Chapter 1.2: The True Miss (1)

The story of the body she is currently using is actually very cheesy.

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That year, when Mrs. Qiao was in labor, the Qiao family was facing an economic crisis. The old Qiao family leader passed away suddenly, leaving the Qiao family without a central figure. Due to this Mr. Qiao could not pull himself away, leaving the 9-months pregnant Mrs. Qiao in the countryside to avoid debt. There, in dire straits, she gave birth to a girl in the hospital.

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At the same time, another family native to the area also gave birth to a girl in the same ward. The hospital lacked resources and preparation, the staff were subpar, and technology then was antiquated, not to mention that of this small, archaic village.

Mrs. Qiao lived her whole life with a golden spoon and had a weak disposition. How could she endure the pains of labor? Because of this, she fell into a coma. But the other family’s woman recovered very quickly. The first time she saw the rich and full of prosperous air Mrs. Qiao, her heart was full of envy and jealousy. The traditional ideals deformed these thoughts into an evil idea: to switch the two family’s girls.

The cat switching the prince act was then performed on Mrs. Qiao. Before she rested for a full month in the hospital, the Qiao family sent people to go and pick up Mrs. Qiao. With patience, after Mr. Qiao became the family leader, the Qiao family survived the economic crisis in a short year, becoming even more affluent. The fake Qiao young lady started to live the life of a rich young lady.

But the other family’s mother brought the real Qiao young lady home within a couple days. But, this was not her first birth. WIth a family full of girls but only one son, her giving birth to another daughter naturally made her angry. In addition, the girl wasn’t even hers, so she didn’t have much affection for this girl.

Her heart was not calm. A rich family’s lady even in a state of destitution was still dignified, and the child could experience this extravagance from the minute it was born. But her child had to be trapped in this patriarchal family. But now, it was all good, she brought the rich family’s girl home, so that her daughter could go indulge. It could be said as fulfilling her own dream.

But the poor real Qiao family daughter grew up in the desolate village, relying on the country’s slowly strengthening education system to go to school. Due to her diligence and cleverness, after nine years of mandatory education, she tested into the city’s high school and relied on the scholarship to study until her third year in high school, allowing her to become a semester exchange student in a big city school.

This school was coincidentally the same school the fake Qiao young lady was going to.

The poor family’s mother was a very ambivalent person. On one hand, her thinking was dominated by the patriarchal views; while on the other hand, she missed her daughter. Every one or two years, there will be at least one time that she buys a bus ticket to watch her daughter from afar. She would not give up this chance, and under the pretense of taking care of the real Qiao family’s daughter, she came to the school and even became one of the dorm caretakers.

They came in the summer when second years had to take additional classes. While the real Qiao young lady took classes, the poor family’s mother finally took the chance to find the fake Qiao young lady and recognize their relationship.

Due to suddenly leaving the pregnant Mrs. Qiao, Mr. Qiao was full of guilt toward the mother-daughter pair, and after coming back, he treated them many times better. Because of this, the fake Qiao young lady with a golden spoon had a bit of a nasty temper and was naturally unwilling to recognize the relationship.

The poor family’s mother then told the situation to her son. The son never finished middle school and after reaching the city, got a vocational certificate. Now, he was at the age of a college fresh graduate, but was more like a hoodlum. He was more knowledgeable than the poor family’s mother and thought of a plot to get DNA testing between the fake Qiao young lady and the poor family’s mother, freaking the fake Qiao young lady out.

The son had grasped the fake Qiao young lady’s unwillingness to recognize the relationship and used the DNA testing as leverage to blackmail the fake Qiao young lady every two months for money.

Unfortunately his brain fails to live up to expectation, he tried to collaborate with others on a business venture, but met scammers. The scammers fled with the money and the son was left with several millions in debt (couple hundred thousand USD).

Even with the fake Qiao young lady’s generous allowance, she could not get her hands on several millions of yuan and was forced to trick the Qiao mother and Qiao father. The Qiao father worked in business his whole life and could see his daughter’s secret thoughts. Sending people to secretly follow and investigate, he found a clue.

The son was weak to threats, and once he was interrogated, he revealed the truth, letting the Qiao mother and Qiao father find out what had happened.

The real Qiao young lady was seventeen this year. Even if she grew up in a rural village, she was still slender and elegant, very similar to the Qiao mother in her prime. The Qiao mother recognized her birth daughter with a single glance.

Qiao Xiyin had experienced all of this in a short time. The Qiao mother brought back her birth daughter and explained the truth in front of the fake Qiao young lady. But the Qiao mother’s, with her life experience, heart wavered in front of the child she had raised. Since the Qiao family was not lacking in the money to raise another kid, they promised the fake Qiao young lady to raise both kids, and even gave the poor family a large sum of money as the adoption fee.

The real Qiao young lady returned home and the fake Qiao young lady continued to live on. This was supposed to be a happy ending.

Qiao Xiyin blinked. She could only stay in a body that was about to die. If the situation was as simple as one thought, she would not be able to enter this body.

Just looking at the fake Qiao young lady’s attitude, one would know that she was not as peaceful and content as the Qiao mother thought.

In reality, the imbalance in the fake Qiao young lady’s heart will grow strong, the jealousy in her heart rich and potent. She later joined the son in the name of “good older sister” to deceive the real Qiao young lady out of a lot of money to help the son clear his debt. The son had some relationships in the gang, and the two reached out to some “same-path* friends” to rape and murder the real Qiao young lady.

*same-path is just a euphemism for people also in the gang

In March of the next year, the real Qiao young lady would have earned a college guarantee and slowly get used to living in the Qiao family, finding her life’s passion.

A few years later, the truth would come out: rapist, murderer, fake Qiao young lady, and the son would all be captured in a net. No matter what verdict the court made, they still couldn’t pay back a life.

The Qiao family could no longer accept the fake Qiao young lady and the poor family’s only son was admitted to prison. Both families were left with a scattered ending.

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