Chapter 142: The Abnormal Self-Salvation 1

This whole arc warning: psychopath


Yan Chu woke up from the nightmare, clutching his throbbing chest, and let out a long sigh of relief.

He turned on the light on the bedside table, lifted the quilt, put on his slippers, and walked towards the bathroom.

A room of over 120 square meters was too spacious for a young man living alone, making it not have any personality with extremely simple furniture decoration.

Yan Chu rinsed his face with cold water, then looked up at himself in the mirror carefully.

The overly pale skin, long and narrow eyebrows, cold and distant eyes, high and straight nose bridge, thin lips, and a sharp diamond-shaped face make this face look handsome and incomparable, yet give a complete sense of distance.

Due to waking up from a nightmare, his hair was slightly damp and covered his forehead messily. His long uncut bangs were somewhat unsightly and blocked most of his sight.

The faucet was not closed, and there was a sound of dripping water. In the silent space, such a face actually gave a faint feeling of horror and suffocation.

Yan Chu rubbed his sore eyes, put on the plain glasses placed by the sink, looked at himself in the mirror, and curled up the corner of his mouth.

With that smile, the person in the mirror suddenly became completely different from before, and his whole face seemed to open up like melting ice and snow.

The overly sharp eyebrows and eyes softened, and the unilateral dimples on the cheeks appeared from the smile, making this face youthful and harmless.

Yan Chu smiled and combed his messy hair once, twice, thrice.

It’s such a dirty world…

“Good morning, Teacher Yan.”

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“Good morning, Teacher Yan.”

Yan Chu carried his briefcase and nodded to every colleague and student who greeted him, but he never responded with the same greeting. The people around him seemed not to wonder at strange sights and did not think he was too impolite.

“Teacher Yan, this is the breakfast my mother prepared for me. The bread my mother makes is delicious. I specially asked her to make an extra portion. This one’s for you.”

A cute little girl bounced and ran to Yan Chu and handed him a bag of bread with a bottle of fresh milk.

Yan Chu squatted down, looking at the little girl’s level. He smiled and took the breakfast handed over by the little girl, and then, like a magic trick, a handful of high-end chocolates suddenly appeared in his hand, and he handed it to the little girl.


The little girl happily took the chocolate and smiled with two missing front teeth.

Yan Chu made a gesture, and the little girl nodded repeatedly: “I know, I can only eat one a day.”

She thrust out her belly and earnestly promised Yan Chu, her eyes fixed on the chocolate, her mouth almost drooling.

Yan Chu patted the little girl’s head. The little girl bounced around with candy to share with her little friend.

Not only the little girl alone but within the distance from the school gate to the office, Yan Chu had gathered six or seven breakfasts. If it were not for the fact that his hands could not hold too many things, perhaps many children would have wanted to share their favorite food with him.

“Teacher Yan is really liked by the students.”

The teachers who watched this scene but did not get the same treatment felt a little sad, but when they mentioned Yan Chu, there was no trace of jealousy on their faces, as if the students naturally liked Yan Chu.

“Let me tell you, Teacher Yan is so patient and gentle with every child. It’s normal for students to like him, but unfortunately…”

The teacher who spoke sighed. Unfortunately, what? Everyone present was already well aware.

Yan Chu, the dearly loved piano teacher among students at Star Elementary School, was mute.

Star Elementary School was a private elementary school with high tuition fees, and while the school was paying attention to students’ academic performance, they also emphasized their cultural subjects. There were also some other talent courses besides piano and painting. Among these courses, Yan Chu’s classes had always been the most popular among children. It had left parents, who were originally quite dissatisfied with the school hiring a mute teacher, also lost their opinion.

“By the way, last time I asked you to find out what Teacher Jiang said, what did the other party say?”

An elderly female teacher asked the person next to her.

“What else can be said? Not willing,” the other person replied.

“Actually, apart from being unable to speak, Teacher Yan is outstanding in other aspects. He has a house and a car and doesn’t have to worry about the mother-in-law and daughter-in-law relationship if his parents die early. Moreover, after all these years of interaction, he is definitely a good man with a sense of responsibility and patience.”

The female teacher sighed after hearing the other party’s answer. Previously, a young female teacher came to the school. She wanted to help Yan Chu, who had always been single, to be a matchmaker. However, now it seemed that being mute was on the way to Teacher Yan’s blind date. Otherwise, just with his face and other conditions, he would not be worried about finding a girlfriend.

The other teacher did not answer this sentence. Who in the school did not know that Teacher Yan was good? As colleagues and friends, they could accept this. However, as a couple, it was definitely awkward to communicate when they were together, with one speaking and the other writing. It was normal for young girls to be unwilling.

It was almost time for morning self-study, and the teachers walked toward their office without saying anything.

