Chapter 105: The Whole World Was Reborn 5

Coincidentally, just as the second child’s family arrived, the eldest child’s family also came.

“Mom, Second Child, Second Sister-in-law, you are all here.”

Yan Dabao and his wife Zhang Qiaoqiao came in from the outside, which was better than the second child’s family. The couple carried a bag of apples, which looked like four to five catties. In addition, they also added some oranges. She had not heard that the machinery factory sent oranges. Probably, the eldest child’s family bought them by themselves.

The old lady’s heart softened and thought that the eldest child’s family was a bit better than the second child’s.

“You haven’t seen your younger brother at home.”

The old lady thought they were strange today. In the past, the eldest brother and the second brother loved Jinbao18JinbaoYan Chu's nickname, refers to valuables in general; precious; darling; sweetie very much. Why did they seem to feel abnormal today? They had not seen him for half a month. It did not look like they came out of a separated womb.

She felt that her daughters-in-law had said something, as mothers were like this. Her son would certainly have no problem. In this way, only two daughters-in-law could have problems.


Yan Dabao and Zhang Qiaoqiao called out perfunctorily because of the old lady’s scrutiny. If it weren’t for the old lady, they all wanted to kick out this brother so that he would not harm the whole family in the future.

They lost the three big tile-roofed houses. In the next few decades, this tract of land was extremely expensive. Money did not necessarily buy it. The location and area of the Yan family’s three houses could sell for at least 18 million, but that prodigal son, for 200,000, destroyed their Yan family’s foundation.

In the previous life, Jin Zhande only returned to help Yan Chu repay the usury debt, saving those people from harassing their two families. As for the houses, he did not say about redeeming them.

After the old lady died, Jin Zhande and the two nephews basically had little contact. After being laid off, the two of them brazenly thought about starting their own business with this wealthy uncle. At that time, the self-employed was not an existence that was despised by everyone anymore. Those who were more flexible made a lot of money.

Unfortunately, they got ridiculed by their aunt after getting through the landline number left by their mother. In the beginning, the money their uncle paid to the third child was indeed not small. Their aunt regarded them, the poor relatives, as leeches and wished they all died clean. She even frankly said their two families broke off their relationship in the future and ordered the two nephews not to contact them.

No matter how shameless Yan Dabao and Yan Erbao were, they were embarrassed to find Uncle Jin Zhande again.

However, because of this, they hated Yan Chu even more. They felt that if it were not for the other, the family’s most valuable houses would not get sold out at a low price, and their uncle would not break off contact with them.

The disasters caused by the original self had the lightest impact on their two families. Before, the loan sharks harassed them without causing any material harm. After that, Jin Zhande helped pay off the debts.

As for the old house of the Yan family, it was given to Yan Chu when they separated. Later, when the two families got laid-off and did not work in the machinery factory, they began to feel that they had lost everything and that the old lady had slanted thoughts about the separation.

Then, if anything went wrong at home, both families would think of the original self. They always felt that without him, their life would not be like this. Indignation accumulated day by day, and now it was difficult to eliminate this state of resentment.

“Mom, Qiaoqiao and I are going to take Dadan11DadanBig Egg and others back this time.”

Yan Dabao also explained his intention. His little brother was so reckless that living together would only damage his sons. Anyway, his four sons did not study very well, and he blamed his younger brother.

In addition, Yan Dabao was still a little unconvinced. He was the eldest son, and this old house was supposed to belong to him, so how could it be assigned to the younger brother?

He was filial before, but the old lady had been dead for many years. Now, how much affection could remain between mother and son? Besides, the old lady was not mad at him.

Now Yan Dabao did not want to associate with this brother. He had four sons, the oldest one was nine years old, and the youngest twin, Sandan13SandanThird Egg and Sidan14SidanFourth Egg, were five years old. They were all sensible. Even if they lived together, taking care of the four of them would not be too tiring.

“You’re going to take your sons back, too?”

The old lady completely felt wrong. One by one, they were leaving her.

