Chapter 1: News of Death

(Disclaimer: This is a novel with the premise of the 80’s period. For the sake of the storyline, please do not put too much regard on the lack of medical facilities and knowledge.)

[Breaking News. Now reporting the death of our country’s Commander-in-Chief of the Northern Forces. Today, June 30 2017, Wei Zhen Hui, has just passed away from an illness at the Imperial Hospital at the age of 58. Wei Zhen Hui has no children, and wishes for his ashes to be sprinkled in Su River in his hometown. Wei Zhen Hui enlisted in the army when he was 18 years old. He participated in many military campaigns and led many classified operations. He was rewarded for his outstanding military service…]

A stern-looking man in green uniform appeared on the screen.

It really is Wei Zhen Hui… He’s really dead!

In the prison’s dining hall, Su mian blankly looked at the television screen. Her aged hands dug strongly into each other as she bit her lips to resist the urge to cry.

“Su Mian, what’s wrong? Do you know that commander?”

“Don’t say such nonsense. How can a commander be acquainted with us murderers?”

“Su Mian, I heard that you got enlisted when you were younger. Why did you end up killing someone?”

Right, life was truly dramatic. She was once the most outstanding military doctor. However, she was now sentenced to life imprisonment for murder and hated by the public.

The past events played in her mind like a film.

That year when she was 18, she was just enlisted and sent to intern in the Health Division. Her mentor at that time was Military Doctor Gao.

She and Wei Zhen Hui came from the same village in Planet Erya, Apricot Village, and she had already heard about his fame.

However, not only did she not know that he was a war hero, she also did not know he was nicknamed, Great Demon King.

One evening during a heavy storm, Wei Zhen Hui was sent to the Health Division. His uniform was drenched with water and stained with blood, which was a terrifying sight.

The commander had ordered for Wei Zhen Hui’s life to be saved at all cost.

Wei Zhen Hui had been shot four times, and one of the bullets was lodged between his left ribs. He was in a very critical situation and needed immediate surgery.

Su Mian was still a new recruit. How could she have seen such a scene before? Her eyes turned red and she nearly dropped the clinical thermometer.

“What are you staring at? Open up his shirt and take his temperature already!”

Doctor Gao had already changed into his surgical gown and walked over.

Wei Zhen Hui’s situation was terrible. He was having a fever of 40 degrees.

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“Doctor Gao, skip the anesthesia. I can endure it!”

After Wei Zhen Hui said that, he took a small bundle of gauze from Sui Mian and bit tightly on it.

The anesthetics then were not effective, and had side effects that were life-threatening. However, not using it to pull out four bullets? Just how much tenacity did the man have?

Su Mian was in a state of shock. Just what is this man made of?

Isn’t he afraid of the pain?

The operation took over five hours. Wei Zhen hui kept biting on the gauze and knitted his brows the entire time. However, he did not utter a single sound.

“Doctor Gao, you’ve made 34 cuts on me, and I’ll remember it!” After the surgery, Wei Zhen Hui spoke before fainting over.

He truly deserved to be called the Great Demon King!

That was the first time Su Mian met him. His eyes, and firm and tenacious character garnered her admiration.

That very night after the surgery, Wei Zhen Hui was sent to the mainland hospital by helicopter to continue his treatment.

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Afterward, Wei Zhen Hui safely recovered and returned to his unit. With Doctor Gao and the Military Division Commander pulling strings from behind, Su Mian and Wei Zhen Hui met alone on several occasions.

Immediately after, Wei Zhen Hui began to pursue her. She had a good impression of him and accepted his pursuit.

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