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Title:Blacksmith In High School | Tags: Time Skip
Synopsis: A fast-paced story about a youngster who loses everything and everyone he holds dear. Through the only family that still remains with him, his uncle, he gets to choose to dedicate his focus and attention to blacksmithing rather than to fall into depression and street life...

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Eve’s soul manifested inside the body of a blonde girl. The first time Eve’s divine eyes observed the world was a moment of tragedy. The woman before her was robbed of her purity by eight men.

Eve glared away… Even if she was just a spirit to these mortals, what they were capable of was sickening.

Then a sole man stepped in. Around him, a familiar aura enveloped the Goddess.


But it wasn’t Adam. It was Ashner. He punched Ensley’s face, and one by one, the men overpowered him.

Eve studied their violence. Conflict humanity created for themselves. A part of her now grasped why Lilith was against the idea of giving lesser beings intellect… Violence was bound to happen… Destruction among themselves… But Ashner wasn’t just a host. He stood against the violence with his own strength.

Eve smiled.

“You chose well, Adam…”

Eve studied Melissa, who was so drugged she barely kept conscious.

“And you’ll be mine…”


Eve’s eyes studied Ensley as she held Melissa and fired a round into the back of the head of her father.

“More violence…” Eve was a Goddess with no power. “I’m responsible for all this… This world is dark and rotten…”

Melissa’s mind broke, and insanity settled as she spent her days crying and resenting her scars.

Until one day, Melissa’s eyes focused on Eve.

To the blonde, she was ghostly, with a yellow aura. The shape of her body and her shifting eyes jolted her back.

Then she started laughing. “I’m crazy… I’m really going crazy…”

Eve knelt down and gripped her shoulder. Melissa’s eyes widened when she did.

“No, you’ve suffered, and your mind just wants to escape…”

“Who are you?” Melissa shook.

“Eve… I’ve watched you for a few years now…”

“A ghost? That’s just what I need.” Melissa tried smacking her hand away from her shoulder. But Eve had no physical body. She swatted away light.

“Your soul is bound to mine, Melissa… Soon you’ll obtain my powers, and we will become one soul… But I want us to be more than just that… I want us to be friends…”

“I don’t have friends!” Melissa grabbed a beer bottle and tossed it, shattering it against her fridge. “Leave me alone!”

Eve lowered her head, and her body faded away.


Melissa unplugged the machine keeping her mother alive. She leaned in and kissed her forehead. “I’m sorry I was such a failure to you…”

Eve had her arms crossed. She had gained some of her power back.

“You never left,” Melissa spoke to the air. “You’re invisible, but I can feel you… Eve…”

Eve manifested herself in front of Melissa. She wore white and gold lining and a crown with white gems that shifted shapes.

“Melissa… I’m sorry…”

“Her time came… And now I’m alone…”

“You were never alone… Your mind had rotted away… So I can’t give you my powers…”

“Shut up!” Melissa smashed the bed. Her mind made her ramble broken sentences. “You killed her, didn’t you? Or was it Ensley? I need to run… I can’t handle this guilt anymore… Why did this happen to me! Why am I always alone! TALKING WITH A F****** GHOST!”

Eve shook her head. “I can help you…”

“No one can help me…” Melissa tumbled on her ass. She wept bitterly. “The last one who helped me… I betrayed him… Ashner… Maybe he can help me…”

Eve grabbed her laptop, typing in his name, and sure enough, he was registered. She got his full address. Once she studied his face, she calmed herself. Like the madness in her faded for a second.

“Maybe if he forgives me…”

Eve tilted her head then focused on her power, allowing her to study her surroundings. No souls were within a thousand meters.

“Find him,” Eve spoke firmly. “The two guards White Water stationed outside are running late.”

Melissa raised her eyebrow then rushed towards her bedroom window. Sure enough, the same white van that was always parked there was gone.

“How did you know that?” Melissa studied Eve. “And why are you helping me?”

