Cultivator’s ranks

Body Transformation stage

The Body Training Stage was the first realm for those who pursued the road of martial arts. It involves the tempering of their bodies and was separated into six stages.

Stages Details
1. Strength Training

The very first step in cultivation; in this step, a cultivator will strengthen their mortal bodies as a foundation.
2. Flesh Training

Strengthens the outer parts of the body. The epidermises of the skin can be infused with true essence.
3. Viscera Training

Strengthens the organs to the point that the breath of a cultivator would release snakes.
4. Muscle Altering

A thorough strengthening of the living tissue.
5. Bone Forging

As the name states. This is when a cultivator permeates their true essence in the bones, strengthening it.
6. Qi Condensation

The sign of the Pulse Condensation was true essence meridian penetration.
(Meridian Training) (Lifespan: up to 150 years)
7. Tempering Marrow

Deep within the bones. A cultivator must penetrate their true essence to the marrow of the bone for the true essence to move through it as a medium for true essence like the meridians.

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Cultivation Realm

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Realms Details
Foundation Establishment

Body Transformation
Qi Condensation

At this boundary, a martial artist formed their meridians and could draw in heaven and earth origin energy through their acupoints.

When one’s origin energy reached a certain degree, it would gather in their lower abdomen and form a dantian.

  • Early Stage: Stage 1 – 4
  • Mid Stage: Stage 5 – 7
  • Peak Stage: Stage 8 – 9

Once the true essence within the dantian condensed into a vortex, there would then be order. The total amount of true essence would increase and it would also become much easier to control.

  • Early Stage: Stage 1 – 3
  • Mid Stage: Stage 4 – 6
  • Late Stage: Stage 7 – 8
  • Peak Stage: Stage 9

When the vortex condensed into a core.

  • Early Stage
  • Mid Stage
  • Late Stage
  • Peak Stage

Break the Core to produce a Nascent Soul.

  • Early Stage
  • Mid Stage
  • Late Stage
  • Peak Stage

To carve away/Sever those that a cultivator considers ‘vain’. Also known as spirit severing.

  • Early Stage: First Severing
  • Mid Stage: Second Severing
  • Late Stage: Third Severing

Void Profundity or Dao Seeking stage.

  • Early Stage: To find the Void
  • Mid Stage: To understand the Void
  • Peak Stage: To embrace the Void

Overcoming Tribulation

  • Early Stage: First Tribulation
  • Mid Stage: Second Tribulation
  • Peak Stage: Third Tribulation

Grand Completion

  • Early Stage
  • Mid Stage
  • Peak Stage
- my thoughts:
Reference taken from various cultivation novels, especially 'Stellar Transformation' and 'I Shall Seal The Heaven'.
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