Levels of ability users and zombie ranks

Levels of Ability Users

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First Awakening: Human’s first evolution. Whenever they use their abilities, their eye colour will change for a small amount of time.

Level 1
Basic ability such as projectile, walls, pit and strengthening.

Level 2
Improvement in level 1 ability.
Level 3
Increase in strength, allows ability users a wider range of use on their ability.

Second Awakening: The eyes of the ability users will change colour based on their elements. With enough training, they will be able to hide this, allowing others to not know their real level. But it only works on those who are lower level than them. Those who are of higher level will know.

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Level 4
Ability Condensation. Able to form weapons or imbue their abilities onto their weapons.

Level 5
Increase in strength. Allowing ability users to create their own skills based on their own proficiency and understanding.
Level 6
Allows ability users to generate their own energy field.
Level 7

Increase in mental strength.

Third Awakening: Ability users will be immune to the zombie virus. Can be comparable to cultivators of Dongxu Realm, early stage. After reaching the third awakening, it is equal to level 8 ability user.

Fourth Awakening: For those who have multiple abilities, they are able to reach the fourth awakening. This is comparable to cultivators of Dongxu Realm, peak mid-stage.

People with multiple abilities, after the second awakening, they are able to combine both elements to create another skill.

Zombies Ranks

Level/Ranks Details
Level 0

Normal zombies. They have a stiff movement, slow and move only based on an instinct to devour.
Level 1 Faster than level 0 zombies. They have flexible limbs, allowing them to run.

Level 2 The skin of the zombies become tougher and their nails grew longer. Some zombies will have mutated appearance at this stage.

Level 3 Zombies started to awaken abilities just like ability. But because they are still guided by their instinct, their use of the ability is very simple.

Level 4 At this stage, zombies had gained intelligence and they are able to think. Because of this, they have small control over low-levelled zombies.

Level 5 Zombies at this level is able to control the lower level zombies better than a level 4. Have a slight regenerative ability

Level 6 Zombies are able to form some words. Regenerative ability is better than level 5.

Level 7 Any wounds on their body will close/heal (includes wound that they had when they became zombie). For mutated zombies, they will also be able to regain human form again. They will be able to pretend to be human except that they are still pale, cold and devoid of any heartbeat.

Level 8 / Zombie General Able to mix with humans. For a short amount of time, they are able to fake their heartbeat. Comparable to Dongxu Realm practitioner, mid-stage.

Level 9 / Zombie Emperor Able to take control of the lower levelled zombie with ease. Comparable to peak Dongxu practitioner. Visually, they are no different than humans. They are also able to control the virus within their body.

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