“I already told you… I consider you a friend… My powers are very limited, and I can only guide you… Right now, you should follow your instincts… Find this Ashner, redeem your soul…”

“What if he hates me? After what I did to him… If he wanted to kill me, I’d welcome death.”

Eve inhaled. “The path for redemption isn’t easy, nor is it safe or without fail… But you have to choose. Do you want to stay here in the shreds of your old life… Or follow your heart and carve a new one?”

“I hate my life… I hate myself… And I hate how scared I always am…”

Eve grabbed the blonde’s hands. Even with her ghostly figure, Eve’s warm embrace shocked Melissa.

“If you’re scared, rely on me…”

“… Okay… Let’s find Ashner…”


For months Melissa slept under bridges, in homeless shelters, and occasionally on park benches. She was scared, but at least she was free, away from the eyes of her captors.

Eve often woke her up when her power caught something suspicious. Like gang members talking about mugging someone or a drug dealer having a bad day.

Melissa learned to trust Eve with all her heart.

Then came the day she broke into the old factory. She spied on Ashner’s group as they entered a door that led to a white room.

“How is that possible?” Melissa rushed towards the door, but when she opened it, it led towards an empty room. “Eve? What’s happening?”

Eve’s eyes were wide, and her pupils pulsed. “So he’s obtaining Adam’s power… But where’s Adam’s soul?”

“Eve?” Melissa sat down on a rotten chair. “What are you not telling me?”

“Melissa.” Eve glanced down at her.

Melissa wiggled her legs and started babbling nonsense. She cursed the air, certain colors, and herself.

“Your soul is broken… Adam had the power to restore damaged souls… Unfortunately, I can’t heal the soul of a human… Just a demi…” Eve spoke to herself. When Melissa acted out like that, it was pointless trying to rationalize with her.

“Today… I’ll talk to him today…” Melissa concluded between her ramble. “If he forgives me, then I’ll get better… But if he doesn’t… Then I’ll find a good place to die…”

“Die? Melissa, you can’t die. You’re still my vessel. A portion of my soul has already merged with yours.”

“Shouldn’t have done that, Eve… It’s rude.” Melissa giggled then leaned against the chair.

Eve shook her head.

The white door opened, and Ashner emerged from it, along with his friends. Melissa stood ready with her hoodie on.

They spoke for a while until Lina slapped Melissa, she tumbled to the ground. Eve was silent. No one but Melissa was able to see her.

Then the menu opened up.

Eve inhaled quickly. “It’s Adam’s power…”

A white light rushed out of Ashner and wrapped around Melissa. As soon as that happened, the light around his body faded, and Melissa’s madness was gone, washed away like mud on a car bumper.

Eve perceived Adam’s personality in Ashner, even if it was just for a second. She clutched his chest. “Your heart and your soul are the same as his… Ashner, you redeemed her soul… Thank you, warrior, of Earth.”

Melissa’s mind cleared, and the first thing her eyes focused on was Ashner. She gasped and hugged him tightly.

“Adam… Where is your soul?” Eve questioned, but she smiled. “At least your host has a good heart…”


“So you’re a Goddess?” Melissa snacked on her animal crackers. “But all you do is watch me… Sometimes that gets creepy…”

“I don’t have my full powers… Lilith killed my celestial body, but thanks to Adam, we have hosts we can return to…”

“So God’s can’t die?”

“We can… But only if a God devours the soul of another God… My entire race was murdered before humans and demi’s existed, so their souls are gone forever.”

Melissa nodded quickly and munched away like a chipmunk. “So our souls are merging?”

“Yes, Ashner has Adam’s power but not his soul… I don’t understand why that is…”

“Does that mean I get to become a God?” Melissa’s eyes widened.

“Yes… and no…” Eve sighed. “You haven’t started using the leveling system… Once you complete it then your mortal body will become celestial… My soul manifested first, but I don’t have enough power to give you a Key to paradise.”

