Chapter 119 New Classmate

After entering the tower space, Su Mian was almost anxious as she saw there were groups of cute white fluffy things, she even thought that she had walked into the wrong place.

Where did so many little rabbits come from?

At this time, Da Hua and Xiao Hua who were looking for food in the distance ran to Su Mian’s feet slowly. Could it be that these were their children? She hadn’t seen them for this period of time, and both of them gave birth…

The time in the tower space was comparatively longer than the outside, even the maturity of the animals was faster than the outside.

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Su Mian comforted Da Hua and Xiao Hua for a while before she began to study. She had a poor foundation and would need to put in ten times more or even hundred times more effort than the others.

The first class on the second day was Chinese class. Wu Yu Mei, the head teacher, brought a new classmate named Wan Li Li.

Wan Li Li looked as quiet as the girl in the Lin family, with her chubby face, people couldn’t help but want to pinch it.

“Who would like to share a table with Wan Li Li?” Wu Yu Mei asked.

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“Me me me!”

The boys raised their hands rapidly.

It was just natural instincts!

Their response amused the girls and had them burst into laughter.

Puppy love was absolutely forbidden in this era, so there was absolutely no chance for the boys to share tables with the girls.

In the end, Wan Li Li sat next to Sun Ying.

Sun Ying saw that Wan Li Li was wearing a leather jacket and bell-bottom pants, it was unlikely that she came from the countryside. Only then did her expression look better.

What a coincidence that Wan Li Li was assigned to Su Mian’s dormitory, and she was in the lower bunk under Sun Ying.

Seeing that she was tidying things, Sun Ying said arrogantly with her arms crossed, “If I want to stay in the lower bunk in the future, you have to change with me!”

Wan Li Li obviously didn’t expect that Sun Ying would say that, but she had a good temper and nodded her head, “Sure, if you want to sleep here someday, we’ll change!”

Wei Min curled her lips. The way Sun Ying bullied people had no limit. Why should she change her own bed with her?

Fortunately, Sun Ying didn’t say anything after that, and the night passed quietly.

In the past few days, Su Mian had studied hard and was gradually getting better. Now the questions she asked Li Ya Jun was of some difficulty, and Li Ya Jun sometimes had to think for a long time to answer.

During lunch break, Su Mian and Li Ya Jun were arguing over the solution of a problem.

Su Mian thought that her method was simple, and Li Ya Jun thought his method was universally applicable.

Zhang Yan Jie stared at them for a long time and when she got up to wash the lunch box, she found out that Sun Ying, who was  beside her, was also staring at them.

A bold idea emerged in Zhang Yan Jie’s mind. Did Sun Ying also like Li Ya Jun?

Knowing that Sun Ying looked down on her, Zhang Yan Jie cautiously approached her and lowered her voice, “Look at Su Mian, she can’t be so obvious even if she likes Li Ya Jun. She looks for him every day, so it’s hard for Li Ya Jun not to fall for her after a long period of time!”

Zhang Yan Jie was betting that Sun Ying liked Li Ya Jun.

As expected, Sun Ying’s expression changed, “What are you talking about? Su Mian likes Li Ya Jun? Are they not fellow villagers?”

“Now they are fellow villagers, it may not be the same in the future, Su Mian looks good, and Li Ya Jun might have liked her a long time ago!”

Sun Ying was triggered and felt threatened immediately, “Don’t talk nonsense, Li Ya Jun won’t like this kind of vixen.” Sun Ying actually didn’t want to admit that Su Mian was more beautiful than her. Sun Ying also looked pretty, she had the superiority of a city girl. With her fair face, slender eyes, she was particularly attractive, but in front of Su Mian, she still felt like she was not on par. 

It was only when Zhang Yan Jie saw that she had incited her that she got up to wash her lunchbox. 

Throughout the afternoon, Sun Ying was faintly staring at Su Mian, but Su Mian had been working on the questions seriously and did not realise that anything was unusual.

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