Chapter 23 Vicious Scheme

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The doctor felt sorry for An Xia, who was about to leave, and took out a winter parka distributed by the hospital.

“I just got this from the logistics department. It’s a little big. If you don’t mind, you can wear it for a few days. Your mother needs to be taken care of, you can’t afford to catch a cold.”

An Xia was stunned by the sudden kind gesture and her eyes suddenly went on alert.

In this world, according to her guidelines, it was dangerous to be kind to strangers because that person might likely be the cause of her death. 

When she was a child, she helped a lost three-year-old child return home. On the way, she almost got killed. She suffered serious injuries and had to rest for half a year.

Her father told her that the child was a bait, and her kindness almost killed her.

From then on, kindness was stripped from her body. She refused the kindness of others, and refused to be kind. 

The moment the doctor handed over the parka, An Xia’s eyes were much colder than before.

“Don’t be disgusted. The design might not be very nice looking, but the quality is good. Here, put it on.” The male parka was forcibly stuffed into An Xia’s hands. The attending doctor in his early 40s talked to An Xia like he was talking to his daughter. “It doesn’t matter whether it’s nice looking or not. It’s just to keep you warm. You can’t simply look at the appearance and not be practical.”

A nurse pushed another patient in, and the doctor immediately “chased” An Xia out of the office.

The commander-in-chief, who has “chased”, took the men’s XL sized parka and walked through the aisle towards the elevator while at a loss.

So, the reason why he gave her a parka was because he felt that she was dressed too little and was afraid that she would catch a cold?

It was not until she walked out of the hospital gate and the cold wind carrying snowflakes blew against her face that the cold chill gradually woke her up.

The cold wind was really cold.

She seemed to feel a little warmth after putting on the parka.

In an inconspicuous gray sedan car at the entrance of the hospital, a sharp-eyed man watched the girl in a parka cross the road and walk into an internet cafe.

“Internet cafe?” Old Mr Bo, who closed his eyes, knocked fingers against the armrest in the car and said lightly, “Get me her search records. In addition, find a way to let Mrs Song know that Miss An is at the hospital.”

The little girl had changed, but unfortunately, she was a little too reckless.

Even if Zhi Qing made a mistake, it was not her turn to teach him a lesson.

For Old Mr An’s sake, this old man would teach her how to deal with things.

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The old man smiled and the kindness in his eyes disappeared in a flash.

The man staring did not realise that before An Xia entered the internet cafe, she seemed to look back in the direction of the hospital. Her gaze brushed over the gray car before her lips revealed a cold smile as she pushed the door into the Internet cafe.

Mrs Song, who was hospitalised in the same hospital, smashed everything that could be smashed in the ward and screamed. “I don’t agree, I don’t agree! I’m going to let her pay for Yan Yan’s life!”

“Pay for her life? Do you think I don’t want to? Ai Jing Hua, let me tell you, you are also responsible for what happened to Yan Yan!” Song Zheng Wei unbuttoned his collar and was tired. He was completely free from his usual demeanor. 

“It would be fine if no one knew about what games she played in private, but she was too bold! Live broadcast! And she even said she is the law in Xuancheng city! If it hadn’t been for the Bo Family, the noblemen from the imperial domain would have taken action to wipe the Song Family!”

“Look at those posts on the Internet. They’re all videos altered by the Bo Family explaining it’s all an act! Pay with her life? Your daughter’s death isn’t worth any regrets!”

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