“So what?”

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“Ashner has the key of creation… You’ll obtain the key to heaven, and Lilith…”

“Where is Lilith?” Melissa asked.

“In this world… I’ve sensed her power on several occasions… Knowing her, she’s looking for Adam as well…”

“Love triangles suck… That’s why I prefer the poly lifestyle… Fewer complications and better sex.” Melissa smiled.

“I’m happy that I got to meet your real self,” Eve admitted. “Ashner gave up his celestial power to bring your mind back… In fact, I don’t think he would be a good God since he’s always giving his power away to others.”

“So, what do you want?” Melissa asked Eve. “You’re always focusing on me, but I want to know what you truly want.”

“I want to see Adam again… But that’s something out of my hands… It’s painful seeing his power but not his soul… Maybe he died somehow… If that’s the case, then I’ll have to live eternity alone…”

“You won’t be alone.” Melissa grabbed her hands. “You have me… Never doubt that I’ll be there for you…”

Eve hugged her. “I never thought I would love a human as much as I love you… A part of me wishes that we didn’t have to merge…”

“It’ll take years for that… Until then, let’s enjoy our time together…”


“That’s Iris?” Melissa observed the brunette belittling Alex.

“She found us,” Eve spoke to Melissa. She was a few steps down the staircase. “That’s Lilith’s host… Their souls are almost fully merged…”

Melissa took a step back, away from Lina and Risa. The two demi’s just presumed that she was scared of facing her.

“What do I do?” Melissa asked Eve quietly.

“Lilith knows I’m here… But Iris is a different soul, one that wronged both you and Ashner… Don’t be afraid… Face her… I’ll face Lilith… It’s time I get some answers from her…”

Melissa inhaled then stepped down the stairway, finally speaking her mind against a woman who betrayed her.

As the two mortals argued, Eve manifested herself in a yellow aura. Lilith did the same in dark purple smoke. Away from their hosts.

“Lilith…” Eve studied her former friend. “What are you plotting?”

“Eve…” Lilith’s eyes were daggers. “Where is Adam! You’re hiding him from me… Stealing him once wasn’t enough for you?”

“You know his power is manifesting in Ashner.”

“That mortal has his power but not his soul!” Lilith spat and glared at Ashner. “No matter how much I break him… It doesn’t matter how much power I steal from him, Adam doesn’t respond.”

“Steal?” Eve raised her eyebrow. “You’ve been stealing the First’s power?”

“Yes… It’s how Iris takes my power… I was so close to breaking him… Then you came along and ruined everything…”

“That’s why…” Eve dug her nails into her palms… “You’ve been trying to break Ashner…”


“You kill a soul by devouring it… And you’ve been devouring Adam’s soul… Not Ashner’s…”

Lilith’s eyebrows widened then she shook her head. “No… I’ve been breaking Ashner, not Adam… Maybe he’s a late bloomer… But when he’s back, I’ll show him the errors of his ways… And together we’ll eradicate all sentient life…”

“You claim that, but you’re living a luxurious life… One filled with deceit, violence, and sex… Judging your soul… You love every second of it…”

“What’s not to love? Did you forget the two of us are Goddesses?” Lilith waved her arms around. “This entire world is ours to command… I may not have my full power, but mortals are easy to manipulate… If I snap my finger, I can bring an army of mortals and burn this building to the ground… I can order them to kill for me, and they’ll believe they’re doing it for just cause… Unlike you, I’ve been acting like a proper Goddess.”

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“No… Lilith, we were friends for eons… I tried to include you… Adam wasn’t interested in you… Can’t you see… Even if he returns… He’ll never pick you…”

Lilith’s power rushed the building, almost overtaking the yellow light surrounding Eve.

“He will pick me… You were weak before… And now, you’re barely a pawn.”

