Chapter 13: Requirements
“As you’ve just seen, this is the fate that awaits you should you fail to maintain the requirements for being an adventurer. As I’ve said many times, being an adventurer gives you free reign on how to shape the world you’re about to live in. By the same token, with that power comes a certain amount of responsibility.” Wayla said as she addressed the remaining adventurers.

“As an adventurer, you are required to obtain at least one level a month, acquire at least one piece of new information, or battle at least a hundred creatures. Do any of these three things and you can live comfortably within the life of an adventurer.

Now you can see why the quest was so important. You’re safe for the next thirty days to explore and get your bearings. Look down at your Systema mark. Since you’ve leveled up it has changed from its normal color to having a white outline. This means you’ve fulfilled the requirements to maintain your status as an adventurer.”

Agni glanced down at her own mark which was normally pink in color and indeed, there was now a white outline around the symbol.

“To better explain, there are several adventurer ranks and each has different requirements to maintain. You need only fail to meet requirements one single time, and your status as an adventure is forfeit. Failure to do so will strip you of all your accumulated levels, skills and abilities including your class. You will then forcibly be teleported to the normal starting town of Gardenia to begin your new life as a normal. Or, if you prefer, NPC for those of you familiar with the term.”

“Townsperson B…” Agni immediately thought as she heard Wayla’s description. She then shuddered,for she just barely avoided such a fate.

“Your current adventurer’s rank is Zero and there are Ranks reaching up to four. For point of reference, I’m a rank 2. The most powerful adventurers in the world are rank three and there are only less than a handful at that level.”

“Why is this important? I say it to help you understand that other than your Rank requirements, you’re free to do virtually anything you desire. If you have the strength, means or will you can only be stopped by yourself — or other adventurers. Such is the power you now wield. There are also a few other points I need to explain to you before you begin your new lives, so listen carefully.”

Wayla then explained that the total number of levels an adventurer can accumulate is limited at 999, the known maximum and the pinnacle of a Rank 4 adventurer. Within those levels, certain limitations exist– level caps that can only be broken by completing a ranking task. Once this is done, an adventurer’s rank is upgraded along with their class.

With the introductory discussion about leveling out of the way, the group had breakfast and prepared for another workout session with Wayla. She called it “training” but really it was just her drilling self defense and evasion techniques into adventurers relentlessly. By the second session everyone seemed to gain the gist of the basics but they were surprised as Wayla added weapons into the mix.

“It’s important for everyone to learn how to hold their own, even if it’s the basics.” Wayla said. Each person got to choose a weapon according to their adventure class, which limited also weapons for battle apparently. Agni’s choices were surprising.

“Scythe. Spear. Bo Staff. Halberd. Hmm, some of these seem like pretty heavy weaponry.” Agni remarked as she looked at a tutorial prompt explaining her options. She gave each a try and despite her initial misgivings they all felt “normal” to her, even the scythe. Despite this, she could tell that some weapons required a bit more skill to use successfully so she chose the easiest to use in her opinion–the Halberd. It was a bit heavy, but all she really needed to do was swing it around.

After an hour’s practice in sparring with some of the Striker category adventurers Agni felt confident enough that she could fend off weaker foes or perhaps small animals at best. It was a start. After nearly three hours of training the body it was now mid afternoon. Agni expected to take another dip in the hot spring, but instead Wayla gathered everyone together again.

“Death is impossible for you as an adventurer. However,you should fear defeat. When your health drops to 0, for any reason, you will be resurrected at the last spawn point you activated. As of now, you’ll spawn here at the Tabernacle. Upon being defeated you will enter a special state known as ‘First Death’. During First Death all of your stats will be decreased and you will be rendered weak for a certain amount of time. If you are struck down again in this state, your life as an adventurer will come to an end and you will automatically become a ‘normal’. The duration of this status effect changes as you rise in level, so be aware.”

“Well done. You’ve learned the basics of self defense. You’ve learned the basics of being an adventurer. My job ends here, for this area only serves as a spawning point and a brief tutorial. No one can teach you how to be an adventurer, this is something you must learn and decide on your own.

With that in mind, there are two final things I’d like to share with you. The first is the final quest you will receive from me. It is optional, but it should help you on your way and it will be extremely helpful to all of you here starting out. I highly recommend that you complete it.” Wayla said as she lifted her left hand upwards, the back of her palm facing the crowd. Her Systema mark glimmered for the briefest of moments before a new alert appeared for all of the adventurers gathered before her.

[Quest Added : Trainer’s Tutelage]

“The quest has a three day timer. The final thing I’d like to share with you are gifts from the Tabernacle.” Wayla’s mark glowed, this time emanating a strange light as another alert appeared for each adventurer.

[Item Acquired : Beginner’s Halberd][Item Acquired : Beginner’s Chest Plate(f)][Item Acquired : Beginner’s Bracers][Item Acquired : Beginner’s Shin Guards][Item Acquired : Beginner’s Pack][Acquired 1,500 Gol][Dimensional Storage Activated. Visit the Inventory Menu for more information.][Systema Upgraded to level 2. Additional features unlocked, Map,Lore Systems.]

“Now, it is time for you to leave this place and explore new realms. Make a name for yourself, or perhaps live a more quiet life. The choice is yours.” Wayla said she bowed her head to the group. In response the adventurers clapped, some hooted or whistled. Wayla smiled briefly before she then turned and left, presumably to go back to her hut.

The crowd of adventurers lingered around for many minutes more as they decided what to do and Agni could relate, for she’d suddenly been given free reign to do anything she pleased.

“Money, and several items besides the starting gear.” Agni said as she glanced through her inventory. Map features were also added; a world map which was devoid of any information or locations save for the Wilderness Tabernacle and the town of Grenvale, a regional mode which showed a closer view of the immediate area, and a minimap which looked more like a radar than a guidance reference.

In addition the gear seemed more suited towards battle than her current set up. For one, it was impossible to wear the black bodysuit and the other pieces at the same time — the two were simply incompatible. Agni decided to hold off on switching up her gear for the time being and instead found a place to sit so that she could check out the ‘Beginner’s Pack’.

By using the item several other items were added to her inventory, health potions, assorted food items, mana potions and a few tools that might be useful to beginners like smoke bombs. Agni had just finished looking over her items when she heard Katrin’s voice call her name.

“Agni!” Katrin shouted as she ran towards the succubus.

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