing that a monk might wear. A simple cloth outfit with long sleeves and leather boots. Leather trim did an absolutely terrible job of containing Katrin’s tits which were practically screaming to be let free.

“Have you decided what you’re going to do yet?” Katrin asked, bringing Agni’s attention to her eyes instead of her chest.

“Huh? Oh, no.. not really. Why do you ask?” Agni responded.

“Because many of the adventurers already set out for Grenvale. Together.”

“Oh. I see.” Agni replied.

“So..would you like to go, with me I mean?” Katrin asked.

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“I’m not really a combat oriented class, in case you haven’t noticed but I do have other benefits, I’m great at –”

“Sure, let’s do it.” Agni responded amidst Katrin’s “sales pitch” on her best qualities.

“Really? That’s great!” Katrin said as she launched herself at Agni with a lunging hug.

“Was this something really something to be that excited about? “ Agni thought to herself as she felt the softness of Katrin’s chest against her own.

“Simple pleasures.” she thought to herself.

Apparently Katrin had been turned down by many of the other adventurers, which wasn’t surprising. Agni saw their “cliques” forming as an inevitable thing. Agni, for the most part, kept to herself the past couple of days but it wasn’t totally by accident. If Agni had to place a label on it, it was most likely envy. From the moment their classes had been assigned via the Systema Agni’s transformation was the most unique. That coupled with the fact that she was a Specialist category adventurer was enough to distance her from many of the other adventurers.

Agni was also sure that Abeni may have had something to do with it as well. By “laying claim” on certain girls, marking her territory–so to speak, many of the more beta women avoided Agni by principle. In fact, the few times Agni had attempted to make conversation with some of the adventurers they kept it short and excused themselves.

“I wonder how my Charm stat actually works? Do people like me regardless of their feelings or do they need to be attracted to me on some level before my Charm does anything? I’ll have to test that…” Agni thought to herself.

The only person thus far who ignored the perceived social dynamic or “hierarchy” thus far was Katrin. Katrin went out of her way to speak to Agni at any given opportunity so why wouldn’t she party up with her? It seemed like a no brainer, still the response made Katrin much happier than anticipated so Agni couldn’t complain.

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“So when are we leaving?” Katrin asked as she moved a strand of her long brunette hair around the back of her ear.

“Hmm. Give me a few to get changed. I want to take a dip in the hot spring before we go.” Agni replied. At this suggestion Katrin’s face lit up. She grabbed Agni by the arm and pulled her along towards the hot spring area.

There were already several ladies at the hot spring area when the two arrived. Apparently half a dozen other adventurers had the same idea. The pre-journey soak was quite nice, especially the portion in which Agni got to wash Katrin’s back. Katrin’s breasts were so large and round that they could be seen from behind. Agni once again found herself fighting to resist temptation to reach out and caress them.

Once the two entered the hot spring they had a nice, relaxing soak as they discussed their plans for travel. Grenvale, the city listed in the quest, was known as the “starter” city of the region. Essentially it was a place new adventurers could go in order to gain their bearings before moving onto greener pastures. For someone who seemed almost as solitary as Agni, Katrin had acquired a great deal of knowledge. Apparently in the city of Grenvale specific trainers existed that showed adventurers how to better use the Systema as well as trained people in the art of living an adventurer’s life.

For Agni she really had no particular goal in mind at the moment, so she was willing to try most everything out. One thing did worry her though — monsters. Agni recalled something Wayla told them during their earlier training session with weapons.

“Take care not to underestimate any creature you come across in this world. While some may look like animals, I assure you they are not. Animals as you know them do not exist in this world, instead what we have are beasts known as Grimlocks. Grimlocks, or more commonly referred to as monsters, have enough strength to easily kill or maim normal people and right now your strength is as close to normal as it ever will be. Once you leave here, do not delay or stray from the path. Doing so could help you meet an early demise.”

“Grimlock huh?” Agni muttered to herself as she listened to Katrin discuss various things. Although she was listening to Katrin speak, she also had things on her mind — namely Abeni at the moment. She wondered exactly how Abeni felt about everything that happened last night. She’d only seen her once earlier in the day and Abeni completely ignored her glances. That being said, she couldn’t really imagine Abeni being all that shy so…

Agni’s mind was pulled back to the present moment as she felt Katrin draw closer in the hot spring.

“We should probably get going. It’s getting late. We will have to make camp at some point and we can’t stay here any longer.” Katrin said.

“Hmm? Why not?” Agni asked.

“Apparently the Tabernacle only welcomes people for a forty eight hour period. After that time they are expelled into the forest outside.”

“Huh? Where did you hear that?” Agni said in disbelief. “Being dispelled? How would that work exactly?”

“The Lore menu. There’s a great deal of information already listed in there. You can learn quite a lot.” Katrin responded.

“So basically, if we were to sleep here we’d be forcibly kicked out in our sleep?”

“Yes.” Katrin added.

“I guess that makes sense, otherwise what would stop someone from staying in the spawning area indefinitely..” Agni said as she nodded.

Katrin stood up, the water falling down as she got to her feet. Her figure was impressive. Her skin was milky and smooth, her pink nipples hard from the stimulation of heat in the water. Agni carefully noted the curvature of her hips, Katrin’s proportions were amazing. The only word that came to mind was “Thick”. The beauty of her female form was rounded out by the curly brown pubes which adorned her fleshy lips. Agni couldn’t help but bite her lip at the sight of Katrin’s naked body. Katrin on the other hand seemed oblivious — or simply enjoyed being an exhibitionist for Agni.

“Let’s go.” She said as she leaned over and extended her hand to Agni.

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