Chapter 2.1: The True Miss (2)

Qiao Xiyin walked two steps forward. In front of her was the vanity mirror. Before entering this body, she applied some tricks so that she could use her own face.

This body’s innate talent was not enough and it lacked the necessary postnatal care, but in modern-speak, she was malnourished. Even if she used her own face, it fell seventy to eighty percent with skin that was dry and unnatural. The eyebrows created a look of self-abasement and weakness. 

It was obvious she had a relatively good complexion and white skin, but it was destroyed to this point. In comparison to the fake Qiao young lady that grew up in the Qiao family, it really made people sigh.

She reached a hand to rub this face. Cultivators were famous for their beauty. Even the lowest level nomad had an outstanding appearance. Even with Qiao Xiyin’s loss of magic, nursing a face is not something terribly hard. Especially with the expanding technology of this world, there was no need for magic, only a large amount of tools. The Qiao family had money, and she had a drawer filled with makeup products enough to let her pick the right ones.

Qiao Xiyin’s thought process was very simple. Now that she possessed this body, she should do something for it. She would start by changing the death ending.

Through the Qiao parents’ conversation, Qiao Xiyin quickly found this body’s weak, timid, pathetic, yet self-improving disposition.

This was the kind of role that she was the best at.

In front of the mirror, her finger slowly ran across her mouth, revealing a hint of a smile.

The first night at the Qiao house was quiet.

The original owner had a habit of waking up early but the fake Qiao young lady Qiao Xinyi was not like this. Everyday she would wait until she had to hurriedly eat breakfast in the car. Everyday she would be exactly 10 minutes late.

Because of this, when Qiao Xiyin went downstairs, the Qiao family housekeeper was a little surprised, “Good morning, Miss Chen—Qiao.”

Before coming to the Qiao family, the Qiao young lady’s name was Chen Xiyin. The poor family didn’t know a lot of words and also didn’t have a lot of culture. The grandma was full of affection towards the porcelain doll-like Qiao young lady, and intentionally hired a teacher from the city to name her.

Qiao Xiyin pursed her lip, revealing a faint smile. The little girl’s smile was full of infectiousness. It was full of spirit like a deer in the forest. This Qiao young lady did not seem to be used to this large spectacle, her raised hands made it evident she was uncomfortable. But good upbringing was imprinted in one’s bones and when Nanny Li came over with a pot of porridge, she very courteously thanked her.

This is something Qiao Xinyi never did. The gesture was small but enough to make someone happy.

The Qiao mother and father were already sitting at the table. Even breakfast was sumptuous with different flavors and specifically tailored to Qiao Xiyin. The youtiao* was shiny and yellow, the soup dumplings were full and tantalizing, and the golden sponge cake and dumplings had good shape. Not to mention the various Su-styled pastries** and cakes. One could not resist taking a bite

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*youtiao – Chinese Fried Dough: It’s a savory fried bread that is usually paired with porridge in traditional Chinese breakfast. The outside is usually crunchy while the inside is soft like bread.

**originated from Suzhou, China

It was the Qiao mother that initiated the conversation, “Xiao Yin, we guessed that you like sweet foods, and asked someone to make these. Don’t be courteous with us. If you like any, eat it and we’ll ask for it to be made again, okay?”

The little girl was really obedient and nodded her head, rigidly picking up a soup dumpling. Because of this, the Qiao mother felt her heart hurt.

Qiao Xinyi doesn’t eat any of this. Her breakfast has already been packed and placed in the car, with a thermal container to retain heat. The style and pattern was even switched every week. Once she got tired of the food, she wouldn’t even eat a single bite. Her palette was extremely picky.

Before they thought that their daughter’s unruliness was cute, but seeing the true-born daughter being obedient and careful, regret for grabbing the wrong, undisciplined child rushed out like a stream. It was not fair that their true daughter was so careful while just eating breakfast with her parents.

The Qiao mother glanced at Mr. Qiao, then said, “If you didn’t sleep well last night, you’ll slowly get used to it.” Her stomach was full of words she wanted to say to her daughter: Asking about the past couple years, Mom didn’t want to abandon you, Mom will definitely use the time to repay the last seventeen years. But these were unspoken words and only tears were left.

Small bite after small bite and responding to the Qiao mother’s questions, Qiao Xiyin didn’t end up eating a lot.

“I—I’ve never slept on such a soft bed.” The girl shyly smiled, her face showing a hint of dimness but a lot of hope and longing. “Thank you Mrs, Mr.”

She still didn’t call her “Mom,” leading Mrs. Qiao to suddenly feel downtrodden. But she was soon filled with motivation after seeing her birth daughter’s happiness.

There will be a day where her daughter will accept them.

Qiao Xiyin intentionally refused to change her call.

She gave herself the role of a simple, pure, and naive white lotus*, with all of a young girl’s inner conflicts and inexperience written on her face. On the Qiao mother’s side, sympathy must be completely exploited. If she changes her address quickly, it would make her seem impatient, which does not fit her set personality. 

* A character that is pure, kind hearted, and perfect.

She will be as obedient as it will take, and in the best case scenario, it will let Qiao Xinyi become more unrestrained. The more wild Qiao Xinyi was, the more valuable Qiao Xiyin’s obedience and understanding became.

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