Chapter 7 – 500 vs 5000

Helfor and the rest were astounded at what Aeon told them. They stood there, all frozen with their mind blanked– They are now unsure whether they should just forfeit the match or continue on. 

Estin gritted her teeth, “I thought you’re a tactician? You don’t lower down everyone’s motivation like that. Show some respect.” 

Eleftheria softly glared at the scarlet-haired general with her glistening stale grey irises, she is truly starting to hate this woman as a whole and if it weren’t for Aeon, she would have given this general a good beating. She hates the way the other treats her very good friend without proving any good points as to why she was loathing towards someone who hasn’t done anything bad to her. It is purely infuriating on the honey-haired’s part. 

But, she also knows that Aeon will prove her wrong. She will wait. 

Aeon just nodded at what Estin advised; the scarlet-haired’s right, she shouldn’t allow everyone to lose their motivation or it will be their end before the war could even start. Her eyes glistened as she focused her gaze on their enemies, keenly studying their small habits for a bit and it was more than enough for her to have a head start.

The maroon-haired finally faced everyone, “I have a play in mind. But two people need to be with me while everyone else needs to charge at them head on. Eleftheria and Halber, you will aid me. Tanks will spread around and get ready for my signal. When the sorceresses cast their spells on the mountains to bury the opponents, you will raise your shields and protect the team.” Aeon sooner looked over at Draco, who was riding his horse.

“You there, can I borrow your good pet over there?”

Draco nodded as he hopped down and led the horse to Aeon, “Do you perhaps in need of two more horses for the sorceresses?”

“No, they can fly.” Aeon replied as she climbed up and sat on the saddle and turned it over to face the ocean waves of enemies.

“We can’t beat them if we will fight hard so let’s lessen their numbers bit by bit.” The woman added.

Estin clicked her tongue and narrowed her eyes at Aeon then at their counterparts.

A female tactician of Mineria Kingdom whistled in delight when she saw Aeon, “She looks absolutely new in their pack.” 

“Yeah, along with that other woman. Heard that she is strong.” A feminine knight, donning light, dark steel armor with her whole arms and hands exposed. She doesn’t have a helmet and it allowed her long, brown hair to be sprawled in mid-air by the gentle wind, oozing out her intimidating smoke-like flow of powerful electric blue aura, which can deliver great fear to people weaker than her and recognition to people stronger than her. 

The tactician averted her attention to Eleftheria and could feel the same vibe as her companion coming off of her, “I think I will let you handle this one; their new tactician isn’t something we should worry about.” 

“Granted.” The knight gripped tightly on the hilt of her sheathed blade.

“You guys ready for this?” The dark-skinned judge asked the two women, who nodded in return.

The white-haired then stood up and a white greek column slowly protruded from the ground with a red button on top. The white-haired judge then moved towards the column before shouting,

“Let the battle between Moonfire Kingdom and Mineria Kingdom begin!” and slammed her palm on the button, allowing the sound of horns to ring within the whole battlefield.

“Onward!!!” fully-armored general of the Mineria Kingdom yelled as it thrusted its unsheathed sword forward, allowing its subordinates to charge as they release their battle cries.

“Don’t let them step on you! Charge!!!” Estin ordered and her knights roared while they stormed the middle of the battlefield. Eleftheria and Halber moved to the side of the mountains of both sides with Aeon rushing in a few steps farther from the army that made her stand out.

“Huh, that new tactician sure is a fool. What is she planning?” The enemy tactician pondered as the distances between their armies grow smaller.

“Shall I join right away, Irah?” Her most powerful knight asked.

“Not yet, Cynane. I’ll tell you when. Just a little more.” Irah instructed.

Let’s see what they will do first. Irah hummed at the thought as she grabbed her bow and settled an arrow, pulling it and steadying her form, aiming it on Aeon’s head.

Without their tactician, they will fall. Irah then released the string and the arrow flew sharply towards Aeon.

The maroon-haired sensed the arrow and caught its body with her hand before its tip reached her, with the gap from her right eye only a few meters away. She threw away the arrow before she looked up to see Irah.

Based on how she specifically aimed for me, she must be their tactician. It seems she will be difficult to deal with since she can use arrows.

The dark-skinned judge whistled at that move, “That new tactician of the Moonfire Kingdom has a great battle awareness!”

The white-haired narrowed her eyes with a thought,

True. And I feel like she isn’t just an ordinary tactician.

