Chapter 543 – Projection

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This chapter and the previous are of course, the same events, told from two perspectives. They may eventually be merged into one, but I couldn't work out how best to show the bits from Lhan's and Tiana's perspectives that I needed to have without swapping back and forth in a frantic fashion that wasn't appropriate. So I just wrote out the same scene from both POVs, and figured I could sort it later. Or maybe I'll end up just keeping it as is.

And yes, Tiana's unplaceable memory was of using VR goggles and a game controller as Robert.

We now know two more magic species, the Elementals of Wind and Fire. 'Blaze' is a blatantly self explanatory name, like 'Shade' (the name of Benedetta and Carson's species) but Apsara requires explanation. The Apsara (in Sanskrit, 'Apsaras') is the Hindu or Buddhist parallel to the nymph, basically a spirit of cloud and water. In Indian and Southeast Asian art, they are general shown dancing, but in Chinese art, they are often depicted as flying, which is how they became Wind elementals in my universe. I had already used Sylphs (the Wind elementals of Alchemy) as fairies, so yeah.

The Titanomachy, which Lydia mentioned, is a lost epic poem of Ancient Greek literature. Although we've lost most of the actual text, we still know much of its contents because it was constantly cited and quoted by other ancient Greeks. It was seen by them as every bit as important as the Iliad and Odyssey, because it contained quite a bit of the material now known generally as 'Greek Mythology'. It wasn't the only such work, but it was widely cited, so it should have been one of the more prominent ones.

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