Chapter 44 To overestimate one’s capabilities 

In several cities, several people who were accustomed to wielding power in their hands stood solemnly, and kneeled respectfully on one knee in a certain direction.

At this moment, the An Family didn’t know that their ending had been decided.

Dubhe, the leader, reported to An Xia, “Before coming in, we discovered someone secretly spying on you. I have already dragged him away. How would you like to deal with him?”

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“Keep him locked up, but preserve his life. We’ll return him to the Bo Family later.” An Xia knew who he was referring to. They were Old Mr Bo’s cronies, who had been nearby ever since she went to the hospital.

Keep him locked up for a few days, without any water, without any food. He can empty his bowels on the spot. An Xia had never lost her touch when it came to wearing people out as a deliberate show of strength and as a warning to Old Mr Bo.

20 minutes later. Dubhe and the others had figured out all the assets of the An Family, and had also dug out several outdated but useful information of the two brothers, An Zi Qin and An Zi Qi. If those were disseminated, the two brothers could enjoy a few years in prison. 

Unexpectedly, An Zi Qin was abnormally clean. 

“Investigate thoroughly and don’t give him any way to survive.” An Xia looked through all the information and An Zi Qin’s ruthlessness inadvertently flashed in her mind.

It was impossible for such a person to be clean.

After 20 minutes, An Xia glanced up slightly and looked out of the ward with a cold gaze.

At that moment when An Xia glanced up, Dubhe had swept his body to the door before quietly pulling the curtain up to block the small glass window in the middle of the door. 

There was someone outside.

Merak, Phecda, and Megrez stopped working. Everyone swept towards the door with a cold expression on their face. 

Courting death!

How daring to spy on the commander-in-chief!

Dubhe made a neck-cutting gesture and looked at An Xia.

“No need.” An Xia said indifferently, “It’s not time to take action yet.”

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Seeing that all four men were emitting a murderous aura, and were prepared to rush out at any moment for a kill, a small light flickered in An Xia’s eyes. “Get your act together and recognise where you are now.”

“Here, you cannot move as you please. And…”

An Xia thought of Mu Chen Yuan. When she got out of the car and left, she could feel eyes from the front car watching her. After some thought, she said, “If I’m not mistaken, the soldiers here should be watching me as wekk.”

“Have they discovered your identity?” Dubhe spoke in a low voice. “They have been assisting us in investigating the incident that led to your sacrifice.”

At that time, An Xia was on a high seas mission to assist Country Xia. She was killed in an explosion when she was 26 nautical miles away from the target sea area.

She didn’t have to think much about it, as she already knew that something major was happening in Country Xia. 

An Xia was very open-minded about her being killed in the explosion. In any case, she was alive now. However, revenge was still necessary. She’s not worried though. Since she was alive now, she would slowly investigate it one matter at a time. 

“I was killed in an explosion and it has nothing to do with Country Xia. It’s useless to drive a wedge in between.” An Xia saw Ye Meng Wei’s eyebrows suddenly frown and gently rubbed her hand while speaking even more softly. “The assistance provided to them to deal with Carl would have attracted the attention of the Mu Family’s second son. He must have reported back.”

“My guess is they will send someone here, but not now.”

With Country Xia’s prudence, they would investigate first, then make a move.

She was not afraid of them keeping an eye on her. The day after tomorrow, she would go to the juvenile detention center to report, they could keep an eye on her as much as they wanted. 

Dubhe and the others were not worried that Country Xia’s soldiers would harm the commander-in-chief. Without any more words, they were even more determined to destroy the An Family. 

The An Family was also taking action. The first step was to freeze the bank card, the second step was to contact the hospital shareholders and drive out An Xia and her mother.

Lying on the hospital bed, An Yang Yang, who just had surgery on her knees, did not reconcile with the fact that she had surgery on her knees and released a heartbreaking blood-curdling scream, “I’m going to break her knees, and I’m going to make her disabled, ah ah ah, I want her to die! Make her die!”

The doctor said she might not be able to walk steadily in the future. Could she still marry into the Bo Family?

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