Chapter 145: The Abnormal Self-Salvation 4

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There was a necessary process for any domestic violence to the police. First, make a record, explain the incident process clearly, and the perpetrator hurts you. The final compiled transcript needed personal confirmation and signature and must be confirmed that the document was correct before signing.

Whether this matter was big or small, how to deal with Xu Nan depended on Zhang Li’s injury after completing the transcript.

According to the usual practice, before conducting an injury assessment, the police would provide appropriate persuasion and ask her whether she was sure to call the police for domestic violence crime. Only after obtaining a definite answer would the injury assessment be conducted.

The one who advised Zhang Li was a policewoman. When she saw the injury on Zhang Li’s face, she only wanted to rush to the other end and hit Xu Nan’s face, hoping the woman in front of her would be sharp, quickly sue, and leave him. What a bastard to put such a heavy hand on his wife.

Suppressing her anger, the policewoman did not know how she persuaded Zhang Li according to the conventional procedure.

“Think about your child, always watching you get beaten by her father, how much impact it has on the child.”

Although she violated the regulations, the policewoman could not help but whisper such a sentence at the end of her speech, which heightened Zhang Li’s determination.

Many women subjected to domestic violence were always decisive when reporting to the police, with snot and tears. But when the police station had called, the transcripts and injury assessments were also done, they suddenly turned back and felt that the police were not doing*24doing*from 干 [gàn] that can mean as to do or to f*ck (vulgar) good deeds. Instead of helping to reconcile, they separated their husband and wife, and in the end, it was they, the police, who caused a lot of trouble.

Often, these women would merely not just call the police this time, forgive once, but what would wait for them would only be the second and third times. The policewoman did not understand. They should have left decisively, but they were so cheap and cowardly. What a waste of police resources.

It was not that this policewoman was cruel and lacked empathy, but she knew that men were unreliable. When she really wanted to lock her man in at the end, she messed around at the police station, saying that the family would collapse without a pillar, and what else could she still have some dignity as a woman?

The policewoman had seen such things too much and did not want Zhang Li to be in the same situation.

“I’m going to do an injury assessment, and I’m going to sue Xu Nan for intentional injury and domestic violence.”

After Zhang Li came to the police station, she shrank a little. It was the first time she entered the police station at this age. In her opinion, this was a place where only criminals would come.

But the policewoman’s words were also correct. At such an age, her daughter could secretly call the police behind her back. When she saw the police appear, there was no panic but a hint of joy.

Zhang Li felt that if this life continued like this, her daughter would have problems sooner or later.

“Zhang Li, you silly girl, it’s common for husband and wife to quarrel, and you even came to the police station. Hurry up, withdraw the case, and go home.”

Just as Zhang Li was examining the transcript and was about to sign, Father Zhang, Mother Zhang, and her younger brother, in his twenties, suddenly appeared at the police station, along with Xu Nan’s parents.

“This is the police station. Don’t make such a fuss here.”

The policewoman frowned. Here came the laggard. She could not understand. How could so many people in this world who watched their daughters get beaten up like that and stopped their daughters from getting divorced? She did not know whether it was giving birth to a daughter or an enemy.

“What’s wrong with you, the police? This matter is our family business. I’m breaking the law by taking care of my own daughter. Oh, is this place unreasonable? Bullying an old lady like me.”

Zhang Li’s mother was a rude and unreasonable one. When the policewoman said that, she immediately sat on the ground, as if the police had done something to her.

“It’s all right, Jiang Ning.”

The colleague next to the policewoman tugged at her sleeve, telling her not to really fight with that unreasonable old lady. In case the other party got hurt somewhere, it would be the police who would suffer in the end.

Many negative reviews of the police profession were on the Internet. No matter what was wrong, the police were always at fault and would get scolded for everything. They just left it alone, did their job well, and let them make trouble on their own.

The policewoman named Jiang Ning was no longer a newly graduated police officer. She naturally knew what her colleagues meant, but Jiang Ning always felt aggrieved when she looked at such a scene.

“You little girl really has no conscience. Is it easy for Xu Nan to work and earn money to support you and Duoduo? You even called the police to arrest your own husband. You should be struck by lightning early on. How could I have a daughter like you?”

Mother Zhang pointed at her daughter, blind and unable to see the shocking wounds on her face. She only knew that her son-in-law had told her on the phone that he might not be able to attend her son’s wedding because of this matter. She immediately understood that her son-in-law was warning her that if she did not coax her daughter back, their 200,000 yuan would be gone.

These words were entirely trying to gouge the old lady’s heart. As for her daughter, she knew her daughter had been wronged. Wasn’t she just being beaten a few times? When she was young, she often fought with her husband. How could the couple live without fighting?

