Chapter 45 Take care of it personally

Mu Ning Xue hugged her emotional daughter, and the hatred in her eyes overflowed with a cold look on her face. “Yang Yang, bear with it. Your father said the little bitch will kneel for mercy within 24 hours. When that happens, I will personally dig out her knees. No, I will skin her alive, so that she knows that she has offended us.”

“As long as Ye Meng Wei admits that you are her biological daughter, I will guarantee that you will be able to marry into the Bo Family as you wish. Honey, stop crying. Zhi Qing is on the way, you won’t look pretty if you cry too much.”

It was a blessing for the Bo Family to marry her daughter, who was beautiful and smart!

“Come now, let’s wipe your tears away and wait for Zhi Qing to come. Remember what I said, act pitiful in front of Zhi Qing when you see fit. Cry for a little while, but don’t cause trouble or be unruly. You must firmly grasp his heart, only then will you have a greater chance to marry into the Bo Family.”

“Take care of your injuries. With the An Family still in existence, the little bitch won’t be able to stay arrogant for long.”

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With the advice from Mu Ning Xue, An Yang Yang gradually stopped crying and slowly restrained the hatred in her eyes before Bo Zhi Qing arrived. It was better to only display a pitiful self. 

In the An Family, the family members of the An Family were waiting for An Xia to kneel in front of them and beg for mercy. 

An Zi Qin, with a plaster cast on his arm, stood at the gate of the backyard and said with a moody face. “Prepare a few more ropes, and prepare more manpower to guard the gate. Check the electric batons again. I want all of you to be alert. I want all of you to be on guard until even a mosquito isn’t able to fly out!”

These were hired thugs that were pretty skilled. They were hired to handle the bastard child. He did not believe that 50 hired thugs would be no match for a bastard child! 

Today, the moment when the bastard child enters the door of the An Family, they would hit her until her leg breaks!

Then dig out the bones of her knees and exchange them for Yang Yang!

In the living room

The uneasy Old Mrs An asked An Yuan Ding in a deep voice. “Have you arranged the manpower? Be careful. Don’t miss out on any place.”

“It’s all arranged. I’ve even arranged for some to carry hidden knives on themselves. I’ll find a way to control my sister-in-law first, and then negotiate with An Xia.” An Yuan Ding’s arrangement was much more detailed. He even sent Third Mrs An out of the An Family in case he couldn’t control An Xia, and instead get his wife injured. 

Old Mrs An was relieved once she had confirmed that the arrangement was done properly.

An Zi Qi, who arranged manpower at the backyard, ran in coldly and said confidently, “Mom, this time, as long as she enters the door, don’t expect her to leave again!”

They had seen how ferocious An Xia was. They were more or less afraid. It was not wrong to plan ahead of schedule. 

Old Mrs An lowered her head and sipped her tea, and the hot tea entered her mouth. Instead of feeling calm, her heart became more and more nervous. 

She felt that something bad was going to happen.

Just as she thought about it, An Yuan Ding’s mobile phone suddenly rang, which frightened Old Mrs An until her hand shook and spilled the hot tea on her hand.

An Yuan Ding, who answered his mobile phone, raised his voice. “What do you mean she’s not in the hospital?”

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“If she’s not in the hospital, she’s probably on the way here!” An Zi Qin, who came in, overheard the conversation and grinded his teeth and said fiercely, “Bastard child, I must break her legs today!”

“Really? Are you sure you can break my legs?”  An Xia’s voice was as cool as the first day of winter when came from the gate. With an unhurried pace, she entered the living room.

She had returned to the An Family again just for one person. 

An Yang Yang, who had sold her to a contact from the Vulture Gang.

An Zi Qin turned around. When he saw An Xia, his first sentence was, “Do you now know what it means to be afraid? If you want money to pay for the medical bills, kneel down and admit your mistake!”

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