Eve shook her head… “You can’t sense his soul because you never slept with him… But since I arrived, I never once sensed him… I don’t know if you devoured him or if he’s somewhere else… Our only clue is Ashner… And you’re trying to destroy him… Because you hate that the very creatures you want gone now have the power of the divinity you obsessed over… Lilith… We can stop this right now… The two of us can ascend into heaven, and we can find Adam together… But if we fight and kill each other, then Adam won’t forgive us… Please… Let’s end this…”

“You only say that because your power is far weaker than mine.” Lilith’s hair lifted and waved with her dark mist. “This time, Adam will be mine… And mine alone… I’m here to warn you… Stay out of my way, or I will kill you and everyone you hold dear…”

Eve glanced down. “We are no different than our parents… Why do you insist on war?”

“Because you’re my only threat… My only obstacle… And I don’t want to see you dead… Just defeated… That way, you’ll understand how I felt the day I found you in bed with the only man I’ve ever loved…”

“Lilith.” Eve walked towards her. She reached her hand out, trying to comfort her.

Lilith’s hand slapped away Eve’s. “I have a celestial blade… Tempt me, and I will end you.”

“A life, a soul, and a kingdom… Please don’t do it, Lilith… You don’t have to become a monster.”

“The only monster here… Is you… Once Adam returns, stay away from him…”

Iris stormed off, and Lilith went with her.

“Lilith… You’re still hurting… If only you accepted my comfort… Then maybe things wouldn’t have to end with one of us dead…”


The group separated as their home burned away. Melissa rushed into the garage and started up Alex’s sports car.

“Lilith did this?”

“Yes… I can see her dark mist around the aura of those humans…”

Melissa hit the gas and escaped. “Why attack now?”

“I can’t say… But she won’t stop until we’re dead… She can’t kill Ashner, but she won’t hesitate to do it if she has to… Not to mention she has humans like Ensley working for her.”

“What do we do?”

Eve sat in the passenger seat. She sighed heavily. “I have a plan… But you’re not going to like it… It’ll cost you.”

“What will it cost me?”

“Your life… And possibly your soul…”

Melissa’s hands shook. She gripped the steering wheel tighter. “If I don’t do this, what happens?”

“Lilith kills everyone… And eventually everything… The only one who can take her down is Ashner… And as of right now… He’s not strong enough… But I can make him stronger…”

Melissa debated it for a few minutes. “I’ll do it… But not before I set some things ups…”


“This is it?” Melissa dabbled with a small wire. She was in the gold factory. Evaristo had his computers running random and abstract codes.

“Yes… But this is risky… We have time to do more…”

“No… The more we wait, the worst it’s going to get…” She plugged the wire into her phone. “Just make sure you do your part…”

Evaristo glared at his computers. “If only I was smarter… I could’ve prevented this…”

“What you’re offering me is more than enough… Just make sure you let Ashner know that I made this choice… Not just for him… But for everyone White Water harmed…”

“… I will…”

Melissa put her phone in her pocket and went back to her car. She was armed with a weapon she had stashed in the factory. They drove off to an abandoned alley.

She parked her car and turned its GPS on. Ashner and the others would find her eventually.

“Now we need bait.” Melissa shook. She was about to face the man who ruined her life…

“Don’t kill whoever holds the celestial blade,” Eve added.

Melissa nodded.

Eve grabbed the phone from Melissa’s pocket and dialed Iris. She was fully aware Lilith was going to answer.

“You’re still alive?” Lilith spoke. “Adam will come to your rescue if you’re in danger.”

“Adam is already back… And guess what? I f***** him… Once again, you’re too late… Bring the celestial dagger… Let’s finish this, from one Goddess to another… I’ll show Adam that once again, you come second in his life.”

“I’m going after you…” Lilith roared.

“I’ll be waiting…” Eve hung up.

“You just kicked the hornet’s nest.” Melissa put her phone back in her pocket. “Will she come?”