Jin Zhanhua took a deep breath several times and did not get angry with her two sons. What did that mean? She did not think she was a good old lady and did not think how tiring it was when she was alone. Looking at this, she was afraid of falling, and looking at what happened to the other, especially the eldest child’s family were all sons and the second child’s family were all granddaughters. She could not be biased. Otherwise, she would get accused of preferring boys over girls. She did not do the same thing with the same money. She did not relax until they were older.

She used them like cows and horses. How much living expenses did they give? It had not changed since five Yuan per child in the first month. Now the price of food and pork outside has gone up several waves.

Because she had hidden a little private house at the beginning, and these seven were indeed her grandchildren, she never said that forbearance would pass, and now it was over. She had been a Bodhisattva for several years and thought she had lost her temper.

“Get lost! Get lost! Get lost! Get out of here for me, this old woman!”

Jin Zhanhua did not want to see the faces of her two sons. She was so angry that she thought she had never given birth to these two wooden sticks.


When the old lady blasted people, Dadan happened to come in from outside. Everyone was carrying a few strings of empty bottles and some toothpaste tubes. Every time they came back from picking up these things, they asked the old lady to help and sell them to the recycling center. Yes, the money sold belongs to them, and they would pay for any snacks they wanted to buy.

Seeing their parents, who had not seen them for a long time, the children were thrilled. They jumped and hugged their parents’ legs, which was rare.

Such a scene made the old lady even angrier in someone’s eyes.

“Mom, I know you hate to part with Dadan and others, but when the child is older, it’s always bad to keep them separated from their parents. In the future, we’ll often bring our children back to see you.”

Zhang Qiaoqiao was thinking about the old house in the family. Her husband was the eldest son, and her son was the eldest grandson. When the third child was dead, the old house would naturally belong to them. At that time, the eldest son and the old lady would have to be affectionate to each other. So now they had to coax the old lady.

“Don’t! I’ll be worry-free if you don’t come.”

Jin Zhanhua looked at her two silent sons, and her heart was cold. She grabbed the younger son’s hand. Sure enough, her husband was right. In the future, she could only rely on the youngest son to protect her. Both of them were heartless.

Dadan, Dani10DaniBig Girl, and others were still children, after all. When they heard that they could live with their parents, they said in their hearts that it was bogus.

Many children who played well in this compound always talked about how their parents were. They only lived with their siblings and grandma. They spent less time with their parents, but there was a concept in the children’s minds. That was, their parents were the best people in the world, just like Grandma thought Little Uncle first for anything delicious because Uncle was Grandma’s son. Since they were the children of their parents, their parents would treat them like Grandma to Little Uncle.

The greedy Sanni16SanniThird Girl thought about the fragrant chicken she had eaten in the afternoon, licked her lips, and looked at her mother. Did she have drumsticks to eat right away?

“Mom, Sisters-in-law are right. Children should live with their parents. It’s just like I want to live with Mom and no need to change for the best gold and silver kennel for me.” Yan Chu persuaded the old lady.

Yan Dabao and Yan Erbao looked at their younger brother, who seemed to help them, and they were very disdainful. It was just this flatterer who coaxed their rigid mother.

“Don’t speak for them. One by one, it’s not that I, the old woman, is inadequate in taking care of them. If you have the capability, go back and raise it by yourselves.”

Jin Zhanhua’s attitude had been much softer after listening to her youngest son. But it was a pity that both her sons and two daughters-in-law did not recognize it.

There was only one thought in their mind that the old lady’s heart indeed crooked to her armpit.

In particular, Zhang Qiaoqiao and Liu Hui looked at the empty bottles and toothpaste tubes carried by their sons and daughters. The old lady was spoiling her son. Her grandchildren were worthless, and she asked them to pick up junk. No wonder these children were unsuccessful in the future. It turned out that they had been influenced by the old lady since childhood.

The two women became more and more sure of their decision. They lived too long. They had long forgotten, it was very ordinary for children to pick up empty cans and toothpaste tubes in this era.

