Vol. 1: Chapter three – meeting the family (part 3)

Xue Rui was working in his office when he received the text message from his former fiance. After reading the message, Xue Rui couldn’t help but let out a small chuckle. ‘How precious,’ he thought. He decided to call instead of replying back with a text. Jinghua answered on the second ring.

“Jinghua, what a pleasant surprise. Didn’t you say that I should stay away from your family?” Xue Rui asked in a mocking tone. “It’s only been a week and it seems that you already miss me.”

“You haven’t changed Xue Rui. This is for Ah‘Wen. He’s worried about our ‘relationship’ and I’m afraid that it might affect his recovery. So, work with me here.”

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“Ah~ of course. For Xiao1 Wen, I am willing to agree to this,” he said, a smile forming on his lips. “Then, I will see you at dinner.”

After that exchange, he ended the call and looked forward to dinner. “But before that…” Xue Rui stared at his computer. “I should finish this quickly,” he sighed as he continued his work. It got late, and it was probably because he was too focused on his work that he didn’t realize just how late it was. If his secretary had not reminded him, he might have worked until late into the night.

After leaving his office, Xue Rui made a quick stop to buy a gift for Li Xinwen. When he told Li Jinghua that he was going to pursue Li Xinwen, he actually meant it. The moment he laid his eyes on Li Xinwen, he knew he had to have him.

He went to a high-end antique shop and because of his status, he was immediately led to the VIP room. “Young Master Xue, is there something you need from our humble shop?” the store manager asked.

“En. I’m looking for a gift for my future wife. Do you have anything that might be fitting? The price won’t be an issue,” Xue Rui answered.

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“Well, you’re in luck Young Master Xue! We just recently acquired a very rare jadeite stone.”

“Oh?” this news suddenly piqued Xue Rui’s interest. “How big is the stone?”

“Although it is not that big, it would still be enough to make a jade pendant,” the manager answered.

“Alright. Please make it into my family crest. How long will it take? I plan to give the gift tonight.”

“No problem, Young Master Xue. It will be done in an hour. In the meantime, how about Young Master Xue look over the rest of our items? Maybe there is something else that might strike your fancy?” He handed Xue Rui a booklet to browse through before heading to the back of the shop to prepare the pendant Xue Rui wanted.

Though Xue Rui knew that it was only a marketing strategy, he indulgently browsed the booklet. After all, it was better than doing nothing. By the time he reached the last page, he had unconsciously added three more items to his purchase. He reasoned that since he bought one for Li Xinwen, it would look suspicious if he didn’t get gifts for the rest of the family.

1 Xiao – Meaning small/little. In this case, it is used as a term of endearment

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