Chapter 25: Taken

There were few pedestrians on the streets at 4 o’clock in the afternoon. Cars sped past and no one but the spy who had been following the Vulture members noticed a young woman being taken.

He noticed that she did not resist, and was dragged into the vehicle.

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“01, they’ve taken the girl!” He reported calmly. Suddenly, he looked at the girl’s right hand and was shocked, “01, she saw me and made a signal!”

How could this be?

When did she notice him?

As a spy, how did he not sense it!

There was a few seconds of silence in the action center, and then 01 replied, “I will verify it, keep watching them.”

“Roger!” Shocked, the spy tried to stay hidden, but the young woman gestured to him: I am fine.

After kneading a small snowball with his fingers, he popped it into his mouth and the cold in his mouth calmed his mind.

At least her signal was reassuring.

An Xia had noticed the spy when she entered the internet cafe. However, it did not bother her, as they were present in every city.

She didn’t know that he was watching the Vulture gang until they came.

She also didn’t know their plan, nor their strategy, hence she had to be taken willingly.

In the car, the man with the vulture ring grabbed her chin and examined her. He then nodded in satisfaction.

Black hair and dark eyes, as mysterious as her country, how fascinating.

The man removed his mask, revealing features that were non-native to Country Xia. High nose and deep eyes were characteristics of a man from State L.

He had worn black contact lenses and dyed his hair. With the mask on, it was hard to identify his origins.

He spoke the language of State L, instructing the driver to speed up and head towards the shipping container warehouse.

Thinking that An Xia could not understand him, he took out his phone and called another member of the Vulture gang, “I am De Lu Sen, I got her. Give her the money in 3 hours.”

Hearing this, An Xia pretended to be afraid and retreated further into her seat.

She was being sold to the Vulture gang.

By whom?

Who had wanted to get rid of her?

An Yang Yang, Mu Ning Xue, the Song family, the Bo family; it could be any of them.

An Xia kept thinking as the car kept moving.

An hour later, An Xia was dragged out of the car and thrown on the ground. Two middle-aged women who dressed ordinarily quickly searched her body.

“Uwa, that’s great! All hostages have been successfully delivered, we leave in five minutes,” De Lu Sen lit a cigarette for himself and looked casually at his surroundings before moving to an inconspicuous corner of the street. 

An Xia’s eyes darkened as she looked around her. She pursed the corner of her lips.

Had the spy from Country Xia not keep up with them?

After five years, not only had the spies from Country Xia not improved their reconnaissance skills, but had instead deteriorated?

On her left in the ten o’clock direction, high-pitched screams from a few girls were heard, “Aaa, let go of me, what are you doing?! Let go of me!”

“Wu wu wu.. I want to go, dad I want to go home.”


There were a total of nine girls. Ten, including herself.

Hold on, this was not right, the location where De Lu Sen was standing was not right.

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That was a prime location where one could leave quickly without being detected.

He had intentionally said to leave after five minutes in order to determine whether there was danger in the surroundings! 

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