Chapter 1.1: The True Miss (1)

A graceful older woman slowly pushed open the mansion doors. Behind her stood her husband who, despite being middle-aged, still displayed a mature yet charming aura in a tuxedo.

Behind the doors was a whole other world of dazzling splendor, a bright and luxurious room. Each stud on the chandeliers was delicate yet lavish. 

“Xiao Yin*,” the older woman’s expression was full of affection. “From now on, this is your home. If you are not used to this, you don’t have to change how you address us this early, just please stay here with us.”

*Adding Xiao in front of the last character of one’s name is like saying “little ___.” It is usually used as an endearing term.

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In front of her, the little girl trembled. Her pale face had helplessness and shyness written all over it, like she wasn’t used to this eagerness. The older woman wanted to grab the girl’s hand but she cowered away, as if she was about to retreat, but was still caught by the woman.

This was supposed to be a girl’s best age but the girl in front of her had dry and rough skin. Skinny to the point of having no meat, there was a thin layer of skin that covered the bone.

The older woman’s eyes were full of doting and distress, and even the man beside her could not resist, “Xiao Yin, in the future, if you want something, say it. We are your birth parents. If you don’t want to change last names, we won’t blame you.”

Their daughter was supposed to be spoiled all her life, experiencing opulence and extravagance. How did she suffer so much?

It was seventeen years.

The girl bit her lip and lightly nodded her head. “En.”

It was a near inaudible croon.

This response made the older woman very happy as she hurriedly brought the girl upstairs to show her around, “This is your older sister’s room and over here is yours. Come and look. Dad and mom don’t know what you like, but want to give the best to you.”

Then, an urgent “Peng” could be heard. It was the room door being slammed. Specifically, it was coming from “older sister’s room.” 

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The man couldn’t help but wrinkle his brows. This kid, they already said they would do their best to adopt, but to throw a tantrum at this time was a symbol of immaturity, the kind that could only be instilled in the family. 

But now was not the time to scold the other child. Facing the girl, the man’s gaze softened.

Qiao Xiyin slowly pulled open the door of the other room.

It was evident that the room was designed with a lot of effort. It was full of blues, pinks, and greys that was symbolic of a young girl, the kind of design the girl could not reject.

On the bed laid a human-sized teddy bear along with various dolls. The drawers were filled with d brand and v brand clothing that ranged from daily to formal. There was even a large vanity table prepared with everything from primer to lip tints, with the kind of lipsticks and perfumes that would make one’s eyes blur with envy.

There was even the newest version phone placed on the table.

She moved her mouth, “Thank you Mrs., Mr., but I-I want to have some time alone.”

Her stare was moving as if it could cut water, with a hint of loneliness. No one could refuse such a look.

The older woman and man’s hearts wavered, saying okay and telling her to notify them immediately if anything happened before leaving the room.

The moment the room door closed, the helplessness and self-abasement disappeared. Instead, a hint of a smile replaced it.

With her back to the door, Qiao Xiyin’s fingers slowly ran over her entire body.

She wasn’t human, and didn’t even belong to this world. Because of a closed-door magic cultivation failure, she not only lost thousands of years of memories, but also her entire cultivation. Now, she was at the cultivator’s most basic level.

She lived for so many years, but this was her first time encountering such a situation, and was naturally furious. But now, she was just a weak Level 1 cultivator. Quickly recovering her strength and finding out who disturbed her closed-door meditation from her memories was nothing but a pipe dream.

Because of this, Qiao Xiyin thought of this idea. She knew that three thousand worlds existed and that there were a group of people who specialized in transmigration across the three thousand worlds.

On a lucky occasion, one of these agents accidentally entered her realm. Since her soul was wounded, she used the chance to possess the agent and follow the agent as she crossed over to these worlds.

Her thinking was very simple: Find the luckiest person in each world and take a little bit of it. Even though the amount was not a lot, after counting each world, it would still have considerable value.

Now, she and the agent arrived in this world, a world completely different from the Celestial World.

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