Chapter 22 Mother Ye was seriously injured

In the hospital, Ye Meng Wei lay in the hospital bed. Looking softly at her busy daughter for most of the day, she said kindly, “Xia Xia, you should rest.”

An Xia, who had just finished what she was doing, sat by the bed.

“Xia’er, you accepted Old Mr Bo’s terms too soon.”

The juvenile detention center was full of violent young people. She wouldn’t have a peaceful life if she went in.

What she didn’t know was that An Xia had stayed at the juvenile detention center for 3 days and almost jumped off a building to commit suicide.

An Xia picked up the freshly washed apples and prepared to peel them. “I’m the only one who won’t bully anyone in that place. Plus, it’s only 3 months. Time will pass quickly.”

Even without the conditions that both the Bo and An Family had agreed upon, she would have returned to the juvenile detention center. Those little brats that almost drove her to death needed to be taught a lesson.

The sharp knife quickly peeled the whole apple but the skin was not immediately removed. The tip of the knife flicked gently and Ye Meng Wei saw the apple skin, that was as light as a feather, being picked up with a trace of sadness in her eyes.

What on earth did her An Xia experience?

After a while, Ye Meng Wei became tired and fell asleep. An Xia sat quietly and left the ward for the doctor’s office.

The door closed gently, and Ye Meng Wei, who had closed her eyes, gently grasped the quilt as tears slowly flowed out along the corners of her eyes.

Mu Ning Xue was right. It was her incompetence that made her daughter get bullied.

An Xia’s house… and family had long belonged to her stepmother’s family, and the Ye Family never had anything to do with her.

Every wrong step she took had hurt her daughter.

In the doctor’s office.

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“Mrs An’s physical condition is not very good, she is severely malnourished, and…” the attending doctor put several newly taken x-ray films on the lamp screen. It had not been explained yet, but An Xia’s pupils tightened ruthlessly.

Mother Ye had suffered a serious bone injury, and it had not been given treatment at all!

“Mrs An has suffered serious bone injuries many times, including severe damage to the skull, leg bones, humerus and ribs.” The doctor with a heavy expression clicked the film with a soft pen and explained softly, “especially the humerus, which were not treated in time and the fracture was misplaced, which has seriously affected her daily life. Every time the weather changes, it will hurt.”

“The problem regarding the left hand is bigger, and the bones of the whole palm have been broken. The bone in the ring finger is dislocated, and most of the bones below the middle finger…”

Once the doctor finished explaining the situation, he asked seriously, “Miss An, why didn’t you treat your mother’s injuries when they were so severe? Her life expectancy is bound to reduce due to the old and new injuries.”

In An Xia’s memory, she could not recall having suffered any serious injury. In the face of the doctor’s questioning, An Xia did not have an answer.

Repressing the shock in her heart, An Xia said in a low voice, “It’s due to my carelessness. Please take care of my mother.”

Those injuries did not look accidental.

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The injuries to the left hand was deliberately caused so that Mother Ye could no longer use that hand to do anything.

Did An Zi Qin and Mu Ning Xue do it?

Her dark eyes went cold. If both of them did it, then she would have to go back to the An Family.

When the doctor saw that the little girl in front of him did not know about it, he took off the films and put them back in the folder, and said, “It’s my duty to treat patients. I’ll do my best to treat her. But…”

He sighed and said, “Miss An, if you have some time, go and learn a bit about bone remodeling, it’ll help the patient.”

Bone remodeling, whereby dislocated bones were broken, and then fixed for treatment.

“The patient’s situation is special. It’ll need a professional, and Professor Chen Yi Ru is an expert in this field. You should look for him.”

An Xia’s eyes brightened up as she listened carefully. Of course she knew Professor Chen! He was specially hired by the Imperial Domain.

She had to get in touch with the Imperial Domain immediately.

“I see. Thank you for reminding me. I’ll get the medicine first. You can contact me anytime if you need anything.” An Xia politely thanked and turned to open the doctor’s office.

A frail body in thin tattered clothes stained with blood. The doctor’s eyes constricted as he watched her leave.

So what if they were from a rich family? They were still… Sigh!

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