The meeting broke up in discord, and the seven children were all taken back. The room they had lived in, which got separated into two small rooms, was suddenly vacant.

The old lady saw that her sons and daughters-in-law were angry. None of the apples and oranges remained. Yan Dabao and Yan Erbao were the same. They were just polite when they came with this little thing. They were reluctant to let Yan Chu eat these good things. They quickly carried them back intact and forgot that their mother could still eat if Yan Chu could not. This behavior made the old lady very angry.

“Little ingrates, who gave them fine grains and stewed eggs, in the end, their parents are still better. The little rabbits have no conscience, so they should not be allowed to eat that pot of chicken soup at noon.”

At dinner, the old lady looked at the empty central room, pursed her mouth, and couldn’t stop harping on. She filled her son’s chicken with a fierce hand.

“It’s better not to eat. It’s all left to my good Jinbao. Those who do not appreciate their blessing, see what good things their parents can give them when they go back.”

The remaining half of the chicken got stewed in the evening. It tasted just as good. The old lady helped her son tear the chicken into strips and forced herself not to think about the little rabbits taken away by their parents.

“By the way, the empty cans and toothpaste tubes they picked up are still stored in the kitchen. I have to send them to them at that time. I, this old woman, am an incompetent old fart in their parents’ eyes, don’t give me the reputation of coveting children’s money at that time. I’m old, but I won’t get wronged.”

She could not get out of this curve.

“Mom, you don’t have to send them specially. Dadan and Dani, and their brothers and sisters, were brought up by you since childhood. You know best what food they like and what color they like to wear. They merely miss their parents and go back to live for a while. I guess they’ll miss you, their grandmother, soon, and they’ll have to come back then.”

Yan Chu took half of the shredded chicken from his bowl and put it back in the old lady’s bowl, comforting her.

“I’m a free nursery here. Wanting to go in and out, even they are willing to come back to me, but I’m not willing. At that time, Mom will accompany you, obedient Jinbao. Only two of us, Jinbao and Mom, are close. The others are unreliable.”

The old lady said so, but her eyebrows were obviously much looser.

“Mom, don’t think so. Dadan and others have never lived with Big Brothers since they were young. They stayed together for a longer time during the New Year, but only four or five days a year. The children miss their parents. It’s human nature, but children know that you are good to them. How can they not remember it in their heart?”

Yan Chu knew that Dadan, Dani, and the others still had feelings for their grandmother Jin Zhanhua. After the old lady died, the children were more saddened than the others. Others still wondered why the seven children thought the old lady was good when her bias was strong. When Old Lady Hua was alive, did she prescribe medicine for the seven children?

How did they know that partiality was a comparison, but who treated them better was also compared.

This time the seven children went home and stayed for a while.

“So, Mom, don’t be angry with them. If someone asks me to leave Mom for two or three days, I won’t be willing.”

Yan Chu was only a 14-year-old boy now, and there was no pressure to act like a baby with the old lady.

“How can Mom be willing to part with you?”

The youngest son said bucketloads of good things for her grandchildren, and the old lady’s face finally became less terrible.

“Just your uncle, I remember they still speak for them. You, child, have a kind heart. Others say I’m biased and don’t look at whether my partiality is wrong or not.”

The old lady looked at the loneliness in her son’s eyes and thought that her son had no father since he was a child and her grandchildren’s parents were unreliable. She deemed that her son sympathized with them on this point. She immediately felt more distressed and had to treat her son better.

“By the way, your uncle came to our house yesterday to talk about something. Mom has to discuss it with you.”

The old lady told her child’s uncle that he would arrange a boarding school for him. Her son was very attached to her mother. If she suddenly decided on such a school for her child, she feared that he would misunderstand that his mother did not love him anymore.

“Uncle picked the school himself, so it must be no problem.”

Yan Chu understood what his uncle meant. He wanted to transfer him to a school with a good school spirit. The teacher’s harsh school would wear his temper down. Jin Zhande did the same in his previous life. At that time, the original self went to attend for a few days and stopped learning no matter what. The old lady felt sorry for her son and returned him to his former school.

