Chapter 24: Dead for Five Years

Groaning, Song Zheng Wei leaned defeatedly against the wall. He closed his eyes as he remembered the pain.

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His daughter was dead. His other children, a son and another daughter, had been found by the Bo family. He had no choice but to concede.

“Jing Hua, I will avenge our daughter. You know how harsh it is in the juvenile detention center, I will make sure she suffers before her death.”

“You should rest well… I have to go back to work, I’ll be back later.” Wiping his face, he stopped consoling his wife and instructed the personal nurse to clean up the ward before leaving.

Mrs. Song was pale and haggard as she watched her husband leave. Rage coursed through her body like the blood in her veins, thick and poisonous. There was no way she would not let her daughter die in vain to protect the Song family!

Outside of the ward, two nurses were talking in a low voice, “How terrible… It frightened me when I gave her the medicine. Miss An’s body was covered in wounds…”

Miss An?

An Xia?

Mrs. Song rushed out of the hospital ward and asked sharply, “Which floor is she on, tell me!”

“Uhh… Mrs. Song…” Scared, the two nurses stuttered, “It–It’s …the fifth floor… Mrs. Song, you…” 

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Restraining her anger, Mrs. Song returned to her ward. She could not act rashly, now that she knew that the murderer was here, she had to plan her actions carefully.

The nurses, who were wearing masks, smiled at each other and left the premium VIP ward.

At the very moment, in a certain city ten floors underground of State M, a mysterious network cypher appeared in an encrypted computer.

In front of the computer was a young, handsome and dark-haired man. He widened his blood-shot eyes in shock as he read the cypher.

No one else but him and the commander-in-chief knew the code.

But his commander was killed in action five years ago!

Lights flickered on the screen, he typed swiftly on the keyboard.

A minute later, he held the screen with both hands and got up.

How could this be possible!

How could his deceased commander be in Country Xia?

Was she really the commander?

The cypher appeared again. Clear, concise and no-nonsense, just the way his commander was, “Country Xia, immediately.”

Straightening himself, the man typed with his trembling fingers and sent out the last string of code: The subordinates are on their way.

True or not, he had to go to Country Xia.

Five minutes later, a small team of four left the Imperial Domain and headed towards Country Xia.

Country Xia, Xuancheng City.

An Xia cleared all history in the computer and gave out a long sigh.

Five years. She had been dead for five years.

God damn it!

Breathe in, breathe out… Take it easy, it was only five years, not fifty years!

After taking thirty seconds to compose herself, An Xia walked out of the internet cafe. She turned her gaze to a black car parked by the street.


Both doors of the car opened. Four tall and muscular men in black charged towards An Xia.

An Xia’s gaze fell on the ring worn on the little finger of one of the men. It was a vulture. Her killer instinct gradually rose within her.

They were members of the “Vulture Gang”. Five years ago, they invaded the territory of Country Xia!

The air was cold as the four men stood in front of An Xia. The one with the vulture ring looked at her to confirm her identity and signalled to the other three to seize her.

“01 come in, 01 come in,” a casually dressed man spoke into his headset in a dark corner of the streets as he called the action center.

“01 received,” came a reply from the receiving line. The voice was cold and sharp, like a sword that pierced through the darkness.

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