Chapter – 133 – Biological Research

Similar to most of their interactions in the past, Epsilon was agreeable to Ravia’s proposition for 10 solar panels. He made the exchange and Ravia was all set to take off but before he left, Epsilon did not forget to add a word of caution.

“If anyone deliberately researches the technology on this device and if there is any attempt to copy or reproduce it, I will know. Also, most likely the gadget would not work anyway.”

How could Ravia not understand Epsilon’s meaning. He looked at him and knew that Epsilon was not bluffing. At this point, he did not think that Epsilon was the same weak mage that he could at one point destroy with a flick of his finger.

Even now, he was capable of doing that in theory, but Epsilon’s potential and his knowledge of doing things, creating spells, gadgets and curing poisons all came from different dimensions. Individually, Epsilon’s skills may still be lacking in comparison to some of the stronger beings in the Universe.

However, all the things he had done so far and could do had their significance. If Epsilon wanted, he could negotiate a situation where he could trade his ability to get him the power he was yet to possess. It would be like hiring a helping hand.

For example, Epsilon might not be able to defeat Ravia by himself but if he agreed to give the rights of his solar panel to a certain organization, in return, they could give him security. Or worse, he could even orchestrate a scenario with a more powerful organization to kill Ravia. There were millions of organizations, powers and space empires that had enough power to do so.

Thinking all this, Ravia answered.

“Of course, I understand.”

As soon his words ended, he vanished.

During this visit, Ravia also gave Epsilon a black pen with four white circled insignia embossed on it. Epsilon inspected it and understood that this pen was different from the others Ravia had given him in the past. With this, he could call Ravia any number of times.

This ‘no-limits’ deal was a good thing for Epsilon, as securing Ravia’s protection made him feel better. With the completion of Ravia’s mission, Epsilon only had one thing left to do, which was completing the dimensional gate with the Werfur Race at the Underbroom Research Center.

It had been a couple of days already since he had last been there. Epsilon figured it was about time to go take a look.

Epsilon appeared right in front of the Underbroom Research Center. This was not very different from the last time he had made this kind of an appearance. The guards, who should have been accustomed to this by now, were startled wondering who the ‘intruder’ was. This was until one of them, an elder-Werfur battlemage, started talking.

“Calm down guards, he is our Advisor, the second-in-command to our Research Center Leader Rabial.”

With his advice, the young guards stopped and bowed their heads in embarrassment. Epsilon was not bothered by it; he entered the Underbroom Research Center and headed straight to his office. He also notified one of the guards to call for Rabial.

As soon as Rabial knew of Epsilon’s arrival, he made his way to his office. Soon the two were drinking tea, discussing some everyday matters. Epsilon then inquired about the work at hand.

“How is the dimensional gate project proceeding?”

Rabial almost snorted and answered.

“I have to say it is not going very good. We do have some progress but nothing of significance yet.”

Epsilon shook his head and asked.

“I believe you and your beings are trying to work around the dimensional crack in this cave to create a stable gate that could read the dimensional waves and send you to the target location.”

Rabial nodded and answered.

“Yes, thanks to you, the hard part, which was finding the target dimension is not a problem anymore. But we still don’t know how to create a stable dimensional gate around the dimensional crack in this cave that not only needs to be stable as a gate but also needs to have the power of dimensional reading. This is where we are going to use your gadget to then transfer our troops and people to the target dimension.”

Epsilon took a deep breath and smiled. He then added.

“Okay, I will be in my office for the time being. By the end of today, I can complete this project, but in return, I want something simple.”

Rabial could not help but still be shocked at Epsilon’s casual declaration that he could sort this problem by day end. But he was more curious about what it was that Epsilon wanted in exchange. He waited for two seconds and then asked.

“What is it that you want?”

Epsilon smiled and answered.

“Biological secrets, information of the Werfur race, as well as of other creatures discovered by the Werfur Race. I want sketches, detailed information, the history of the biological creatures, everything that is available.”

Rabial felt he really needed to take some time to wrap his mind around what was happening. He did not speak for some time and then answered carefully as he shook his head.

“We may give it to you but this is not something I can decide by myself. Wait for 20 minutes and let me ask the Werfur Race – Headquarters.”

Epsilon nodded and Rabial left his office. He then started thinking.

“It is normal for him to not give a positive answer directly. Biological secrets and plans of the Werfur race and other creatures found on the continent consist of many kinds of different knowledge that can be used against them. Not to mention, the research value of the history of something like this would be immense.”

Rabial used a basic magical voice transmitter to talk with the Headquarters. The magical voice transmitter worked like a satellite phone on Earth. After a short conversation, the headquarters gave him a positive answer. If Epsilon does complete the project in a day, they would hand him the biological records and research of their race and other races that they studied.

This was a hard decision for them but the greed of the untamed and uncivilized land that was yet fragmented in its power factions made the choice easier for them.

If by any chance, they gained complete control of the Greenland Continent in the target dimension, the new lands they would have would produce food, magical resources and many things that would let them be a dominant race on the main continent and maybe even the planet.

It was worth it to give their past biological research to Epsilon. They knew that if he wanted to destroy them, he would not need much knowledge anyway. He must have his reasons to want this information but the Werfur race did not think that he harbored any evil intentions, at least not towards the Werfur race.

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