chapter – 134 Finishing The Gate Project

Soon, Rabial was back in Epsilon’s office at the Underbroom Research Centre. As he entered, he settled himself on the chair, looked into Epsilon’s eyes, and started talking. The decision may have been arrived on fast enough but that did not mean this was not a simple matter.

“The headquarters agreed to your request. As long as you complete what you said today, we will give you what you want from us.”

This answer was within Epsilon’s expectations. He smiled at Rabial and then started writing on the document as he spoke.

“Alright then, I will start working. It would be best if I would be left alone now.”

Rabial snickered as he was being driven out of the room. As soon as he left Epsilon’s office, Rabial noticed that all the researchers were looking at him with questions in their eyes. He shook his head and started talking.

“It seems that Human Advisor Epsilon will be able to finish the dimensional gate in one day.”

After his announcement, he made his way towards his office without waiting to hear anything from anyone. He was grumbling in his mind that when everything was going to be completed by Epsilon anyway, why were they paying high amounts of Ether Stones to the Werfur researchers!?

The Werfur researchers may have sensed their Research Centre Leader’s displeasure. They took a deep breath, some of them even wishing Epsilon to fail so that they could save some face.

Until now, he had created the way to target and find the dimension they wanted to go to and now he was going to complete the Dimensional Gate. When he can manage all of this by himself, why were they here in the first place?

Left alone in his room, Epsilon started writing on a document.

‘Dimensional Gate Project’

‘Creating a gate that was capable of working with the dimensional wave reader, and with the use of the available dimensional crack, send people and things to the target dimension. A stable and powerful gate was needed for this transportation. The gate needed some sort of energy source to keep it stable.”

Various pictures and calculations formed in Epsilon’s mind after he wrote the project objective. He started creating the next steps and overall plan.

‘Step 1: Creating a large physical model of the gate.’

‘Step 2: Creating an energy source and connecting it to ‘physical gate’.’

‘Step 3: Creating a plausible connection between the physical gate and the dimensional crack.’

‘Step 4: Adding ability to the gate to read and connect with dimensional wave reader.’

After much thought, Epsilon listed four specific steps. Since he had some clarity on the plan, without hesitation, he thought about using the Enchanted Titanium for the physical part of the gate. He still had large amounts of the material left from his drone creation. Even if he needed more, he could always buy it from the Void Market. It was important to use the material best suited to avoid any kind of dimensional errors in the travel.

Epsilon had now plunged full force into action. He first drew a gate on a new document paper and nodded.

“This design should be enough. It will be rectangular and on top of it, there will be an Epsilon insignia to show who the gate belonged to and that it was created by me.”

Epsilon had a deeper meaning to this than just flaunting his ownership and craft. Under normal circumstances, he believed that gate would function perfectly. However, if a problem emerged, he could teleport to fix the gate, using the dimensional insignia and his symbol as the connecting points.

Epsilon took a deep breath and created a simple, black-colored gate with the Epsilon symbol on top. The physical gate was built with his magical energy.

Once the first step was over, he started working on an energy resource so that the gate itself had direct access to energy. For this, he did not intend to use his solar or star panels.

“The energy needed for the Dimension Gate was more than one city-level energy per day. In the end, it is a gate that lets the user teleport to other dimensions. The energy expenditure for something like this could not be solved by just one solar panel. A star panel may have had been enough but Epsilon did not want to use it for something like this.

“I can instead use the energy created naturally by the dimensional crack and find a way to connect it to the gate.”

He smiled as he left his office and walked towards the dimensional crack. The other researchers and Rabial saw him and wondered what he was doing. But at this time, they saw that Epsilon just hopped into the dimensional crack and vanished from their dimension.

Some of the researchers were shocked and even thought whether they should do something to bring him back but Rabial smiled as he started talking.

“He has teleportation ability that lets him move between dimensions. He will come back after he completes what he wants to do in the crack. There is nothing to be worried about.”

The researchers and even guards this time were stiff after hearing Rabial words. They were working with an individual capable of teleporting between dimensions. Even the guards, who did not know as much as the researchers, could understand how big a deal teleporting between dimensions was.

Epsilon entered the crack and found himself on an island. The island was covered with a big ocean. Epsilon’s mind could not fathom how big or deep the ocean was.

Right now, he teleported to this dimension but if he entered at another time, the dimensional crack would have sent him to another dimension. This was why the Werfur Race needed a device to permanently target the dimension they wanted. So that the beings they sent, would not be lost in different dimensions that they did not have, any knowledge of or, a way of coming back from.

Not everyone was like him who could teleport between dimensions. His reason to enter the dimensional crack at this time was to understand the transmission during the teleportation. He wanted to find a way to tap on the energy within the crack to power up the dimensional gate.

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