Chapter 48 You are punished for doing something wrong

Clutching the phone in his hand, An Yuan Ding turned his head, and his bloodshot eyes were filled with hatred as he stared at An Xia, like a desperate beast who had no way out of death. 

All his hard work was ruined in less than 3 hours!

“An Xia!! You ruined all my hard work! Die!” He yelled and roared. His forehead and neck turned red, and twisted blue veins were visible under his hair. His gentle temperament was shattered. “Go get her! Get her!”

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Old Mrs An was unable to endure the huge shock any longer. Her hands and feet suddenly twitched violently, and her mouth was crooked. Her eyes slanted strangely and her throat rumbled.

She was in a state of panic until she suffered a stroke. 

“Mom!! Mom!!” Third Mrs An rushed over and screamed, “This is bad! Dear, hurry! This is really bad!!”

Third Mrs An, who was sent away, ran back to the An Family in panic. Her heart was terribly anxious that she didn’t pay attention to the steps. She stepped on air and the sharp pain from her ankle made her breathless. 

A voice of a woman, who was the wife of a business partner, came from the mobile phone that was close to her ear, “Third Mrs An, we can’t do anything. If you don’t pay the debt today, we’ll have to confiscate them all.”

“Mrs Su, please give us some time, we…. Hello, hello, Mrs Su… Toot…” The sound of the call ending was heard. Regardless of her sprain, Third Mrs An gritted her teeth and pushed open the door of the An Family. 

She stood at the door in a daze. 

At that moment, Third Mrs An knew the An Family was finished! 

The An Family was really finished!

Someone was leaving leisurely, and it was An Xia, who gave an order to ruin the An Family within 24 hours. 

Her gaze tightened abruptly, and in an instant, Third Mrs An understood who was ruining the An Family! 

Two hours ago, she laughed at her for being young and frivolous, indulging in fantasy.

And now…

An Xia came towards her, with her ruthless gaze locked on her, it was so malicious that it made her scared till the fine hairs on her whole body stood. 

“Third Mrs An, how many benefits did you receive from the Bo Family since you suggested giving me to the Song Family as a gift?”

An Xia’s cold voice penetrated Third Mrs An’s ears, and her pupils tightened, and her whole body trembled like a bottomless pond.

She knew!

That was a disaster of extinction!

Her ice cold gaze swept across Third Mrs An’s face, which was as gray as lead paper, and An Xia laughed lightly. “Why don’t you guess where I will be sending you?”

Her laughter was shallow, like the breeze under the eaves, it sounded so gentle but it paralyzed Third Mrs An until she fell.

She wanted to open her mouth to beg for mercy and to let her go. She tried to keep her mouth open, but she couldn’t make a sound. 

“Do you want your son and daughter to accompany you?”

The devil!

She’s a devil!

Third Mrs An hugged An Xia’s calf in a humble manner. “Please let them go. They don’t know anything. They really don’t know anything, please… please…”

“Don’t know? Then how did my picture appear in Song Yan Yan’s hands?” An Xia lowered her eyes, gazing faintly at the former wealthy lady who was like an ant, and saw the fear in her eyes. An Xia curled her lips, “You will be punished for your wrongdoing.”

She lifted her feet and went down the steps.

“No, no, Xia Xia, it’s all my fault. Please be generous and let them go… Ah….” Third Mrs An screamed tragically, and her legs were stepped on by Second Mrs An, who was running out. 

“Somebody please come, somebody please come…help…ah…” Third Mrs An tripped and rolled down the stone steps screaming. Both sisters-in-laws were in an embarrassing state with no image of how a wealthy lady should behave. 

A dozen uniformed policemen rushed into the An Family with a serious look. An Xia stood in place, looked at them, and focused on the figure who was standing in the middle of the iron gate as proud as a pine tree.

Mu Chen Yuan, we meet again. 

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