Just a little about myself, I am twenty-three years old, I have a bachelor’s degree in Political Science, American Government & Pre-law with a minor in History. I am also planning on starting my second bachelor’s degree here in the Fall and get a degree in Computer Science and eventually, a master’s in Cybersecurity. I lived on the East Coast in Boston during my late teens and early twenties for three years, inspiring my decision to base the story in the New England area. So why write Genesis though? Because I have a reading addiction. Which apparently has now led to a writing addiction.

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Reading LitRPG’s has always been a fascination of mind. Among the numerous books, I have read several aspects have always caught my eye in a series, namely world-building, kingdom-building, as well as a strong protagonist and large-scale world. Even further along are my fascinations with what would happen if an RPG system were to become integrated into the real world. While I have read many stories dealing with the concept, I have yet to come across one that had fully achieved the potential I saw in such a story. Most of the time humanity would be extremely debuffed and left without the use of its technology. Perhaps the main advantage that humanity could ever achieve over any sort of Fantasy-oriented foe. Think of anime series such as Gate, where modern society clashes with fantasy ones. What if though, A Demon King, just like the ones many of you have probably seen in countless anime’s, succeeded in world domination. Even further, what if that same Demon King was not satisfied with the domination of their own world, but moved to dominate hundreds of others. What if, Earth became that Demon King’s next quest for domination?

This formed the basis of Genesis, the first book in my Rise of the Paragon series. My goal seeks to encompass some of the best concepts of a multitude of LitRPG’s stories, and animes, to form a grand-scale LitRPG multi-world apocalypse where the battleground has now centered on Earth.

So as such, I can’t thank anybody for choosing to pick up the book enough for their love and support for my work! At first, it was a thought experiment, and then after some time, it became a passion. So for everyone who has been with me all this way, I can’t help but provide a humongous thank you!

Enjoy the book!

Phase 1: Chapters 1-16

Phase 2: Chapters 17+

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