Aeon pulled the reigns, allowing the horse to stop and neigh loudly—suddenly pulling herself off the creature before a large blade was swung out of nowhere, cutting off the horse’s head and allowing a large amount of blood to splatter.

Helfor’s eyes widened, “What the..” He had to stop his comment upon seeing the horse drop dead on the ground, its head bouncing off towards them.

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“Guess they have new bigger ones.” Draco muttered.

In front of them are endless rows of gigantic, heavily-armored men towering most of them, with pairs of crimson orbs glowing from the thin line gap of their helmets, where their eyes were vaguely exposed. Each of them were holding bastard swords, heavy gauntlets and large warhammers, axes and maces. Judging from how they delivered that blow earlier, they are more than just being strong—

—they are also merciless.

“They only have additional sizes in build. But they are still humans nonetheless.” Aeon scoffed before she shouted,


Eleftheria and Halber immediately casted spells that allowed them to shoot large fireballs towards the mountains, causing explosions and the edges to fall down towards both their enemies and allies alike.

Irah’s eyes slightly widened, “Are they really that reckless to put their allies’ lives at stake?” She muttered in disbelief.

The tanks of the Moonfire Kingdom immediately went into their positions and surrounded their allies before they raised their great shields up—the debris completely covering them along with their counterparts.

“Don’t think that is over. NOW!!” Aeon ordered once again and Eleftheria shot another volley of fireballs towards a larger mountain, making it explode and the edges to fall down on the major numbers of the Mineria Knights.

“Hoooh, not bad! Not bad!!” The dark-skinned male laughed in delight.

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“Hmm, if this were an official tournament, I’d say that the army count for the Mineria Kingdom will be down to four thousands. With the additional of the new tactician, they are gaining greater heights in this battle.” The queen-like judge said.

“The Moonfire Kingdom changed into a whole new one ever since they had a tactician! It’s actually interesting!” The white-haired commented.

“Ohhh there you go again with your admiration for the tactician, Tythus.” The man stated.

“Let her be, Gidas. We both know how she loves intelligent and clever people.” The queen judge chuckled.

“Aw shut it, Elvira.” Tythus rolled her eyes.

In the battlefield, the Moonfire Knights found themselves surprised at how accurate Aeon is. They surely obtained a gem. Add the fact that their numbers are still solid and it was a good start for them. They sooner exchanged glances and grinned with their eyes glimmering in anticipation of the thought that they can win.

That play definitely boosted their spirits up and that alone is making Estin click her tongue out of annoyance.

Her pride is being trampled. By Aeon. Along with the fact that she won’t be able to send her away at this rate.

She have to do something.

“We have to wait for a while until Eleftheria and Halber is finished. We have to make use of these stones as our shield for their upcoming attacks. When their count is down into half their whole number, the archers will climb the mountains and aid the mages.” Aeon instructed while Estin watched.

The scarlet-haired glared at the woman.

Ever since you came, things became too annoying for me to bear. You give orders like you are the general here. She thought as she peeked through the gaps to look at the panicking enemy knights in the farther part of the battlefield.

And because of how annoying you are that I am in the mood to strike my sword on some of them. I won’t wait for that long.

She sooner sprouted out and moved away from the group, climbing onto her horse and rushed towards the enemy side.

“General Estin!!” Draco called out in surprise as an attempt to bring her back, alarming his other peers.

Helfor’s eyes widened in panic, “General Estin! Come back!!”

“What the—” Eleftheria diverted her attention towards the stampeding Estin towards the army, “Idiot! Get back! Are you out of your mind!?”

“General Estin! Get back! It’s too dangerous!” Halber shouted from the skies and flew towards their general with Eleftheria following behind.

 “General Estin!” Aeon went to another horse and hopped on it, slapping the reigns away that made the creature neigh loudly before sprinting in to chase after the scarlet-haired.

It took Aeon a few moments before she finally got closer to the general. Upon reaching beside her, she called her out,

“General Estin, get back! It’s not the time yet!”

“Shut up!” Estin retorted.

“General Estin!” Aeon then attempted to reach for the scarlet-haired but the latter suddenly swung her short sword towards her, making the maroon-haired quickly move her body back to avoid the attack,

“Don’t you dare touch me, you imbecile! Leave me alone!” The general spat as she gave her a sharp glare. It made Aeon’s eyes widen.