But he would not have done that. He just left for a relatively closed and strict school, and it also gave him a reasonable excuse for future changes.

“The teachers in our school are also great, but I don’t know why that teaching method is not suitable for me. I can’t listen to it. Maybe I can improve my grades by changing schools and teaching methods. Mom, didn’t you say that Dad always said that he hoped that there would be a college student in our family before he died? I also want to fight for my mom and dad to improve my study.”

The old lady who heard what Yan Chu said was teary, and such a caring son was rare in the world and hard to find.

“It’s just that I’m not at home. I’m worried about Mom.”

Yan Chu’s expression was still a bit hesitant, and the old lady immediately said decisively: “Don’t need to worry about Mom. Mom is in good health. Besides, so many neighbors live together, and can’t you go home this Sunday? You want to study hard. Mom was the first to support you.”

The old lady just raised her hands and feet in agreement. Her son had the heart to go to college. She, his mother, can’t pull her son’s hind legs. Jin Zhanhua’s face was flushed as if she had seen the picture of his son going to college.

“What do you say? Have Zongbao and Zongyu accompanied Yan Chu to boarding school? I oppose it.”

Du Meijuan looked at her husband and said with a guilty conscience.

“How old are Zongbao and Zongyu? Besides, the two children have always been obedient. What kind of boarding school do they go to?” Du Meijuan did not want her two children to mix with that gambler. What if they got dragged down?

At the same time, she was also alert. Her husband had never made such a decision in his previous life. Was the other party the same as her?

Du Meijuan thought and quickly looked into her husband’s eyes. Before the other party looked over, she retracted her gaze, lowered her head, and clenched the corners of her clothes tightly with her fingers.

If her husband was the same as her, what she did in his previous life must not be noticed, or her marriage would be over.

“Zhande, you know that Yan Chu’s temperament, he is spoiled by Big Sister’s pampering. He can’t get along with Zongbao and Zongyu all the time. If the three children go to the same school and fight, it will have an impact on their grades.”

Du Meijuan gently advised her husband, and what she said was indeed reasonable.

“I know you are grateful for your elder sister’s help back then, so I don’t object to you having to pay to send Yan Chu to study, but you have to think about our sons. You can’t take our sons’ life for a nephew.”

With so much money spent, they could pay for these tuition fees and living expenses.

Du Meijuan even thought it was better to let her husband know how rotten his nephew was.

“Big Sister won’t ask us to pay.”

Jin Zhande also hesitated. After all, his sons were his own, and Yan Chu’s destructive power was something he had experienced in his previous life.

“At the time, my brother-in-law lost a lot of money in a work-related accident. Big Sister is saving money for Yan Chu’s study. She has the same temperament. She will accept the food and drink I occasionally give her. If such a large amount of money is given to her, she will not be happy.”

Jin Zhande knew that his wife was virtuous and generous, but there were some things that he was afraid of misunderstanding. He must also make it clear.

Du Meijuan seemed to listen, but she was very disdainful in her heart. That was a lie. Just because her husband was stupid and got coaxed by his sister, he thought she was the best person in the world. She did not know how much money she had been cheated on.

In particular, the last account paid for Yan Chu was more than 800,000. These were all her sons’ money. This sum alone was enough for her to hate their family for several lifetimes.

Anyway, she would not let her husband be spendthrift and foolish in this life. Yan Chu would die sooner if he wanted to die. She must not let him pierce the sky, leave a bad debt and run away by himself.

“I’ll discuss it with my older sister again.”

Jin Zhande hesitated. Beforehand, Big Sister heard what he said and knew that he would send Zongbao and Zongyu to study together. Suddenly he told her that her two nephews were not going. He did not know if she would think much.

The most troublesome thing was the little bastard. He could not bear hardships, would cry and make trouble for his elder sister. Big Sister would have to be betrayed by him again. He had to find a way to make Yan Chu have no excuse to transfer once he entered that school.

It was just that this method, nowhere as good as one thought, Jin Zhande was so troubled.

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