“No, she’ll send Ensley and his men… Are you ready for this? Aren’t you afraid?”

“Of course, I’m afraid.” The night above made the air colder. Melissa was shaking. “What will happen to me after this? And why will she use the celestial dagger?”

“My soul is merging with yours. She can steal it and devour it. Making herself stronger… With the soul of a Goddess, she’ll regain her full powers quicker… So much so that even Adam himself won’t be able to stop her.”

“Does that mean Ashner will have to face her?”

“Yes… And if he fails, then you’ll be devoured… Your soul will fade away to nothingness… It’ll be the most painful experience of your life… It’s worse than death… She’ll have to take a life, a soul, and a kingdom… Then the power of my soul will be hers to use…”

“What will Ashner have to do?” Melissa asked.

“He’s going to have to kill her…” Eve’s tone was distant. Muttering those words scared her. “He’s going to need to use the celestial dagger… Your soul will be in it…”

“This is all very risky… But if it’s Ashner and my friends… They can pull this off… I have no doubt in my mind.” Melissa stopped shaking, then from the shadows, Ensley and two men emerged. She stepped forward, ready to face her fate.


Ashner, Alex, Risa, and Lina almost crashed their car and jumped out once Alex’s car was in view. They ran towards the alley where Melissa was murdered.

Ashner’s eyes studied the bodies. He lowered his handgun and embraced Melissa.

She was cold.

“No… No, no, no, no, no, F*** NO!” Blood painted her pants and her chest.

Alex tumbled backward, and his eyes started watering. Risa and Lina sat down next to her. Too shocked to react.

From the sky, a yellow light rushed down, overtaking Melissa’s body. Ashner, Risa, and Lina jumped back.

Eve’s soul found a host. She only had a few minutes.

Her eyes were similar to the waves in the ocean.

“Melissa?” Ashner studied her, shocked.

“No… I am Eve… The Innovative.” Her tone was more mature as she spoke. Her body healed in a brilliant yellow light. “Melissa’s soul is no longer in her body…”

“What do you mean?” Ashner stood, Risa, Alex, and Lina all kneeled. They sensed it in their bones. The woman before them was their creator. Ashner glanced at them, confused. “What happened?”

“Lilith happened… Or as you know her, the Dead God… Iris… I’m here because I need you to do something to ensure Melissa’s soul isn’t devoured.”

“Her soul? Devoured?” Ashner shook. “What did she do!”

Melissa pawed Ashner’s chest. Her gold light rushed into his body quickly.

His menu popped up and spun. Its dark blue color changed to a light blue.



Eve collapsed to her knees. When she did, Ashner caught her.

“You gave me your power?”

“Yes… It’s all I could muster… I know you’re not quick to get violent… But it’s time you unleash your rage…” She handed him Melissa’s phone. It was still on.

Ashner studied it. It said 100% on it.

“Evaristo gave that to Melissa… My goal was to give you my power to face a woman I cared for deeply… Melissa’s goal was to clone Ensley’s phone… But she needed to get close to him… She succeeded… Evaristo has access to all their secrets… And you have all I can give you… Adam… No Ashner… End this…”

“Can you bring her back?” Ashner’s voice was desperate.

Eve stayed silent. She glanced down and to her side.

“Can you?”

“If my soul is destroyed, I can’t… If she’s devoured, I can’t… If you’re killed, I can’t… And if Lilith kills everything, I can’t…”

“Can you!” Ashner shook her.

“I’ll keep her body safe…” Eve inhaled. She reached into her chest, between her breasts, she pulled out a white key. Similar to Ashner’s. It wasn’t fully merged. “Lilith has one of these too… Make sure you take it away from her…”

“Who killed her!”

“Ensley.” Eve’s body started shining. “Show him no mercy.”

Ashner’s eye twitched. His hands became knuckles, and his breathing became irregular.

“Don’t lose this battle.” Eve faded away, taking Melissa’s body.

“I won’t…”

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