That hurt her like her heart was stabbed by countless of knives.

Why..? What’s wrong, General Estin? What did I do wrong? Aeon pondered but her instincts are still letting her get close to Estin once again.

“Cynane, it’s time.” Irah ordered and the said woman nodded before she went towards a large catapult and hopped onto its bucket and sitting on it, serving herself as the payload. She unsheathed her sword and cut the rope with it, firing her towards the spot on where Estin would be.

Eleftheria’s eyes widened upon seeing the woman, with both of her arms and legs back and her chest out at front, raising her sword up with the tip of the blade aiming at their general—she looked at Aeon and Estin,

“Aeon, look out!!” She warned and the tactician looked up at the upcoming knight before she jumped from her horse and pushed Estin to the side with her. Cynane then pierced her blade on the spine of Estin’s horse, snapping and cutting it in half as she slammed it down on the ground that it created a bloodied crater below.

Estin and Aeon yelped upon landing on the ground. The general groaned as she sat up and looked over at Aeon angrily, “Are you crazy!? When did I tell you to catch me there!?”

Aeon shook her head to ease her nausea before looking back at the other, “I can’t take the risk of losing you.”

“Wha—” That felt like a cupid’s arrow struck Estin’s heart that caused her to have a faint blush spread across her cheeks, “Y-You don’t have the right to say that! Shut up! Your words are too ugly!”

Aeon furrowed her eyebrows in puzzlement; she began to be suspicious of the general’s maneuvers. She will be needing to investigate on this later after the war, “How come?”

“Th-That—” But Estin stopped midway when Cynane charges at them, “Wait, eyes up!”

“Bantering in the middle of the battlefield will bring you at the death’s door, may your souls fly up the heavens!” Cynane shouted before she swung her blade towards Aeon.

Aeon was about to move away when Eleftheria flew into the scene:

“Don’t think I won’t kick your ass, though!” The honey-haired woman pulled her arm and torso back, forming her hand into a tight and pressurized fist, which she immediately threw it and hit the knight’s cheek, causing her to fly back, bouncing and rolling off the ground a couple of times until she finally came into a halt.

“Eleftheria!” Aeon finally felt relieved like she was pulled out from the tight spot with the general.

Halber went towards Estin and knelt beside her, “Sheesh! You were too reckless! Come on! We have to get you back!”

Estin looked over at Halber, “Halber!”

Eleftheria narrowed her eyes when Cynane stood up and glared at them calmly as a slight stream of blood fell off from the corners of her lips.

Hoooh, so she is just as wild. Heh, perfect. The sorceress quirked the right side of her lips up, creating a smirk.

Aeon and Estin finally stood up and the maroon-haired noticed their stare-offs.

Tythus hummed as she observed, “Now, this is a good match-up.”

“Hooh, what’s the new sorceress’ name?” Gidas asked.

“It was said in the papers that her name’s Eleftheria Goldenarm, a sorceress who can use both magic and physical attacks.” Elvira answered.

“And we have here Cynane Warfolk, who is similar to Eleftheria. They are one of a kind.” Tythus grinned.

Aeon looked at her friend as if to signal her with a single call, “Eleftheria.”

“Yeah, I know. Just head back and let me deal with this girl.” Eleftheria said.

“Be careful.” Aeon replied before her horse went towards them and stopping in front of them. The tactician then hopped on with the detesting general settling behind her.

Those two simple words made the sorceress chuckle; whenever Aeon would say those, it just simply means that the opponent is that strong and she couldn’t help but feel every fiber of her being revving up in excitement.

“Sure.” Is what the sorceress could only respond.

“Oi, you better make sure that Eleftheria will be alright after this or I will curse you!” Estin growled at Aeon, who began to encouraging the horse to gallop back towards their peers, with Halber following.

“Are you sure she will be okay?” Halber asked Aeon.

“Worry not about her,” Aeon immediately said, without even looking back at the two women, who will clash soon,

“Worry about her enemy.”

Cynane clicked her tongue, “They got away.”

“Ahh, too bad for you. But, don’t worry, I’ll keep you entertained.” Eleftheria squatted, dragging her right foot back and crouching down slightly with her right arm aligned with her hip and her left arm raised diagonally on her chest level. With a low yet audible tone of voice that could send chills down the latter’s spine, she spoke with a mocking intent,

“Come on, pretty girl. Let’s see if you really have the right to get our general’s head.”

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