Besides, she did not have to work and had to support her family. She lived comfortably in a big house that Xu Nan had earned for her, and she made trouble for no reason all day. She was a person who dared not appreciate her good fortune. She did not know how much hardship she would endure if he changed to another powerful man.

In any case, Mother Zhang felt that her daughter was hypocritical and did not want to lose a generous and money-making son-in-law because of her.

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“Police, we won’t sue anymore. My daughter fell by herself. She was so confused that she mistakenly thought her husband was the one who hit her. Hurry up and release Xu Nan. You should stay out of his business from the beginning to the end.”

Mother Zhang bossed the police and said that they were all raised by taxpayers and the people’s public servants. They were all servants now, and they must respect her. Who dared to have a bad attitude? She went up and saw if they did not want this job anymore.

“Mom, I don’t want to live this life anymore. I will make money myself. No matter how much I gave you before, I will still give it to you in the future. I want to divorce Xu Nan.”

Zhang Li had always known that her younger brother was the most important thing in her mother’s heart, but before that, at least her mother was still somewhat motherly in front of her, which gave her a vague feeling that her mother still cared about her. But now she realized that in her mother’s heart, this daughter seemed to be just a tool to get money.

She could not help but wonder if her mother would not be sad for her if one day she got beaten to death by Xu Nan. Instead, she thought about how many benefits she could get from Xu Nan, then pretended that everything was going well, still treating Xu Nan as her good son-in-law.

Zhang Li’s heart felt cold, disappointed, and despairing.

“You are out of your mind. You haven’t worked since you graduated. How much money can you earn? I’m afraid it won’t even be enough to support yourself.”

Her son-in-law was an executive with an annual salary of 500,000 to 600,000 yuan, not to mention the unreported income. A woman like her daughter, who was in her thirties and had no work experience, might not have achieved her son-in-law’s success in her lifetime. She would be crazy to let go of this good son-in-law.

“Zhang Li, I know you are also angry for a moment. But think, we, the old couple, usually treat you well, right? Xu Nan just beat you on impulse this time. Do you really want to get divorced?”

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Xu Nan’s mother was a woman who seemed to be well-educated. She did not think much of her in-laws’ shrewishness. However, seeing her restraining the police, she suddenly felt that having such an incompetent in-law was good. After all, she could not do such a thing.

“The house you two live in now is in your father’s and my name. Xu Nan has lost all the money he has earned in the stock market. He doesn’t have much savings. Once divorced, you will get nothing.”

Mrs. Xu’s words were considered a threat. Her daughter-in-law had never earned a penny for the family, and the divorce rate was so high now. They would definitely not be willing to split half of their wealth in the divorce, so after getting married, Xu Nan transferred the money he earned to their old couple’s account for various reasons, and he only gave his wife the necessary living expenses.

Their current house was purchased in the name of a residential improvement house donated by the couple to the old couple. Legally, it had nothing to do with Zhang Li. They made everything seamless, so if Zhang Li divorced, she could not get anything.

As for the transfer of marital property, everything was done flawlessly. How could Zhang Li find out based on her ability?

Upon hearing this, Mother Zhang became anxious and was about to scold the Xu family for their malicious behavior and being immoral. But she suddenly realized that if she scolded them, her in-laws would really not put on an appearance for it. Now that the other party was so ruthless, Mother Zhang could not let her daughter divorce. Otherwise, she could not have taken advantage of any opportunities. Was it for nothing that my daughter gave birth to a grandchild for the Xu family and worked as a housekeeper for them for several years?

“Think about Duoduo. If you divorce Xu Nan and have no job or house to deposit money, who will the court award the child’s custody to?”

Now, her daughter was Zhang Li’s weakness. Zhang Li was stunned when she mentioned that Xu Nan would probably get her daughter’s custody after the divorce. She had never thought about this possibility.

“Lili, your father and I still like you as our daughter-in-law. Today, you two children were impulsive. Xu Nan was indeed at fault. Mom will scold him well. Don’t make trouble with the police station about your husband and wife, and let the police comrades work in vain for too long.”

Mrs. Xu used both the carrot and stick. Zhang Li, who had been struggling to make trouble at the police station, suddenly became confused.

“Zhang Li, please quickly take a look at your transcript. If there is no problem, sign it, and I will take you for an injury assessment.”

After all, Jiang Ning could not bear to see this foolish woman fall into the trap again and say something extra.

“Hey, what’s the matter with you, Police Officer? You can’t see a happy family, can you? You’re not too young, still unmarried, and don’t have a man to help you calm your yin and yang. You merely want to break up other people’s families.”

Once Mother Zhang saw that her daughter had loosened up, the policewoman tried to ruin her good deeds. She immediately pointed at the other person’s nose and cursed loudly.

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