“May I ask if the office of Teacher Fang, Class 3-3’s homeroom teacher, is here?”

A well-dressed woman with slightly overly heavy makeup appeared outside Yan Chu’s office.

“This is the music and art office. If you are looking for Class 3-3’s homeroom teacher, go straight forward, turn left, and see the stairs going up to the second floor. It should be there.”

A female teacher in the office showed her the way, and the young woman thanked her repeatedly before turning and walking in the direction she had said. At this moment, Yan Chu happened to come over and pass by the other party.

As he got closer, he clearly saw some bruises that could not be covered up by the other side’s thick foundation makeup.

Yan Chu understood clearly, knowing who the other party was.

“Teacher Fang.”

The woman had not paid attention to Yan Chu, who had passed by her, and walked to the office where the female teacher just pointed out and found her daughter’s teacher.

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“You are?”

Teacher Fang was a middle-aged man. He did not recognize the student’s parents in front of him.

“I’m Xu Duo’s mother. Xu Duo is sick, and I want to ask her for a week of leave.” The young woman said with some restraint. Her daughter had just transferred to Star Elementary School, and the mother was not familiar with the teacher in front of her.

“You are Xu Duo’s mother.”

Teacher Fang remembered who this person was: “Xu Duo is sick. Is it serious?”

As a homeroom teacher, caring for every child was also his responsibility.

“Not serious. It just requires a period of rest at home. The teacher can rest assured that I will help her make up for the homework she has missed these days at home.”

Star Elementary School charged high fees. Most children here were born in middle-class families, and their parents had received a good education. It was only possible for their parents to help with supplementary courses at the elementary school level.

“Okay, I hope Xu Duo can recover soon.”

It was not long after the start of this semester, so the homework was not serious. Teacher Fang understood and agreed to why Xu Duo’s mother helped her take leave.

The young woman breathed a sigh of relief, thanked him repeatedly, and then left.

“This is the student’s mother in your class? She looks warm and gentle, even asks for leave and comes over in person.”

The teacher opposite Teacher Fang expressed after the young woman left.

“The mother has a good temper, but this daughter hasn’t learned anything from her mother. How long has she just come to school? Many children in the class have told me she has a bad temper and is unsociable, not to mention how out of touch she is.”

Teacher Fang shook his head and did not say much. He grabbed his lesson plan and quickly walked toward his class.

For him, Xu Duo was a rather troublesome student, not a social misfit. It was okay as long as she did not cause trouble for him. Currently, Xu Duo’s a bit unique. If other students did not provoke her, she would not take the initiative to provoke others. So long as the other party could keep up like this, he would be the merciful Buddha.

The teacher sitting across from him smiled. Which class did not have annoying students, especially private schools like theirs, where many spoiled bullies could not be beaten or scolded by the current teachers? They might lose focus on their work.

Who dared to really manage those children? For very few disobedient ones, they could only let things slide.

“Has the information about the deceased been investigated yet?”

Inside the Linjiang Public Security Bureau, Liu Feng, the captain of the Criminal Investigation Team, asked the people around him.

“The investigation is out, the deceased Wang Hudong, a local in Linjiang, divorced his wife a month ago and had a son raised by his ex-wife. The autopsy result showed a severe head impact. The deceased had a history of alcoholism. The reason for the divorce from his ex-wife was due to domestic violence caused by years of alcohol abuse. The alcohol content in the blood before death exceeded 0.6%. He had already reached a severe state of drunkenness, and it is most likely that his consciousness was blurred at the time, so he fell off a step and then fell to death.”

Li Qinyu held the autopsy report given by the forensic doctor and informed his boss.

“Investigate Wang Hudong’s social relations, focusing on what his ex-wife was doing*24doing*from 干 [gàn] that can mean as to do or to f*ck (vulgar) during his death.”

Liu Feng took the coffee handed over by someone nearby and spoke to Li Qinyu, “By the way, how old is his son this year?”

“Nine years old, studying in Star Elementary School.”

Li Qinyu was stunned and did not know why his boss suddenly asked how old the deceased’s son was, but he still said honestly.

“Nine years old, that’s still young.”

Liu Feng muttered softly, “Alright, hurry up and investigate whether this person’s death was accidental or homicide. Don’t make a decision so early.”

He patted Li Qinyu’s shoulder. The young man had just graduated from the police academy and was very optimistic about the other party’s future. He always took him along, thinking of cultivating him well.

“Yes, sir.”

Li Qinyu seriously saluted Liu Feng and then did what he had instructed.

“Teacher Yan, the big bad guy, who has been bullying me and my mother, has died. I’m so happy.”

In the flower bed of the school, a chubby little boy’s eyes were abnormally kind. He did not mind that Yan Chu could not give him any response, and his eyes showed a strong sense of joy and excitement.

That big demon finally died.

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