Chapter 2.2: The True Miss (2)

Breakfast took about half an hour. As Qiao Xiyin grabbed her backpack intending to leave, Mrs. Qiao stopped her, “The driver is waiting for you in the doorway.”

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“Ah, there’s no need,” Qiao Xiyin waved her hands in expression of being overwhelmed with gratefulness, like a deer in headlights. “There’s a train here. I-I can ride the train instead. I haven’t ever rode the train to school.”

Mrs. Qiao’s eyebrows furrowed, “It’s rush hour right now and the train will have a lot of people. Just let the chauffeur drive you.”

The school’s early study hours start at 7:20. It was still very early and Qiao Xinyi was still in the midst of a dream.

Qiao Xinyi had a chauffeur to send her and could laze in bed everyday. She never even saw a train before.

Seeing Qiao Xiyin wanting to refuse, the Qiao mother softened a little and said, “The driver has already waited at the doorway for a while.” After half a day of interactions, she had come to understand the girl’s personality: it was kindness.

Sure enough, once she heard that the chauffeur had been waiting, Qiao Xiyin’s face underwent an inner conflict, and eventually, she nodded her head, “Then, okay.” It was obvious that she was holding onto the mentality of not wanting to bother the driver.

The Qiao mother revealed a smile. She and Mr. Qiao accompanied Qiao Xiyin to the car. Mr. Qiao helped her grab her backpack, shocking the girl who repeatedly said, “Thank you.”

Accompanying the daughter to the car was a daily morning routine for the Qiao family. Now, in high school, all the parents accompany their students to the school entrance. But, because the Qiao family had chauffeurs, Mr. and Mrs. Qiao didn’t come.

The Qiao mother knew that this was the first time her birth daughter was experiencing this: Her face was completely red.

After Qiao Xiyin left, Qiao Xinyi finally walked out of the room, yawning. She seemed like she was still asleep, without experiencing everything that was happening in the Qiao family. “Mom, why did no one wake me up. I’m already almost late.”

In the morning, the Qiao family only had Nanny Li taking care of everything. Just now, when she was in the living room, she had forgotten about Qiao Xinyi. Mrs. Qiao glanced at Qiao Xinyi.

Qiao Xinyi’s temper was like this. If it was the past, Mrs. Qiao would feel guilty and her heart would twinge. But when she suddenly thought about Qiao Xiyin’s behavior, no matter what she did her heart wouldn’t twinge, and she couldn’t help but scold, “Could you not set a couple alarm and wake up a couple minutes earlier?”

She never thought the usually gentle Mrs. Qiao would scold her like this. Qiao Xinyi was shocked and full of grievances, “I, I can’t wake up.” Then, she became so angry she froze. The Mrs. Qiao in front of her was not her birth mother. Even if they said yesterday they would adopt her.

When she realized the situation she was in, Qiao Xinyi grinded her teeth. Her personality becoming a little more submissive, she went to the bathroom. Nanny Li had already organized her backpack and placed it in the living room.

Qiao Xinyi walked to the entrance, and felt suspicious, “Where’s the driver?”

“The driver drove the Qiao young lady. The Mrs. has already contacted Mr. Deng, but there’s a traffic jam so he has not arrived yet. Young lady, please wait a little more.” The close-by Housekeeper Li attempted to answer her question. When she was talking, she felt the address wasn’t quite right and could only put Qiao Xinyi’s last name in as well.

Presently, the two identities hasn’t been officially switched yet, and the address in the future was a bit confusing*.

*Typically, only parents/guardians and close friends address people by name. Others address by status (i.e. young lady) or generation (i.e. someone in your mom’s generation would be auntie). 

“Why didn’t you wait for me?” Qiao Xinyi’s face was full of shock.

“Little Yin left fifteen minutes ago,” Mrs. Qiao came over, “If we called you then, you probably couldn’t get up.”

Qiao Xinyi couldn’t respond but she was seething, her face full of dissatisfaction. After waiting for Qiao Xinyi to get into the car, Housekeeper Li walked beside Mrs. Qiao, and quietly said, “Qiao Xi young lady* is more obedient. I just went in Qiao Xi young lady’s room and she already folded all of her sheets, blankets, etc.”

*This is a reference to Qiao Xiyin

If it was Qiao Xinyi’s room, a large part of the blanket would have fallen to the ground and she would not have enough time to organize the room. Mrs. Qiao nodded her head.

The poor family’s kids mature earlier. Mrs. Qiao understood this ideal. Before she disdained this, her background was full of life’s sufferings so she thought her daughter should be doted on and cherished. But now, she actually felt that the daughter she raised was not sensible enough.

Qiao Xiyin arrived at school early. It was now late October, the third year’s second midterm just ended. The school was controlled by progression and each class had lots of students. Every time the midterm rankings are released, some people will be switched.

Because the original owner used the identity of a transfer student to enter the school, her ranking at the start wasn’t high. After a couple of months of getting used to the city’s teaching style, her grades began to rapidly improve and she tested into the Humanities Class 0.

Originally she had to report at her new class the day before but the situation happened at the Qiao family and the confused Qiao Xiyin didn’t know where she was going and could only ask for a leave until today.

She had a reason to come early. Class 0 was two classes away from her original classroom. Since Class 0 didn’t have a spare desk, she had to move hers over.

Qiao Xiyin had never studied in this world so after arriving at her spot, she had a blank expression. Not only was the cubby full of books, her backpack and the bookstand were all full of books. This body had thin arms and legs, moving the desk was not an easy thing.

She was annoyed. If this was before, as long as she willed it, the desk would teleport there. It would not be like now.

She then scanned the entire room. It was all girls and not even a single boy can be seen.

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